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COVID-19 Prevention Gadget

Health  |  2020-4-25 09:30 10166

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Hi T-Fans,


Coronavirus has spread worldwide and without any vaccines, prevention is better than cure for the deadly COVID-19. One way to prevent the virus from infecting us is by resisting the urge to touch our faces... it’s not a healthy habit.

Attempting to fix that?
Immutouch is a smartband that vibrates everytime you touch your face.⠀
A gravimeter in the Immutouch band uses a personalizable algorithm to track hand position and caution you in a split second to any unsafe gestures.

All things considered, people touch their faces 23 times each hour, and everytime you touch your face, Immutouch vibrates, making you mindful of an otherwise unconscious behavior.⠀
By making you mindful of every event, you’ll stop the habit of passively touching your face.


How it works:⠀
. Put the band on and download app
. Bring hand to face to calibrate
. Band vibrates to show calibration
. Remain alert and healthy

This gadget is certainly an absolute necessity have during this Covid-19 period.

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Babanla647 6 #

good information
2020-5-31 20:20 Like(1)

Wura140 5 #

good inventions
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Kafayat 4 #

Where can i get thiz
2020-5-31 19:27 Like(1)

252119869132 3 #

Good Gadgets
2020-5-31 19:06 Like(1)

Mustafa10750 2 #

2020-4-27 03:01 Like(1)
  • lummyfinest : I really appreciate this. writing is of no use here anymore

    2020-4-30 02:11


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