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[Q&A] phone go blank while calling

Phantom 9  |  2020-4-25 14:55 TECNO AB7 6159

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1. pls my phone usually go blank when I am calling someone or I received calls, what can I do to make it stop.

2. when am charging my phone the my navigation bottom will disapare I won't be able to navigate while I charge, even when I remove charger it won't still reapared pls any solution to it and yes I still use my follow come charger.
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Funmi omo oke Author6 #

okay thanks ☺️????
2020-6-15 11:28 Like(0)

davoucci 5 #

settings=apps&notifications=see all apps=3dots on the upper right=reset app preferences..... solution on how to get app preferences
2020-6-15 10:49 Like(0)

davoucci 4 #

go to setting=system navigation=gesture navigation (off it)... solution to no.2
2020-6-15 10:45 Like(0)

Funmi omo oke Author3 #

how do I do that pls?
2020-5-12 09:21 Like(0)

Ennyholar 2 #

Reset all your apps preference.
2020-5-1 17:00 Like(0)

Funmi omo oke


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