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How To Setup Emergency Contact Information On TECNO Smartphones

Phantom 9  |  2020-4-29 19:12 18848

Hello T-Fans,
I will be sharing with you a piece of very vital information and it can also be used to save lives as we live in a world where the youths are fond of applying passwords and pattern locks on their smartphones, which makes it difficult for good samaritans to access in case of unfortunate situations like; sickness, phone loss, accidents, and even death. but with this brief knowledge.


Earlier before now, I once shared with you guys how to access emergency contacts and put a call across through to them on a locked android smartphone and today I will be sharing with you, how to add these emergency contacts. Mind you this tutorial applies to all android smartphones too.

How To Setup Emergency Information On TECNO Smartphones.
>> Locate and click on your device "Settings"
>> Locate and tap on "Accounts" as indicated in the caption below by the red arrow.


>> Once in accounts you will see a couple of your personal accounts you are signed-in on, scroll to the last, and tap on "Emergency Information" just as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below.


>> Unlike the attached caption below, if you are yet to add an emergency contact information, you should see "Edit Information" and "Add Contact". Click on add contacts and add your emergency contacts information.


Your emergency contact information can be your parents, ward/guidance, close relatives, friends, and loved ones. Stay safe everyone

If you find this article interesting, do share your thoughts/feedback via the comments section below, and don't forget to follow my account to see more of my posts.

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Tayodepo 10 #

Hmmm... Very helpful indeed. Thanks
2020-5-22 10:43 Like(0)

Tayodepo 9 #

Hmmm... Very helpful indeed. Thanks
2020-5-22 10:43 Like(0)

251493185855 8 #

my techno P904 doesn't display emergency information
2020-5-21 21:14 Like(0)

Luebube 7 #

Keep it up!
2020-5-21 10:16 Like(0)

36180524136 6 #

Very useful, Thanks
2020-5-21 09:30 Like(0)

Jaypee 5 #

nice share
2020-5-21 09:01 Like(0)

Ennyholar 4 #

2020-5-1 16:20 Like(1)

lawalgustavo 3 #

Good one boss
2020-4-30 07:08 Like(1)

Mustafa10750 2 #

2020-4-29 22:04 Like(1)



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