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Different Ways To Take Screenshots On Your TECNO Smartphone

Photographies  |  2020-5-3 04:09 23756

Hello T-Fans, today I will be sharing with you all the different methods for taking screenshots on our android smartphone. I know some of you might look down on this post, let me quickly remind you that, this is among the most essential feature on your smartphone, cause I am yet to see a smartphone user in his/her prime who has never made use of the screenshot feature.

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Mind you apart from TECNO Smartphones, you will find out that some of these methods of taking screenshots will also work on other brands of android devices. But today, this tutorial will be strictly for TECNO users and I will be sharing the different ways to take screenshots on your TECNO smartphone.

Different Methods For Taking Screenshots On TECNO Android Phone.

>> Using The Volume Down + Power Button.

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The traditional method of simultaneously pressing down the volume down rocker keys and power button for few seconds takes the first spot, seeing this happens to be the very first method and smartphone users started with and it's reputation precedes it. Some of you prefer this method and it has also become a habit, cause of how some smartphone users make it seem so user.

Though there are a majority of smartphone users who disagree and see it as the most complex and the reasons are not far fetched cause; if you press the power button too soon, your device screen goes off, also if you press the volume down rocker keys too soon, you only reduce the volume sound of the device. So you see, you will agree with me there is a knack to getting the timing right.

>> Using The Screenshot Feature On The Quick Notification Shade.


Change is truly constant, TECNO saw the importance of its users taking screenshots and decided to make it come in handy for them, by making it available for quick and easy access on their notification shade. Getting access to this screenshot is not as complex as its predecessor. All you have to do is;

Swipe down from the top of your device screen twice to unveil your device notification shade.
Tap on the screenshot icon indicated by the red arrow above.

>> Using Google Assistant


This method is quite easy, though I see it as not effective if time is running against you, or you are trying to screenshot, someone WhatsApp status update, but then here is how to take a screen with Google Assistant;

make sure you are on the page you wish to screenshot, then proceed to call up the Google Assistant either by making use of "Voice Command" or a "Dedicated Google Assistant Button".
once it's up, simply say "Take a Screenshot", or better still you can input those same words via your smartphone keyboard.
Voila, a screenshot has been successfully captured via Google Assistant, it will also prompt you to share with your social media pages.

>> Using Three Finger Gesture


I can vividly remember the first time I tried this out, I left most of the people around me in awe. This is really innovative and it's done by sliding your three fingers from the top of your screen to bottom. Here is how to take a screenshot with Three Finger Gesture;

Click on your device "Settings"
locate and click on "Micro Intelligence", you should see a host of different features you can activate and use.
simply click the toggle beside "Take Screenshot With Three Fingers" to activate the feature.

>> Using The Smart Panel.


This particular app has gone by so many names and it is as first spotted on the TECNO Spark K7 and termed the "T-Point". Unlike its predecessors, the latest update of the smart Panel is freaking dope and makes it easier and faster for users to take screenshots and also access their most used/preferred apps.  Here is how to activate and use the smart Panel;

Click on your device "Settings"
locate and select the "Smart Panel" option.
at the top right-hand corner, you should see a toggle, click to enable/activate the smart Panel.
swipe from any corner of the screen edge, Left OR Right, and click on the screenshot icon as indicated by the red arrow above.

Looking at these five (5) different methods of taking screenshots on TECNO Smartphones, you will see that the brand has come a long way, Android devices, in particular, have got loads of great features to make your life easier.

And that is pretty much everything about the different ways of taking screenshots on your TECNO android devices. Do let us know your preferred method for taking screenshots on your android device via the comments section below and don't forget to follow my account to see more of my posts.

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thanks for the tips very good information
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