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How Diabetic Patients Can Live Healthy And Prevent Complications

Health  |  2020-5-21 03:03 17701

Diabetes is a very chronic and debilitating illness suffered by people across the globe, regardless of your age or race. Diabetes is a defect in the human body to convert glucose to energy, now this is not just some tips on how to avoid and prevent diabetes, but should you follow these laid dow golden rules as a diabetic patient, you should be able to live a healthy life and also prevent type 2 diabetes.

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Now I know the majority of you will like to know the exact defective hormone responsible for diabetes and I will be explaining not in detail. After food intake and it has been digested, it is then converted to either; Protein, Carbohydrates, OR Fats. But the main culprit which affects blood sugar is the Carbohydrate. When we consume carbohydrates, it is broken down into the form of energy which the body recognizes and put into use known as "Glucose". Glucose is then transferred into the blood where the cell utilizes it as energy.  But for this transfer to take place, the hormone is needed and the organ responsible for producing this hormone is known as Pancreas.

When a human is being diagnosed with or develops Diabetes, the process is kinda truncated, and when this hormone becomes defective or production of this hormone becomes insufficient, it leads to diabetes. And this is so not a palatable condition for anyone to live with, so I will be sharing with you all how to prevent diabetes complications.

How Diabetic Patients Can Prevent Complications And Live Healthy.

>> Practice Simple Regular Exercises.

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Practicing daily exercises does not just help you keep in shape, but it also helps control and keep your blood sugar levels in check. A thirty (30 minutes daily) walk or better still a ten (10) minutes jog is good enough an exercise to soothe the blood sugar levels, eat food with carbs to avoid your blood sugar level fro dropping too low, and lastly, drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

>> Eat Healthily

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A healthy diet can help in maintaining a healthy weight and also ward off the need for insulin, according to medical practitioners, diabetic patients can prevent their blood sugar levels from increasing simply by losing 10% of their body weight. To accomplish healthy foot intake; eat during the daytime and avoid late nights food every day, combine fiber-rich foods in the diet, and visit a dietitian to check our food diets that best suits your food habits.

>> Stress Less.

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Statistics have proven that it is very easy to neglect your usual diabetes care routine when you are stressed. To manage your stress; Learn relaxation techniques, Prioritize your tasks, Set limits, get plenty of sleep, and stay positive. If you are willing and determined to do your part, diabetes will not stand in the way of an active and healthy lifestyle.

>> Avoid Alcohol Intake

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Alcohol has the ability to cause diabetic patients high and low blood sugar, though that snow solely dependant on the amount of alcohol consumption or if you take alcohol together with your meal. If you must drink, then do so in moderation, but this should not be used as a yardstick to take in alcohol on an empty stomach, no matter how small the quantity is, the effect is adversely on you.

Women of all ages and men above 65 years of age who are diabetic should not consume more than one alcohol drink a day, and men 65 and younger should stick to two drinks a day. For all diabetic patients who use insulin, do note to self that along the line, alcohol intake no matter how small will lead to low blood sugar.

>> Quit Smoking


Apart from the inscription on the pack of a cigarette which reads "Smokers are liable to die young", as a diabetic patient smoking increases your risk of type 2 diabetes and other major complications like; heart disease, kidney disease, eye disease (this can lead to blindness) nerve damage, premature death, and stroke.

Should you crave a healthier future, you must; take your medications as directed and prescribed by your doctor, monitor your blood sugar levels, follow your doctor's instructions for managing your blood sugar levels and always refer to your diabetes team when you need help.

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