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Depression And Its Symptoms In Men Women And Children

Health  |  2020-5-24 15:49 191475

Hello T-Fans, today I will be sharing with you about depression and it's symptoms in men, women, and children, depression is not something to be taken lightly as different individuals have different ways of processing it and in some it leads to suicide. What is depression: this can simply be classified as a mood disorder or better still it can be described as a feeling of anger, sadness, or loss. And this can really interfere with your everyday activities.


Depression is real and it can really mess you up by interfering with your job routine which can result in lower productivity and loss time. Depression can also lead to fatal health conditions and also influence relationships. It is considered to be a serious medical condition that can actually get worse if you don't seek proper treatment.

Symptoms Of Depression In Men Women And Children.

>> Symptoms Of Depression In Men.


Irrespective of your gender or age, statistics have proven that men may experience depression symptoms related to their;

✓ Mood: this relates to their; anger, irritability, aggressiveness, restlessness, and anxiousness.

✓ Behavior: this relates to their; loss of pleasure in their favorite activities, constant suicidal thoughts, getting tired easily, drug abuse, excessively drinking, and partaking in risky activities.

✓ Emotional Well-Being: this relates to the feeling; hopeless, sad, and empty.

✓ Physical Well-Being: this relates to their; digestive problems, pains, headaches, and feeling fatigued.

✓ Cognitive Abilities: this relates to their; Difficulty completing tasks, inability to concentrate, and delayed responses during conversations.

✓ Sexual Interest: this relates to their; reduced sexual desires, and lack of sexual performance.

>> Symptoms Of Depression In Women

images (94).jpeg

Irrespective of their age, statistics have proven that women may experience symptoms of depression related to their;

✓ Mood: this relates to their; irritability.

✓ Behavior: this relates to their; withdrawal from social activities, and suicidal thoughts.

✓ Emotional Well-Being: this relates to them feeling: anxious or hopeless, empty, and sad.

✓ Physical Well-Being: this relates to their; increased cramps, pains, headaches, reduced appetite, weight loss, reduced energy, feeling greatly fatigued.

✓ Cognitive Abilities: this relates to their; thoughts and slow response during conversations.

>> Symptoms Of Depression In Children

images (93).jpeg

Irrespective of their age or size, statistics have proven that children may experience depression symptoms related to their;

✓ Mood: this relates to their; mood swings, irritability, anger, and crying.

✓ Behavior: this relates to their; avoidance of friends and siblings, thoughts of death or suicide, refusing to go to school, and constantly getting in trouble/engaging in fights in school.

✓ Emotional Well-Being: this relates to their; intense sadness, despair, crying, and intense feelings of incompetence.

✓ Physical Well-Being: this relates to their; digestive problems, loss of appetite, weight gain or loss, and loss of energy.
✓ Cognitive Abilities: this relates to their; very low grades, a decline in school performance, and difficulty concentrating.

Depression can either be a long-term or temporary challenge, however, managing the symptoms of depression involves finding the right combinations of therapies and medications. Also there are lots of herbs, vitamins, and supplements that can help ease symptoms in depression.

If you find this helpful, do express your thoughts via the comments section below, and don't forget to follow me to see more of my posts.

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BrianBennett 18 #

Depression reduces the quality of life, so you need to get out of it as quickly as possible. Here are some simple tips that work: Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep and rest makes depression worse. You need to ensure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. For a full recovery, fall asleep before 11 p.m. in silence and complete darkness at a temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius. The bed must be comfortable and allow the body to relax as much as possible. To avoid air stagnation, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation in the bedroom, and then it will be easier to wake up. Rest. The rhythm of modern life is more like a race. We work a lot and have little rest.  It helps a lot https://amazingbotanicals.net/product/red-maeng-da-kratom-capsules/.
2021-7-29 07:45 Like(0)

Queen AAA 17 #

this is a nice write-up
2020-5-28 07:11 Like(0)

Belle 16 #

Yes, it's true that some of those symptoms apply but sometimes it's the opposite... Some people are different and may try to find ways to block out their depression by partying and having a good time... to the outside world the person is good...
2020-5-27 21:33 Like(0)

ts09034383293 15 #

We now systoms of depression in males, females and children. But you didnt suggest a way to get out of it. Could therapy be the only option?
2020-5-27 03:40 Like(1)
  • Belle : Honestly, the main thing is having people who can reach out to you and draw you out... Partaking in stuff that keeps your mind occupied and busy... Just trying to be happy Easier said than done however... people don't really get what depression really is

    2020-5-27 21:39

264006062052 14 #

nice message
2020-5-25 22:55 Like(1)

Kayconcept 13 #

Thanks for your write up.

But I do think some people tend to eat more when they are depressed.

Actually we live in an era where it seems people care but realistically people don't care, and we personally must always strive to be happy, speak out when we have issues disturbing us in our heart, go out to where you have never been before. And let's know that no one can give us happiness more than ourselves.
2020-5-25 20:28 Like(1)

loftystar 12 #

pls what is the difference between depression and stress?
2020-5-25 12:11 Like(1)
  • Belle : Stress is a bit varied... it could be the feeling of feeling anxious or agitated... or just really tired.. It also has emotional undertones But depression... it's the feeling like you are in a black hole and everyone is going about without noticing... It'

    2020-5-27 21:37


This is really a nice piece, it worth sharing..
2020-5-25 11:28 Like(1)

263762913471 10 #

Thanks for the headsup.... Well done
2020-5-25 02:21 Like(3)



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