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Natural Ways To Overcome Depression Effectively Without Medications

Health  |  2020-5-28 16:57 21598

Hello T-Fans, I will be sharing with the natural ways you can overcome depression without having to take medication, let's see it as home remedies for depression. Depression is real and fatal, seeing it can lead to suicide at any given time. The good thing is that there are treatments available for it just like the; Clinical Treatment: this requires you to visit a doctor for drugs prescription and we also have therapy too. Natural Treatment: this requires you to fight back and overcome depression without visiting the doctor or a therapist and we will be talking more about this.


Depression can drain you of your energy, mostly positive energy, leaving you hopeless, helpless, empty,and fatigued. Although not everyone who is depressed is suicidal, but still it is imperative you seek medical help for prescribed antidepressant medications before the situation gets worse leaving you with no desire or strength to seek any form of treatment. These home remedy depression can help you fight and overcome depression.

Natural Ways To Overcome Depression.

There is a whole lot you can do on your own to fight and overcome depression-like; Changing your behavior, Changing Your lifestyle, Changing your physical activity, and Changing your lifestyle. Note to self that no matter how small these steps are, they make a huge impact in making you feel more in control and also improve your overall sense of well-being.


✓ Exercise Regularly: This can be a moderate exercise of 5 times a week, it doesn't have to let for hours too, thirty (30) minutes is good enough, and you can kick-off with a five (5) minutes walk around your block OR street. This might seem like the last thing you want to do when you, most especially when you don't feel the need to leave the comfort of your bed.

But statistics and medical research have proven that working out encourages the brain to rewire itself in positive ways, also exercising helps to release and boost your endorphins. Endorphins are the chemical that makes you feel happy and feel good about yourself.

✓ Set Attainable Goals: The term 'Attainable' should be the keyword in here, cause if you end up setting a lengthy to-do list for yourself, it will look so weighty you will end up doing nothing, as I said earlier on this article, start small, it will end up being a huge step in the right direction. Most people fail in this part cause they push themselves too hard by setting unreasonable goals for themselves, and in the end they end up being judgemental and try to compare their progress with another's, forgetting the fact that their biggest weakness might be another person's biggest strength.

When setting your goals, make users it's little and reasonable, also your goals should revolve around; something that is realistic, something that's is manageable and something you can control. And if you do fall short, don't develop a judgemental attitude, instead develop a 'What Lesson Can I Learn From This' attitude.

✓ Eat Healthily: It is essential you pay attention to the type of food you eat and the type of liquid you consume too, these eating habits have a way of influencing your mood. There is no magic diet that has been proven to cure depression, but if depression gets you to eat much more than your body needs, then it is imperative you curb thy urge.

If you strive to get better by eating healthy, then focus more on; meats, vegetables, grains, and also consume foods that contain, Folic acid and Omega-3 acids, then reduce your intake of; Alcohol, Sugar, Preservatives, Coffee, Caffeine, and Processed foods.

✓ Don't Isolate Yourself: Depression can make you pull back from life, changing how you think, and make you leap into the worst possible conclusions like; no one likes you. This single thought alone can make you Isolate and withdraw yourself, from family, loved ones, and friends.

But it's times like these you need to remind yourself that, there are people who truly care for you regardless of where they are, resist whatever temptation that makes you feel like you are a burden to your family, loved ones, or friends. Try to spend more time with them and reinforce whatever boundaries depression might have broken. And if they are far from you, technology has made it easy for you to interact with family and loved ones who stay very far away with the help of phone calls, and video chats.

✓ Keep A Regular Sleep Schedule: Medical research has shown that sleep disturbances are very common with depression, cause it is either they sleep too much or they have issued sleeping. It is imperative you start by making some changes to this lifestyle by getting into a healthy sleeping routine.

Don't try to resolve an issue late at night when your brain is a half-zombie, instead schedule a balance between your sleeping habits, at most eight (8) hours sleep regularly. Don't feed your depression by staying up all through the night and sleeping excessively during the day.

✓ Do Something Entirely New: Depression can keep you in a particular routine, by making you do the same thing every day. This is when you need to challenge yourself into doing something new, this helps to alter and release brain chemical called dopamine which is responsible for pleasure and learning. Also, medical research has proven that learning new things can improve your overall well-being and also strengthens how your socialization with people around you.

It is essential you take advantage of these benefits and; take a visit to the beach, read a new book, learn a new skill, and attend a creative class.

✓ Challenge Negative Thoughts: When depressed, there is an irrational, and negative voice in your head that makes you think terrible about yourself, and also stops you from seeking clinical medications and self-care. It is essential you learn to identify and also replace this voice. Cause in the fight against depression, the most important thing to your well-being is metal and the weapon to win this warfare is logical.

Learn to address each of your thoughts as they occur, should the voice tries to be deceitful by making you believe attending a get-together or a party won't be worth your time or fun, say to yourself; "It might be right, but it is way better than self-isolating and feeling terrible about yourself. This is so not an easy feat, seeing it takes practice, but as time goes by you will learn to beat these negative thoughts before they spiral out of control.

✓ Reward Your Efforts: Just as all success is worthy of celebration, so are all attainable goals worthy of recognition. Do not underestimate the POWER of a job well-done, it does not neutralize negativity, but it encourages you to do better. Whenever you achieve an attainable goal, ensure you acknowledge it.

Don't sell yourself short by thinking you must just a party or bake a cake before you recognize your attained goals, but acknowledging your own success is a very powerful tool against depression.

Depression can make you lose the zeal of enjoying the best and beautiful things life has got to offer. Learning and find the best treatment that works for you might take a while, but the moment you do, fun things will feel fun again. Just like the saying, "a problem shared is half solved" don't keep your problems to yourself self. You will find it more helpful to speak to a doctor or medical practitioner about what you are going through.

If you find this article interesting or you want to express or have some natural ways to add to overcoming depression, do use the comments section below, and don't forget to follow my account to see more of my posts.
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Very Educative.
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  • Bolademi1 : I really appreciate this post, thanks so much Enoch.

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262002720737 16 #

This is a very important topic as it concerns life and death. I didn't know the practical meaning of depression until I became a stroke survivor. It is not easy when your life takes a turn for the worse suddenly! It is better imagined than experienced.
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It has stages
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Nice piece
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