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[Q&A] My phantom 9 battery is faulty, what should I do?

Phantom 9  |  2020-6-12 19:31 TECNO AB7 6165

hello, of recent, I noticed my phantom 9 battery de-charges fast and takes about six hours to complete charging eveb with a fast charger. So I went to change the charging port thinking it was it. lo and behold, it fast charged. but after a while, it went back to it's Normal slow charging. I am not sure if it is my battery but if it is ???? then I'll like to know how much a new battery cost?
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transformer 7 #

take it to the nearest carlcare center to you, they should be able to fix it.
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paduzman 6 #

you should take it to carlcare for a fix.
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yusufaliu 5 #

First of all, using unrecommended accessories is enough to damage your device. You encouraged that in your quest for fast charge and your battery is paying dearly for it. Use recommended accessories and if problem still persist, visit Carlcare. You can download the Carlcare app from Google Play Store to access price list on fixes for various devices.
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jossyhope 4 #

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lummyfinest 3 #

Kindly visit any Carlcare branch in your area. Open the mobile app to locate nearby center.
Thanks for using TECNO
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ahiadzro 2 #

Download the Carlcare app to know the cost or visit them for assistance
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