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Errors You're Making on Your Essay Entry to the Tspot Contest. Excellent

Campus  |  2020-7-16 20:18 43964

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Hello T-fans.
Are you looking forward to winning the just announced essay contest on Tspot to win the Spark 5? Then you are difinitely in the right place. For those who may not know, Tecno recently announced an essay contest, offering participants the opportunity to win the latest of additions to the Spark Series (Tecno Spark 5). All you need to do is write on the topic "Is Smartphone Helping to Improve Skills in Nigerian Youths?" This was in celebration of World Youth Skills Day (July 15, 2020). Entries have been pouring in as usual and just like every other contest, the mistakes from T-fans just goes on and on and on and keeps counting.

So in this thread, am going be telling you lots of mistakes that must have left you out on previous winners list.

(1) Non-Adherence to Rules: I don't really know if its the eagerness to win or may be we've been a bit stressed out for the day when we do come accross threads/announcement of contest, but whatever it is, no matter how good your entry is, for the fact that it fails to stick to rules, is as good as irrelevant.

Take for example the rules to the essay contest to win a Spark 5,  this was announced on the Nigeria section on Tspot but for whatever reason, entries are been submitted to Global. And even some who submitted on the Nigerian section, made their post on the wrong forum, and classification.

Look, you need to understand how Tspot works before jumping into anything. You need to learn about its functionalities before you do anything. You cannot, and would not win, if you don't do this, no matter how well written your entry is. Tspot exist in two forms, the mobile version and web version. The admins have written about this countless numbers of times over and over again, but we do not read them because they don't involve winning a device.

See, that is where you are wrong. Threads of such, educates you on how to operate on the site. And, if you do not follow such guides, winning is far far far away from you.

(2) Plagiarism on Entry's: Never ever plagiarise your entry to T-spot contest. There are tonnes and lots of ways to get caught. Even by your fellow participants not even necessarily the admins. Try to be original. It would go a long way to assist you in your winnings. And even when you decide to pick contents to your entry from other source, leave citations/references behind, to show integrity in your actions.

But, the contest we are talking about on this thread is an essay contest, and is best if you show to some high level, originality in your write up. Even if you must have picked contents to your essay from other sources, try to put them down in your own words from your own understanding. But, if you must do as exactly how it is from the source itself, then leaving behind citations is a must. It's a general rule for publications and not just a Tspot thing alone.

(3) Asking for Likes and Comments to Your Entry's from Admins: I see lots and lots of messages most times on my mailbox, asking me to leave a like or comment, showing my approval or praise for an entry by participants. I don't know if may be am the only one that can see from my end that a "Super Moderator" badge is attached to my name. Possibly am the only one, that's why people keep asking me for likes or comments to their entry's.

We don't do that as admins. It is best you save this for other T-spot users to help you with likes or comments to secure you the win. So if me or any other admins have not been replying your messages for likes or comments to your entry's to contest, now you know why.

(4) Spamming Your Entry to Fake Increased Activities: Understand that every contest not only have the admins watching, but your fellow contestants as well, and they would do anything within their power to secure the win for themselves. You don't want to give your self away to be reported, and disqualified for spamming your entry. Don't sell yourself out, don't get yourself disqualified, in essence, do not spam your entry.

(5) Cluttered Entry: I somehow spoke about this in number 1. But am just gonna be brief about this part. I have seen a few beautiful entries written in the most ugly and cluttered manner one can think of. Sometimes this entries looks that way when it involves copy and paste. And most times, it's just negligence or inability to really grasp or comprehend the functionalities/features of Tspot. The best way to make your entry for any written contest on Tspot is via web, not the mobile app. The web version of Tspot gives you loads of features/functionalities missing in the mobile version. Think of the mobile version as a basic/simple side of Tspot. The web version opens you up to much more features that would make your entry stand out from the crowd. If you would like to read on how both works, click here.

There are few other errors to entries, but this appears to be the major. If you would like to add to these, leave a comment below. You can also use this thread as an opportunity to seek for likes from fellow participants without bombing the mailbox of admins for such. And don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more.

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Ini Deb 40 #

thank you for the insight
2021-2-20 14:39 Like(1)

Airstar124 39 #

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Sir_Steford 37 #

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majek 36 #

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Testimony Jésùtófúnmi 33 #

is it a like and comment contest?
2020-7-21 10:57 Like(1)
  • yusufaliu : Not strictly. But the essay contest ended few days back, so you may wanna keep an eye for the next one.

    2020-7-21 11:34

ts08106904619 32 #

ts08106904619 https://spot.tecno.com/global/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=99754
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ts08106904619 31 #

ts08106904619 ttps://spot.tecno.com/global/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=99754    Kindly ew????, Comment and  Like???? my article.

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Testimony Jésùtófúnmi 30 #

thank you for this great insight. One loyal love
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mikosians 29 #

Nicely said and observed boss
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