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TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-06-1820165

TECNO WOW PROMO & CAR GIVEAWAY Hello Tfans, Its TECNO football season and we have lots of goodies lined up for you this period. How does winning a car or new spark device sound? Here is how to participate; How to Participate on Social media: Win A SPARK every Match Day · Each day, a football game will be asked on our facebook and Instagram page . Answer the questions correctly using the hashtag #TECNOFootballSeason and #TECNOWowPromo. Every match day a lucky Tfan with the correct answer will be selected at random as a winner of a brand new SPARK 7 device. Follow TECNO Mobile Nigeria on Facebook and @tecnomobileng on Instagram to participate How to Participate in store: · Visit any of our selected stores nationwide. Buy any SPARK 7 (32GB + 2GB) or POP 5P device, get instant prize and a raffle ticket.. The raffle ticket qualifies you for the bi-weekly draw for a chance to win Mega prizes like TV, Microwave, Recahrgeable fan etc. At the end of the campaign, one lucky customer stands a chance to walk home with a Car in the Grand Prize draw.. Stay tune on our pages for details on the weekly draw and grand prize draw. Duration June 20th – July 15th 2021 GENERAL AGREEMENT1. This activity is open for allNigerians and winners must be resident in Nigeria2. Selected customers picked from theraffle draw must have their ticket as proof they actually bought our device3. TECNO will pay winners from theonline activity at random, TECNO deserves right to pick winners at theirdiscretion4. Winners agree to co-operatewith TECNO Mobile Nigeria in any post-event publicity where they may berequired to appear on television or radio, or in printed and onlinepublications, for which no fee will be payable.5. TECNO Mobile Nigeria will notdivulge the database or details received to any 3rd party except in litigation.6. TECNO Mobile Nigeria reservesthe legal right, at any time, to verify the validity of any part of participantdetails including participant’s identity, age and place of residence,authenticity of activity, and to disqualify any participant who errs accordingto the rules of the activity. 7. Except for any liability thatcannot be excluded by law and except as stated in these Terms and Conditions,TECNO Mobile Nigeria (including its officers, employees, and agents) excludesall liability (including negligence), for any personal injury; or any loss ordamage (including loss of opportunity)8. Employees of TECNO MobileNigeria (or any of its group companies or affiliates/sponsors), or anyoneassociated with this cause cannot participate in this activity. Check selected stores open for the WOW promo. 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AbujaKonga BanexAbujaNG0803Konga Banex IbadanPlay Shoprite IbadanIbadanNG0806Play Shoprite Ibadan IbadanTecno ExclusiveFonemart IlorinIlorinNG0807Tecno Exclusive Fonemart Ilorin KanoTECNO Exclusive AladaKanoKanoNG0808TECNO Exclusive Alada Kano PHCFinet Owerri ShopriteOwerriNG0812Finet Owerri Shoprite PHCP.O NedumUmuahiaNG0817P.O Nedum PHCBluetechEketNG0831Bluetech KanoFirdausy Comm.BauchiNG0839Firdausy Comm. KadunaYa-MusamuGusauNG0841Ya-Musamu AbujaOma Ventures(2)AbujaNG0847Oma Ventures(2) OnitshaFinebrothersAbakalikiAbakalikiNG0850Finebrothers Abakaliki LagosMicrostation IkotunAgegeNG0853Microstation Ikotun PHCTecno Exclusive EasyLink AsabaAsabaNG0856Tecno Exclusive Easy Link Asaba PHCSlot Asaba 2AsabaNG0857Slot Asaba 2 LagosSpar IlupejuMushinNG0858Spar Ilupeju Lagos3C Hub IkoroduAgegeNG08593C Hub Ikorodu Lagos3C Hub SurulereApapaNG08613C Hub Surulere LagosTECNO Exclusive FussyTech LekkiVING0863TECNO Exclusive Fussy Tech Lekki IbadanSlot OshogboOshogboNG0864Slot Oshogbo LagosSlot AgbaraApapaNG0865Slot Agbara AbujaC.Mmadu CommAbujaNG0867C.Mmadu Comm AbujaSpar Ceddi PlazaAbujaNG0868Spar Ceddi Plaza AbujaPointek Abuja 2AbujaNG0869Pointek Abuja 2 AbujaSmith Global ConceptLafiaNG0870Smith Global Concept AbujaTriple C IntergratedNig LtdJosNG0871Triple C Intergrated Nig Ltd PHCPrime CreationUmuahiaNG0873Prime Creation PHCItel CenterUmuahiaNG0874Itel Center PHCDe JuniorOwerriNG0892De Junior PHCJJ PhonesPhcNG0893JJ Phones PHCIcon Mobile 2PhcNG0901Icon Mobile 2 PHCBlesslawWarriNG0903Blesslaw PHCTranssion ExclusiveOnigxWarriNG0908Transsion Exclusive Onigx PHCDayspring PhonesWarriNG0909Dayspring Phones IbadanQuick ChoiceIjebu-Ode 2Ijebu-OdeNG0921Quick Choice Ijebu-Ode 2 OnitshaFinet Shopping MallOnitshaOnitshaNG0923Finet Shopping Mall Onitsha OnitshaSlot OnitshaOnitshaNG0924Slot Onitsha Lagos3C Hub AkowonjoAgegeNG09253C Hub Akowonjo OnitshaTecno ExclusiveK-Ultra BeninBeninNG0927Tecno Exclusive K-Ultra Benin PHCAbba Father 1OrluNG0939Abba Father 1 PHC7 IconUyoNG09457 Icon Ibadan3C Hub AbeokutaAbeokutaNG09463C Hub Abeokuta LagosPointek IkotunAgegeNG0949Pointek Ikotun LagosSpar MM2IkejaNG0956Spar MM2 LagosMe And YouMushinNG0957Me And You LagosMacteeApapaNG0958Mactee KanoIndabo 2 .comKanoNG0964Indabo 2 .com KanoMass SourceYolaNG0968Mass Source KanoAl-meen CommunicationYolaNG0969Al-meen Communication KadunaSkill Communication 2ZariaNG0976Skill Communication 2 KanoWinner WorldKanoNG0980Winner World IbadanSolat AkureAkureNG0982Solat Akure OnitshaGeedanBeninNG0983Geedan PHCIdysun TelecommIkot EkpeneNG0984Idysun Telecomm PHC3C Hub OwerriOwerriNG09983C Hub Owerri PHCPointek OwerriOwerriNG0999Pointek Owerri PHCTecno Shop RightFormula OwerriOwerriNG1000Tecno Shop Right Formula Owerri PHCGod'S Project CommPhcNG1002God'S Project Comm PHCChimosky CommPhcNG1003Chimosky Comm PHCPointek UyoUyoNG1009Pointek Uyo PHCRaycommUghelliNG1016Raycomm LagosFinet Otigba 2IkejaNG1018Finet Otigba 2 PHCSpar CalabarCalabarNG01202Spar Calabar Abuja3C Hub AbujaAbujaNG10223C Hub Abuja IbadanSlot IfeIfeNG1024Slot Ife PHCTecno ExclusiveMonday AgborAgborNG1025Tecno Exclusive Monday Agbor Lagos3C Hub AjahVING10283C Hub Ajah IbadanPhone Station IbadanIbadanNG1031Phone Station Ibadan Ibadan3C Hub IlorinIlorinNG10333C Hub Ilorin PHCArizona GlobalCommunicationAbaNG1035Arizona Global Communication PHCNg MobileSapeleNG1038Ng Mobile PHCK Ultra SapeleSapeleNG1039K Ultra Sapele Lagos3C Hub AlabaApapaNG10513C Hub Alaba Lagos3C Hub Iyana IpajaMushinNG10523C Hub Iyana Ipaja LagosCell Phone CityIkotun 2AgegeNG1059Cell Phone City Ikotun 2 LagosTECNO ExclusiveSpectrum AgegeAgegeNG1060TECNO Exclusive Spectrum Agege AbujaKamzi Global EntMararabaNG1062Kamzi Global Ent AbujaMac.T CommMararabaNG1063Mac.T Comm AbujaTecno ExclusiveParktel MinnaMinnaNG1064Tecno Exclusive Parktel Minna KanoDoro CommunicationKanoNG1073Doro Communication KadunaAfasco GlobalcommunicationSokotoNG1076Afasco Global communication KanoHamza CommunicationMubiNG1079Hamza Communication Lagos3C Hub LawansonApapaNG10843C Hub Lawanson Lagos3C Hub Ikotun 2AgegeNG10853C Hub Ikotun 2 PHCSlot ArtilleryPhcNG1089Slot Artillery PHC3C Hub AsabaAsabaNG10933C Hub Asaba OnitshaTecno Exclusive C NetAbakalikiAbakalikiNG1097Tecno Exclusive C Net Abakaliki OnitshaFine brothersshopping mallOnitshaNG1098Fine brothers shopping mall LagosPointek MarinaVING1101Pointek Marina LagosFinet Novare MallVING1104Finet Novare Mall KadunaSmb global shanono 2KadunaNG1108Smb global shanono 2 KanoFirst GlobalUtilities LimitedKanoNG1120First Global Utilities Limited KanoU K CommunicationKanoNG1121U K Communication KanoTecno Exclusive UstasYolaYolaNG1123Tecno Exclusive Ustas Yola IbadanFast Link HQIjebu-odeIjebu-OdeNG1125Fast Link HQ Ijebu-ode IbadanHorpe City FonesAdoNG1128Horpe City Fones PHCOpus DevicesEnterprisesAsabaNG1134Opus Devices Enterprises OnitshaFinebrothers AwkaAwkaNG1144Finebrothers Awka AbujaAlada EmabAbujaNG01145Alada Emab PHCPraise comm OrluOrluNG1145Praise comm Orlu PHCEgbo Comm 1OgojaNG1150Egbo Comm 1 PHC24 HoursPhcNG115824 Hours AbujaKonga GarkiAbujaNG1165Konga Garki Lagos3C Hub FestacApapaNG11683C Hub Festac LagosFinet AlabaApapaNG1169Finet Alaba IbadanIk PhonesAkureNG1174Ik Phones KanoSuto High Tech.KanoNG1192Suto High Tech. KadunaSafari Global Link 2ZariaNG1195Safari Global Link 2 KadunaMaisana CommunicationZariaNG1196Maisana Communication KanoEldawudYobeNG1199Eldawud KanoAlhaji ModuCommunicationMaiduguriNG1202Alhaji Modu Communication KanoAliko DasCommunication NigMaiduguriNG1203Aliko Das Communication Nig KanoMusaiba CommBauchiNG1206Musaiba Comm KanoIndabo 3communicationKanoNG1215Indabo 3 communication PHCPat CommunicationIkomNG1222Pat Communication PHC3C Hub Owerri 2OwerriNG12263C Hub Owerri 2 PHCFine Brothers OwerriOwerriNG1227Fine Brothers Owerri LagosSpectrum IkoroduAgegeNG1234Spectrum Ikorodu LagosTECNO Exclusive KingOaks YabaMushinNG1235TECNO Exclusive King Oaks Yaba Lagos3C Hub Zenco PlazaIkejaNG12373C Hub Zenco Plaza OnitshaTranssion ExclusiveOmegatron BeninBeninNG1238Transsion Exclusive Omegatron Benin PHCAbba Father 3OrluNG1240Abba Father 3 PHC3C Hub GraPhcNG12433C Hub Gra PHC3C Hub UmuahiaUmuahiaNG12513C Hub Umuahia PHCTecno Exclusive UdecPlazaCalabarNG1252Tecno Exclusive Udec Plaza PHCOdico CommunicationUghelliNG1253Odico Communication PHCVigho CommunicationUghelliNG1257Vigho Communication PHCTecno ExclusiveRaycomm UghelliUghelliNG1263Tecno Exclusive Raycomm Ughelli KanoKhadijatCommunicationGombeNG1268Khadijat Communication KanoNal CommunicationKanoNG1269Nal Communication LagosM Chris BenjaAgegeNG1285M Chris Benja LagosM Chris ColaAgegeNG1286M Chris Cola PHCPointek AsabaAsabaNG1293Pointek Asaba OnitshaMTN Data Office AwkaAwkaNG1298MTN Data Office Awka OnitshaMartjenAwkaNG1302Martjen Onitsha3C Hub EnuguEnuguNG13103C Hub Enugu OnitshaSlot NnewiNnewiNG1323Slot Nnewi AbujaNjatic CommunicationMararabaNG1333Njatic Communication AbujaMubaba CommunicationMararabaNG1334Mubaba Communication AbujaPhone Data WorldAbujaNG1336Phone Data World AbujaTecno Exclusive OCConceptLokojaNG1339Tecno Exclusive OC Concept LagosSpectrum BarigaMushinNG1346Spectrum Bariga Lagos3C Hub AgbaraApapaNG13483C Hub Agbara IbadanAdmor LinksAbeokutaNG1352Admor Links IbadanPrezzie TechnologiesLtdAkureNG1354Prezzie Technologies Ltd IbadanDa Hero TelecomIfeNG1355Da Hero Telecom PHCTecno ExclusiveEzegold EketEketNG1341Tecno Exclusive Ezegold Eket PHCTecno ExclusiveVinchinoPhcNG1343Tecno Exclusive Vinchino PHC3C HUB WarriWarriNG13443C HUB Warri OnitshaMobitech 1AuchiNG1358Mobitech 1 OnitshaPeople'S ChioceCommunicationsAuchiNG1363People'S Chioce Communications PHCIcon Mobile UyoUyoNG1369Icon Mobile Uyo KanoBewise World LtdKanoNG1370Bewise World Ltd KanoToplinkKanoNG1371Toplink KanoMicrostation KanoKanoNG1375Microstation Kano KanoTecno ExclusiveNakowa JigawaJigawaNG1376Tecno Exclusive Nakowa Jigawa LagosSlot OyingboMushinNG1377Slot Oyingbo LagosSlot AdmiraltyVING1378Slot Admiralty IbadanCmoreAbeokutaNG1384Cmore PHCVisco Comm 2BayelsaNG1387Visco Comm 2 OnitshaSlot Benin 2BeninNG1389Slot Benin 2 PHCHarrizonalCommunicationPhcNG1391Harrizonal Communication PHCEboka AnnexWarriNG1392Eboka Annex AbujaUj Global Phone NigLtdSulejaNG1397Uj Global Phone Nig Ltd Lagos3C Hub OyingboMushinNG14003C Hub Oyingbo Lagos3C Hub SangoAgegeNG14013C Hub Sango KanoTecno Exclusive ComeCome JalingoJalingoNG1402Tecno Exclusive Come Come Jalingo KanoTecno ExclusiveSadiyya BauchiBauchiNG1403Tecno Exclusive Sadiyya Bauchi KanoMuhay InternationalJigawaNG1406Muhay International KadunaSelgic VenturesKadunaNG1416Selgic Ventures Kaduna31 CommunicationKadunaNG141731 Communication KadunaFadaco CommunicatioKadunaNG1419Fadaco Communicatio KadunaNm Marghi PhonesKadunaNG1420Nm Marghi Phones KadunaSmb ShanonoglobalVenturesKadunaNG1421Smb Shanonoglobal Ventures KadunaTecno Exclusive Hmobile ZariaZariaNG1422Tecno Exclusive H mobile Zaria PHCWalter CommunicationAbrakaNG1427Walter Communication PHCU&U PhonesPhcNG1439U&U Phones AbujaTecno ExclusiveWabilahi Taofiq BidaMinnaNG1440Tecno Exclusive Wabilahi Taofiq Bida AbujaTecno Exclusive SNamama KontagoraMinnaNG1441Tecno Exclusive S Namama Kontagora AbujaTecno ExclusiveDovelink MarabaMararabaNG1442Tecno Exclusive Dovelink Maraba AbujaDesylinkCommunication LimitedMararabaNG1443Desylink Communication Limited PHCMonday Phone WorldAgborNG1450Monday Phone World PHCC Teco PhonesAgborNG1451C Teco Phones PHCFine Brothers AsabaMall AsabaNG1454Finebrother Shopping Mall Asaba OnitshaCosmotelCommunicationNnewiNG1470Cosmotel Communication OnitshaTransparent GbokoGbokoNG1473Transparent Gboko OnitshaHydro TechNnewiNG1476Hydro Tech OnitshaPaparazi CommAuchiNG1477Paparazi Comm OnitshaBukason CommNnewiNG1482Bukason Comm OnitshaMakata MobileNsukkaNG1489Makata Mobile IbadanS. A. AdewoleCommunication LtdOyoNG1501S. A. Adewole Communication Ltd IbadanBen-Teeolak GlobalEnterpriseOyoNG1502Ben-Teeolak Global Enterprise IbadanDemmy Global OgomoshoOgbomoshoNG1504Demmy Global Ogomosho IbadanGreat Sunny WhiteOndo TownNG1508Great Sunny White IbadanAnthony CommunicationOndo TownNG1512Anthony Communication IbadanDayboss Comm 2IlorinNG1513Dayboss Comm 2 IbadanFemtech OffaOffaNG1518Femtech Offa IbadanE.C Liberty TelecomIleshaNG1519E.C Liberty Telecom KadunaNaima computer phonesKatsinaNG1533Naima computer phones AbujaNagos SolutionCommunicationGwagwaladaNG1544Nagos Solution Communication AbujaChi-BestCommunicationSulejaNG1552Chi-Best Communication AbujaCheks Phones InvestLtdSulejaNG1553Cheks Phones Invest Ltd IbadanAmikayble HoldingsAdoNG1593Amikayble Holdings PHCCallus MillerPresidentialPhcNG1582Callus Miller Presidential PHCNg Mobile 2SapeleNG1583Ng Mobile 2 PHCChrisphilWarriNG1584Chrisphil IbadanAdex VenturesOshogboNG1597Adex Ventures IbadanArena VenturesOshogboNG1598Arena Ventures LagosSlot AkowonjoAgegeNG1601Slot Akowonjo OnitshaIcom EnuguEnuguNG1614Icom Enugu KanoMM CommunicationGombeNG1619MM Communication KanoMaikassuCommunicationKanoNG1623Maikassu Communication KanoCC Devine AgencyYolaNG1625CC Devine Agency KadunaTMS CommunicationKadunaNG1631TMS Communication LagosPointek City MallAgegeNG1651Pointek City Mall PHCTecno House PromoUyoNG1640Tecno House Promo KanoAyusah PhonesKanoNG1642Ayusah Phones KanoTecno Exclusive MaiWake KanoKanoNG1689Tecno Exclusive Mai Wake Kano KanoBBZ CommunicationMaiduguriNG1694BBZ Communication AbujaAvix MobileCommunication MinnaMinnaNG1698Avix Mobile Communication Minna AbujaTecno Exclusive BHGBanex Plaza AbujaAbujaNG1700Tecno Exclusive BHG Banex Plaza Abuja AbujaZion DealMararabaNG1714Zion Deal Lagos3C Hub EgbedaAgegeNG17353C Hub Egbeda IbadanSmart City GpAdoNG1739Smart City Gp IbadanOkay Gsm StoreAkureNG1741Okay Gsm Store KadunaGafai CommunicationKatsinaNG1754Gafai Communication KanoS.J.U CommunicationMubiNG1758S.J.U Communication KanoGod's Own 2YolaNG1761God's Own 2 KanoK.T.N EnterpriseMaiduguriNG1762K.T.N Enterprise AbujaDee ShallahCommunication LimitedSulejaNG1773Dee Shallah Communication Limited AbujaKessy AgenciesSulejaNG1775Kessy Agencies OnitshaTranssion Exclusive CNet EnuguEnuguNG1777Transsion Exclusive C Net Enugu OnitshaMartjen 2AwkaNG1786Martjen 2 OnitshaMaranatha CommUmunzeNG1788Maranatha Comm OnitshaFinebrother SparEnuguEnuguNG1796Finebrother Spar Enugu OnitshaObejor Comm NnewiNnewiNG1801Obejor Comm Nnewi LagosSlot KetuAgegeNG1810Slot Ketu Lagos3C Hub BadagryApapaNG18133C Hub Badagry IbadanA1 Joe EnterprisesAdoNG1821A1 Joe Enterprises IbadanMartcomIlorinNG1828Martcom IbadanMaxwell 2IfeNG1829Maxwell 2 PHCHybrain CommunicationAbaNG1837Hybrain Communication PHCTecno ExclusiveCallus MillerPhcNG1850Tecno Exclusive Callus Miller PHCPointek PhcPhcNG1851Pointek Phc PHCFine Brothers UmuahiaUmuahiaNG1854Fine Brothers Umuahia PHC3C Hub UyoUyoNG18563C Hub Uyo PHCUdec UyoUyoNG1857Udec Uyo PHCSlot Warri 2WarriNG1858Slot Warri 2 PHC3C Hub Warri 2WarriNG18593C Hub Warri 2 PHCTecno ExclusiveTopkia OrluOrluNG1846Tecno Exclusive Topkia Orlu PHCTecno Exclusive ShopJilomaacSapeleNG1852Tecno Exclusive Shop Jilomaac KadunaEjitex IntegratedLinksKadunaNG1869Ejitex Integrated Links KadunaNandonia InvestmentSokotoNG1870Nandonia Investment KadunaLogin InformationCommunicationSokotoNG1871Login Information Communication KanoTecno Exclusive BelinMaiduguriMaiduguriNG1878Tecno Exclusive Belin Maiduguri Abuja3C Hub LokojaLokojaNG18863C Hub Lokoja AbujaDovelink AbujaAbujaNG1888Dovelink Abuja KadunaTecno ExclusiveEl-Basheer KebbiKebbiNG1889Tecno Exclusive El-Basheer Kebbi KanoMG AbdullahiKanoNG1959MG Abdullahi KanoTecno Exclusive AlikoMaiduguriMaiduguriNG1947Tecno Exclusive Aliko Maiduguri LagosSlot BarigaMushinNG1892Slot Bariga Lagos3C Hub BarigaMushinNG18933C Hub Bariga OnitshaTecno ExclusivePhinet AfikpoAfikpoNG1946Tecno Exclusive Phinet Afikpo LagosX Right Iyana IpajaAgegeNG1961X Right Iyana Ipaja OnitshaTecno ExclusiveNdubest GbokoGbokoNG1965Tecno Exclusive Ndubest Gboko OnitshaTranssion ExclusiveFinebrother ShopriteEnuguNG1971Transsion Exclusive Finebrother Shoprite PHCMagflexCalabarNG1972Magflex OnitshaDe-TwinsEkpomaNG1975De-Twins OnitshaKeno CommEkpomaNG1978Keno Comm KanoCome linkCommunicationJalingoNG1987Come link Communication KanoTecno Exclusive AyacoKanoKanoNG1993Tecno Exclusive Ayaco Kano KadunaIB World PhonesKadunaNG1997IB World Phones KadunaTecno ExclusiveAlmumtaz KatsinaKatsinaNG2002Tecno Exclusive Almumtaz Katsina Lagos3C Hub Ibeju LekkiVING20083C Hub Ibeju Lekki IbadanGadget Hub PlusIbadanNG2009Gadget Hub Plus IbadanMobileworld PhonesIjebu-OdeNG2018Mobileworld Phones LagosSlot Ibeju LekkiVING2020Slot Ibeju Lekki AbujaEmdy TelecomBidaNG2021Emdy Telecom OnitshaTranssion Exclusive KCee Devices BeninBeninNG2034Transsion Exclusive K Cee Devices Benin OnitshaK Ultra 2BeninNG2035K Ultra 2 KadunaUMU CommunicationKebbiNG2056UMU Communication OnitshaKcee Devices 2BeninNG2081Kcee Devices 2 PHCTecno ExclusiveUnbeatable MbaiseMbaiseNG2086Tecno Exclusive Unbeatable Mbaise PHCElectronic GadgetsPhcNG2089Electronic Gadgets PHCOnigx Warri MallWarriNG2094Onigx Warri Mall Ibadan3C Hub Ilorin 1IlorinNG20953C Hub Ilorin 1 IbadanMicrostation IlorinIlorinNG2096Microstation Ilorin IbadanB.T CommunicationIfeNG2099B.T Communication Lagos3C Hub IganduAgegeNG21053C Hub Igandu KanoTecno Exclusive AUYMubiNG2107Tecno Exclusive AUY KanoOkenihe Comm LtdJalingoNG2122Okenihe Comm Ltd KadunaTecno Exclusivesensible FuntauFuntuaNG2127Tecno Exclusive sensible Funtau KadunaAl JamilCommunication 2SokotoNG2128Al Jamil Communication 2 AbujaHappy CommunicationsKeffiKeffiNG2135Happy Communications Keffi AbujaVeps CommunicationsNasarawaNasarawaNG2137Veps Communications Nasarawa PHCTECNO Exclusive EbokaAbrakaAbrakaNG2146TECNO Exclusive Eboka Abraka OnitshaTECNO ExclusiveMobitech AuchiAuchiNG2147TECNO Exclusive Mobitech Auchi IbadanTECNO Exclusive GmgIbadanIbadanNG2150TECNO Exclusive Gmg Ibadan LagosMicrostation OjotaAgegeNG2157Microstation Ojota LagosSlot ShomoluApapaNG2158Slot Shomolu LagosM Chris Palms MallSangoAgegeNG2163M Chris Palms Mall Sango OnitshaFinet Onitsha 2OnitshaNG2167Finet Onitsha 2 OnitshaSaginaw CommMakurdiNG2173Saginaw Comm Onitsha3C Hub AwkaAwkaNG21773C Hub Awka OnitshaDallas OnitshaOnitshaNG2179Dallas Onitsha PHCTecno ExclusiveRewjido WarriWarriNG2180Tecno Exclusive Rewjido Warri PHCInfinix WorldAbaNG2182Infinix World PHCPhone PointBayelsaNG2186Phone Point PHCTECNO Exclusive NefNet CommunicationsIkomNG2187TECNO Exclusive Nef Net Communications PHCRewjido New PlazaWarriNG2189Rewjido New Plaza PHCRewjido SapeleSapeleNG2192Rewjido Sapele PHCTECNO Plaza IsinwekeOkigweNG2194TECNO Plaza Isinweke AbujaDevice & GadgetsOppsite Banex PlazaAbujaNG2196Device & Gadgets Oppsite Banex Plaza Onitsha3C Hub NnewiNnewiNG21993C Hub Nnewi LagosSpar TejuoshoMushinNG2201Spar Tejuosho LagosSlot LawansonApapaNG2203Slot Lawanson Lagos3C Hub Saka TinubuVING22043C Hub Saka Tinubu PHCSlot Aba 2AbaNG2206Slot Aba 2 PHCKloballine ComUyoNG2209Kloballine Com PHCIcon Mobile ChobaPhcNG2216Icon Mobile Choba PHCOyibros CommAgborNG2226Oyibros Comm AbujaArchisco ArcadeSheriff PlazaAbujaNG2231Archisco Arcade Sheriff Plaza AbujaNokia Home SulejaSulejaNG2233Nokia Home Suleja AbujaBlessed PrinceCommunicationAbujaNG2237Blessed Prince Communication IbadanAde-Crystal ConceptsLtdIfeNG2251Ade-Crystal Concepts Ltd IbadanGod's ChannelOgbomoshoOgbomoshoNG2253God's Channel Ogbomosho IbadanTECNO Exclusive Fastlink Ijebu-OdeIjebu-OdeNG2256TECNO Exclusive Fast link Ijebu-Ode IbadanMc Comm. IkirunIkirunNG2261Mc Comm. Ikirun IbadanK-Obalowu CommIkirunNG2262K-Obalowu Comm IbadanD-Ray CommEdeNG2267D-Ray Comm LagosM Chris OjuoreAgegeNG2276M Chris Ojuore LagosOkayfone SangoAgegeNG2277Okayfone Sango LagosRevive communicationsIkejaNG2278Revive communications Lagos3C Hub GbagadaMushinNG22993C Hub Gbagada LagosRaya CVIkejaNG2301Raya CV KadunaTecno Exclusive MaiSanna ZariaZariaNG2308Tecno Exclusive Mai Sanna Zaria KadunaMustaphaCommunicationsKadunaNG2314Mustapha Communications Kaduna3C Hub SokotoSokotoNG23243C Hub Sokoto KanoSoul city Intl. LtdKanoNG2328Soul city Intl. Ltd KanoAl FarmaBauchiNG2339Al Farma AbujaTECNO ExclusiveParktel SulejaSulejaNG2660TECNO Exclusive Parktel Suleja AbujaCheks CommunicationGwagwaladaGwagwaladaNG2663Cheks Communication Gwagwalada IbadanSolat Mega StoreMokolaIbadanNG2667Solat Mega Store Mokola LagosSlot ArenaApapaNG2669Slot Arena LagosMicrostation OshodiApapaNG2670Microstation Oshodi LagosTECNO ExclusiveFestacApapaNG2671TECNO Exclusive Festac PHCSlot Owerri 2OwerriNG2673Slot Owerri 2 OnitshaUltimate GSM WorldEkpomaNG2676Ultimate GSM World OnitshaDream World 2EnuguNG2690Dream World 2 AbujaPhone AffairLokojaNG2698Phone Affair Kaduna3C Hub KadunaKadunaNG27033C Hub Kaduna PHCOnigx CommAsabaNG2713Onyx Comm PHCRoyalline TechUyoNG2717Royalline Tech LagosBuy FastAgegeNG2721Buy Fast LagosMicrostation OkotaAgegeNG2722Microstation Okota OnitshaFinebrothersAbakaliki 2AbakalikiNG2723Finebrothers Abakaliki 2 OnitshaFinet Enugu 2EnuguNG2724Finet Enugu 2 KanoAlchossan ComMubiNG2725Alchossan Com OnitshaDe-Nebs CommOnitshaNG2731De-Nebs Comm Lagos3C Hub Med RdIkejaNG27343C Hub Med Rd IbadanToliblaze Ventures 2AkureNG2743Toliblaze Ventures 2 PHCCallus Miller AdaGeorgePhcNG2744Callus Miller Ada George PHCCallus Miller OyigboPhcNG2745Callus Miller Oyigbo PHCPrimeview SignalsPhcNG2746Primeview Signals KanoBulin CommunicationMaiduguriNG2764Bulin Communication KanoAbba DubaiCommunicationMaiduguriNG2765Abba Dubai Communication KanoUmara BossCommunicationMaiduguriNG2766Umara Boss Communication KanoBash CommunicationKanoNG2768Bash Communication PHCRewjido AbrakaAbrakaNG2779Rewjido Abraka PHCSt Cosi Phone DeptOwerriOwerriNG2781St Cosi Phone Dept Owerri PHCYo-Nyce CommunicationPhcNG2785Yo-Nyce Communication IbadanPlay 2 MokolaIbadanNG2787Play 2 Mokola IbadanMy Choice GarageAgo-IwoyeNG2789My Choice Garage IbadanDayboss OffaOffaNG2790Dayboss Offa IbadanSK Ideal CommOwoNG2798SK Ideal Comm KanoCoomrade Ss NetworkLinks 1KanoNG2814Coomrade Ss Network Links 1 PHCDe Choice MallUyoNG2827De Choice Mall PHCMegaliteCommunicationsBayelsaNG2833Megalite Communications PHCC Edison PhonesCalabarNG2836C Edison Phones PHCPhone Plaza IkomIkomNG2837Phone Plaza Ikom PHCSwish Mobile AsabaAsabaNG2842Swish Mobile Asaba AbujaFontek CommunicationAyingbaNG2865Fontek Communication AbujaAnselem CommunicationAyingbaNG2866Anselem Communication AbujaTECNO Exclusive DrDre New BussaNew BussaNG2873TECNO Exclusive Dr Dre New Bussa KanoStar Mobile KanoKanoNG2885Star Mobile Kano KanoDangado CommunicationServicesKanoNG2887Dangado Communication Services AbujaMiracle Phones AndGadgetsAbujaNG2891Miracle Phones And Gadgets KanoBaawa CommuniccationMaiduguriNG2877Baawa Communiccation LagosSpar OpebiIkejaNG2893Spar Opebi LagosOnigxVING2894Onigx LagosMicrostation ApapaApapaNG2895Microstation Apapa LagosE-Plus CommunicationsApapaNG2896E-Plus Communications LagosBailord IgandoApapaNG2899Bailord Igando KanoSaidiyyaCommunication 2BauchiNG2905Saidiyya Communication 2 KanoDangote Global CommJalingoNG2912Dangote Global Comm 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Read all >>


coloneljoe | 2021-06-149212

Hello T-Fans, Welcome to another Tech review of gadgets, we'll be focussing on the hard drive of a system. Which hard drive suits your need, Importance of one and the Transfer speed. HDD: This stands for HARD DISK DRIVE, , we are used to these regular hard hard drives, they are the kind found in DESKTOP and recently LAPTOPS. It has a copact disk (CD)inside a metallic case , that prevents it from external shocks, shields it from harsh environmental conditions.the hard disk comes in 4 major variants and are measured is REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE (RPM). they are 1200RPM, 5400RPM, 7200RPM, 15000RPM. most laptops nowadays come with the 7200RPMand it is cheap. memeory storage starts from 80GB ( USED IN A PS3), 120GB , 250GB, 320GB, 750GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB. SSD: This stands for SOLID STATE DRIVE, unlike the HDD which has a disc, this isbuilt like a PANEL, like CATRIDGES for SEGA 1990 consoles. while HDD speed is measured in RPM'S , SSD'S are measured in MPBS (MegaBytes per Second), speed of a SSD varies from manufacturer, but the benchmark is 550MBPS, THIS IS 100X FASTER THAN THE HDD. they also come in different storage spaces from a minimum of 128GB- 4TB. There's also the NVME SSD, THIS GIVES YOU 7X more than regular SSD, it gives up to 1000x HDD PERFORMANCE. Which is cheaper?; A 500GB HDD will cost nothing less than#15,000, but a 128GB SSD costs #25,000. that is a large gap right , the large gap in price accounts for the fact that the SSD will give you better load times and faster BOOTING. THE HDD ISN'T ALL THAT BAD, coupled with a good PROCESSOR it will work wonders. WHICH IS BETTER?; THE SSD OVERALL BETTER, BUT ITS EXPENSIVE, THE HDD IS CHEAPER BUT GIVES YOUR MORE CHANCE FOR FILE STORAGE. BASED ON YOUR TECH NEEDS , YOU PICK YOUR CHOICE, and if you're lucky A SSD will come pre-installed with your SYSTEM.Read all >>


Oludele47 | 2021-06-171468

Hello TFans; Today we'll be discussing about Employment and Self Employment, their Perks and Downsides. without further ado, let's get to it. EMPLOYMENT This is a relationship between two parties, usually based on contract where work done is paid for. The person being paid to work is known as the Employee while the person who pays the other person to work is the Employer. For the sake of this thread, we are going to talk mainly about the Employee Perks 1. As an employee, you're not required to pay direct taxes. 2. Income is guaranteed at agreed intervals either monthly or weekly. 3. In most Employment contracts, there are added benefits such as vacation time, health insurance, retirement funds among others Downsides 1. Employees can get replaced/sacked without assurance of getting another job. 2. Employees are usually dependent on the company/Employer they work for and negative financial growth of the company can affect the Employee. 3. Employees don't have the choice to select a specific work routine for themselves, rather they have to follow the work routine specified by the Employer which might be unfavourable to the Employee. SELF EMPLOYMENT Self Employment is a state in which a person freelances (short term remote work) or have a business of their own. This usually entails working for one's self. Perks 1. As a self employed individual, there's room for growth and learning as you deal with different people based on your job 2. You have control over all business aspects including the location of your work place, time you spend working, etc. 3. As a self employed individual, you need not worry about being fired since you are your own boss. Downsides 1. Income is unpredictable, as a self employed individual, the income fluctuates and is not assuredly stable. 2. Vacations and Leaves are not paid for by anyone, if you decide to go on a trip, you sponsor yourself 3. You are required to pay taxes as a business owner Having the above Perks and Downsides listed, I hope this thread will help you to make a choice between Self Employment and Being an Employee. We've come to the end of the thread; Self Employment or being Employed which would you choose, let me know in the comment section below. Read all >>


PresidentSan | 2021-06-17980

Hello Tfans We've heard so much tales and stories about 5G technology, the potential power it wields in connecting the world together, and how it's going to bring much ease and automation to human and machine interaction. But before we dive deep into how 5Gworks, let's get a quick primer of the definition. 5G is the fifith generation of mobile network connection, set to replace older generations of 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G, with a much faster internet speed, data downloads and uploads. By exploring a more broader use of the radio spectrum, it's going to ensure that far more devices are able to access the internet at the same time. Not just that, superior reliability, negligible latency and ultra speeds are the cool qualities 5G is bringing into our digital and mobile ecosystem, this is going to have a lot of positive impacts on many industries, from automobile, remote health care, digitized logistics, to precision agriculture. WHAT WILL IT ENABLE US DO Anything we do now with the older generations of mobile network, could be done faster and better with 5G, this was confirmed by Ian Fogg, a data analyst. There will be lot more smart devices and the efficiency with which they work would be greatly increased. Imagine a group of drones all working together as detectives to solve a crime, or effectively carrying out a search and rescue mission, while connecting and communicating with each other and ground stations over 5G network. Also there are projections of how 5G would allow self driven cars read traffic data and live map, and relate the information gathered to each other. 5G is really amazing, for gamers it creates a better and smoother gaming experience, it would also ensure a clearer glitch free video calls and conferencing. HOW FAST IS 5G Extremely fast 5G is designed to give you a peak user experience through ultra fast speed, according to Qualcomm, it is expected to deliver a speed of 10-20 times the current speed of your 4G network, IMT 2020 requirements estimated the speed to be at 20G per seconds, can you imagine that? That would allow you download your high definition movies in a matter of a few seconds, the only thing is this improvement will only come when service providers are able to provide stand alone 5G networks, that is a network where both the radio networks and the core operate on 5G tech, and that is expensive to set up, not so expensive for a better user experience though. DO WE REALLY NEED 5G Yes, who no want better thing, permit my use of pidgin English there, think of the last time you were trying to connect to a public network, probably for a registration of some sort, or an application for a scholarship at the due date, when there are thousands of people trying to access the same website at that particular time, you often hear things like the website crashing or it's no longer going through, maybe you may have to try again when there's less traffic. That's one of the things you won't have to worry about with a 5G connected internet, not only is 5G superb for its fast speed, it's also great at simultaneously handling thousands of networks and devices at the same time. Also the potential economic impact is gigantic in terms of revenue generation and job creation, by 2035, it is expected to enable about $13.1 trillion worth of goods and services. 5G is without a doubt, one of the biggest achievements of technology, and we hope that soon, we would have it all in our neighborhood, thanks for reading and have a great day.Read all >>


EinsteinAyo | 2021-06-17553

Hello Tfans, Last week, we looked at how Digital literacy served as a language. Digital literacy was defined as electronic tools, systems, devices and resources that generate, store or process data. This week, we shall be considering some Basic digital skills that we can learn even as students. Digital skillsare broadly defined according to UNESCO as those needed to “use digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access and manage information,” Below are some basic digital skills. 1. DATA SCIENCE AND DATA ANALYTICS Some organizations have gathered immense and huge amounts of data that can be immensely valuable to them and this is why they keep looking for Analyst who can make sense of it all. Data Scientists are always in-demand by employers across the world .Data Science is an excellent career path for students in this digital age as Data Scientists remain highly employable.” As Students, learning data science will help you position yourself ahead of the future. 2. DIGITAL MARKETING DIGITAL marketing is referedto advertising delivered through digital platforms or channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which companies endorse goods, services, and brands. Digital marketing has a very bright future and this is the reason we should expect to see a continued increase in the variety of goods available to consumers. According to Forbes forecasts,social media will become increasingly conversational in the B2B space, video content will be refined for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, and email marketing will become even more personalized. Digital marketing is one of the best Digital skills you can learn as a student. 3. PUBLIC RELATIONS(PR) PR is simply the convincing and persuasion Business. Your main duty as a PR isto convince an audience, in your immediate environment,town, and outside your usual sphere of influence, to promote your idea, purchase your product, support your position, or recognize your accomplishments. Some of the best PR today is carried out almost exclusively through social media. Twitter, Facebook,Instagram and countless other platforms give tech companies direct access to customers, thought leaders and evangelists. 4. COMPUTER PROGRAMMING. Computer programming can bedefined process of writing instructions that get executed by computers. The instructions, also known as code, are written in a programming language which the computer can understand and use to perform a task or solve a problem. Coding is very vital for emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Coding will provide AR and VR Developers with the foundation skills needed to develop the next generation of AR and VR technologies. As students, there are many programing languages like Python, JavaScript, CSS, C++, C#, MySQL to mention but a few. 5. WEB DEVELOPMENT. Web development is the process of building websites and applications for the internet, or for a private network known as an intranet. Web development is not concerned with the design of a website; rather, it’s all about the coding and programming that powers the website’s functionality. Through the knowledge of computer programming, you can successfullybecome a website developer. Learn a digital skill today and you will not regret your action. Read all >>

How To Activate Chat Bubble Notifications For Messaging Applications On TECNO CAMON 17 Pro

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-06-0815570

Camon 17 Series
Hello T-Fans, The majority will agree that notifications on Android has been of utmost importance which needed some tweaking. Android 11 based on HiOS 7.6 has paved the way for a new feature that keeps important chats/messaging notifications on the forefront. This innovative notification feature is called the "Chat Bubble". With this feature activated you can turn your regular messaging notifications platforms into the "Facebook Messenger" chat head bubble which floats on your screen. Irrespective of what you are doing on your CAMON 17 Pro, chat bubbles are like shortcuts that ensures you get easy access to conversations on various messaging/chats applications. How To Enable Chat Bubble Notifications For Various Messaging Applications On TECNO CAMON 17 Pro. ✓ Go to your device "Settings", locate and tap on "App Management just as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below. ✓ Locate and tap on "Notification Center" just as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below. ✓ Tap on "Bubbles" and ensure the toggle switch is enabled just as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below. ✓ Go back to "App Management", locate and click on "App Settings" just as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below. ✓ Locate and tap on a messaging application: Messages, Telegram, Signal, etc. We will be using "Messages" to site an example, tap on "Messages" application as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below. ✓ Tap on "Notifications" just as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below. ✓ Tap on "Bubbles" just as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below. ✓ You should see a prompt with three (3) options, select "All Conversations Can Bubble". Voíla! You have successfully activated chat bubble for messaging application on your TECNO CAMON 17 Pro. ✓ You can remove the chat bubble displaying on your screen by holding and dragging the application messaging head to the "X" at the bottom of your screen. Do share your thoughts on this innovative chat bubble feature via the comments section below. Read all >>


tolugaruba | 2021-06-17576

Tips and Tricks
Privacy is a growing concern for smartphone users. Apple has been leading the charge when it comes to better privacy features, but Google is improving Android as well. A feature called the “Privacy Dashboard” lays it all out for you.The Privacy Dashboard is a feature that was introduced for Android 12. Along with some other things, Google made a big emphasis on privacy in this release, and the Privacy Dashboard is the centralized location for a lot of it.Note: At the time of writing, Privacy Dashboard is available in beta. Screenshots and features are subject to change before the public release in Fall of 2021. What Does the Android Privacy Dashboard Do?As its name implies, the Privacy Dashboard is literally a dashboard for all things privacy-related on your Android device. It’s an overview that shows which apps are using which permissions and how often.When you open the Privacy Dashboard found in the Settings menu, you’ll see two different sections. We’ll start with the circle chart at the top of the screen. This chart provides a quick and easy way to see which permissions have been used the most in the last 24 hours. You can see that “Location” has been used the most, followed by “Camera” and “Microphone.” This chart correlates with the list of permissions in the section underneath, so if you expand to “See Other Permissions,” those will appear in the chart as well.What permissions are we exactly talking about here? Here are all the permissions that can be tracked in the Privacy Dashboard: [*]Location [*]Camera [*]Microphone [*]Body Sensors [*]Calendar [*]Call Logs [*]Contacts [*]Files and Media [*]Nearby Devices [*]Phone [*]Physical Activity [*]SMS Underneath the chart is the permissions in list form. Each permission is labeled by how many apps have used it in the last 24 hours. Select a permission to see a handy timeline of that 24-hour period. The “Manage Permission” button takes you to a menu where you can individually adjust how each app can use that permission. All of this gives you a lot of awareness and control over how the sensors on your device are being used. Where to Find the Privacy Dashboard.As mentioned above, the Privacy Dashboard was introduced in Android 12. You’ll need a phone or tablet running Android 12 or higher to find the feature.First, swipe down twice from the top of the screen to reveal the Quick Settings menu, and then tap the gear icon. Scroll down to the “Privacy” section in the Settings. Now, select “Privacy Dashboard.” That’s it! You’re now looking at the Privacy Dashboard. Will My Phone Get the Privacy Dashboard?Naturally, when new Android features are announced, people want to know whether their device will get them. At the time of writing, we don’t yet have a clear idea of which devices will get the Privacy Dashboard. However, we can take clues from past features.The Privacy Dashboard is similar to Android’s Digital Wellbeing suite. Digital Wellbeing was released with Android Pie in 2018, and it was exclusive to Google Pixel phones for a while. Eventually, it became available to more devices, and now it can be found on non-Pixel phones. Based on that, we expect a similar trajectory for the Privacy Dashboard. It will probably be a Pixel exclusive for a while and might eventually roll out to more Android devices—but when exactly that will happen is not clear. Read all >>


tolugaruba | 2021-06-17692

Tips and Tricks
Lost your Android phone or your iPad? Want to sign out of Gmail on a device you’ve lent to a family member? Don’t worry, Google lets you remotely sign out of your Gmail account on any lost or missing device.As long as you have access to your Gmail account, you can use Google Account’s privacy features to remotely log out of any connected devices.To get started, open the Gmail website in your favorite browser. Click the Profile icon in the top-right corner and then choose the “Manage Your Google Account” option. Navigate to the “Security” tab and then click the “Manage Devices” button at the bottom of the “Your Devices” section. You’ll see a list of all the devices that are currently logged in to your account (using Gmail or other Google services). Locate the device that you want to sign out of, click the three-dotted menu button, and then choose the “Sign Out” option. Google will ask you whether you’re sure that you want to sign out of the device. This step will remove the Google account (and all linked data) from the device. Once you’re sure, click the “Sign Out” button to confirm. Google instantly signs you out of the chosen device if it’s online. If the device is missing, turned off, or not connected to the internet, Google will remove the account as soon as it detects that the device has reconnected.If you want to sign out of more devices, follow the same process in the “Your Devices” section on your Google Account page.Still have access to your device? Well, that makes things even easier. Read all >>

H5 Games Survey

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-06-1714107

Hi fans: Have you ever heard or played games without download? What is you expectation about H5 games? Please tell us your inspiration! Click here now: date:June 17-20 Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-06-169292

Camon 17 Series
Hello T-Fans, At one point or the other, you would have been in one emergency situation or the other. Emergencies are one part of our lives we can’t predict or over-prepare for. We just have to be ready when it happens. Due to personal privacy reasons, we set up passwords, PINs, Face unlock, or patterns on our devices to avoid unauthorized access to our personal stuff. But what happens when there is an emergency? And the person who comes to save the day can’t access our device because of the security we have on the phone. This is a very vital topic and that is why the R & D team took time to develop a system that is accessible to anyone even when your phone is locked, without compromising your personal details. The Camon 17 comes with a feature that allows you to store up to 3 emergency numbers and also has a preset message that would be sent to those contacts whenever you trigger the emergency button. How to Trigger Emergency Button There are basically 2 ways to trigger the emergency messages to send to the emergency contacts you set. 1. Pressing the power button 5 times: Rapidly press the power button 5 times in a row in an emergency situation and the preset message would be sent to your emergency contacts 2. Low Battery shut down: In this situation, the preset messages are sent to your emergency contacts just before your phone dies from low battery P.S: You can activate both with different custom messages. How to Create In case of Emergency Contact (ICE) • Go to settings and select Security • Select Emergency • Toggle on the method you want to use as the trigger sign. You can select one or two, depending on your preference • Then click on each of them and edit the distress message you want the recipients to receive • To edit the message, click on edit info. You can also toggle on Add location info and Auto send (you would get the prompt when the battery is low) Read all >>


CARLCARE NG | 2021-06-1657445

Hello T-Fans, Would you recommend Carlcare to your friends & family? Let us know how to serve you better now! TAKE THIS SURVEY Data will be distributed on or before June 30th, 2021. #YesWeCareRead all >>


coloneljoe | 2021-06-167150

Hello T-fans, HiOS is simply an acronym for (Hardware Independent Operating System), it is the UI (user interface) for TECNO mobile phones. The EINSTEIN AI engine really has amazing cool features, that most people don't know about, and we will be discussing them today. THE AUTO-SUGGESTED REPLY COMMENTS: this is one of the things that suprised me most, especially when using Whatsapp, the A.I reads the text, interprets it and gives you suggested reply texts, all with a tap of one button THE AUTO-ROTATE FEATURE : There is arguably no need for you to enable Auto rotate button anymore, once you turn your phone to landscape mode while in an app, the gyroscope sensor, detects that and gives you an option at the bottom Right corner to ROTATE the app also without actually enabling AUTO-ROTATE, the best part is that, once you are done andminimize the app, it goes back to PORTRAIT MODE . MICRO- INTELLIGENCE: This is the most prizes feature enjoyed by Tecno users , it contains and retains a lot of improvements on the Android firmware by TECNO on its devices. examples include the off-screen gesture of the ANDROID 5.0, other phone brands have actually remove the feature from thier respective OS. STABILITY: HIOS is one of the most stable ANDROID firmware around the world, they are literally made perfect and you can rarely have any ANDROID BUGS as regards the firmware. you might not run Android updates through out your phone's lifespan and the mobile phone won't crash, unlike other brands. There are so many other features to explore, these are the top few I could talk aboutRead all >>


Emmykeyz 1 | 2021-06-16256

Hello Tfans The Euro2020 is just underway, with just one matches played Christiano Ronaldo is already breaking records and still have more to break. Just when the sands of time appear as though they are running out on the Portugal forward, he scores two late goals in a 3-0 Euro 2020 win against Hungary on Tuesday to remind the world that he still retains the incredible ability to put the clock on hold and deliver when his team needs him the most. The 36-year-old is now the all-time leading goal scorer in European Championship finals after his two goals in Budapest -- an 87th-minute penalty and a close-range strike two minutes into stoppage time -- took him to 11, two clear of former France captain Michel Platini, and he extended his remarkable run of scoring in 11 consecutive international tournaments, stretching back to his first, at Euro 2004. Secondly, He has played and scored in five European Championships and nobody has played in more, with the No.7 playing 22 matches along the way. That was the same amount as Bastien Schweinsteiger, who he just surpassed when he played against Hungary yesterday. Ronaldo also boasts the record for most minutes played in the European Championships with 1,795 minutes in total. Second place is Gianluigi Buffon with 1,620 minutes and Edwin Van de Sar claims third spot with 1,535 minutes. Ronaldo still has some great records that's set to break in this EURO2020 competition. Ronaldo is currently in a three-way tie for most victories at a European Championship. The Portuguese man has won 11 games in total and is tied with Cesc Fabregas and Andres Iniesta. Currently the crown for the most assists made in a European Championship goes to Karel Poborsky who is on six assists. However, Ronaldo is only one away from that number and is tied with a host of great names including Raul, David Beckham, Luis Figo, Arjen Robben and Schweinsteiger. Ronaldo is also just five goals away from being the top scorer of any national football team. Ali Daei of Iran still boasts that record on 109 goals, but the Portuguese man is breathing down his neck with 104. In terms of caps, Sergio Ramos is the European player with the most at 180 appearances for his country. Ronaldo is just five appearances away from that figure and will hope his side can make it to the semi-finals in order to take this title away from Ramos. How many records do you see CR7 breaking?! Read all >>


adexthooby | 2021-06-163125

Hello T-Fans, Welcome back to the mid-week top stories from newspapers 1.A VISITOR WAS SHOT DEAD BY DELTA PRISON GUARD WHICH LEAD TO A PROTEST Some residents of warri in Delta State flooded the streets to protest as an armed security operative at the Okere Prison in Delta State has allegedly shot dead a young man who visited his friend in Okere Prison in Warri, Delta State. He had on him tomatoes and other food items but cocaine was later discovered among the food items during the usual routine search. He was subjected to further investigation but when he senses that there might be a greater problem, he decided to escape and was shot at his leg. He was on the floor when he was shot the second time and he died immediately. 2. SUSPECTED CULTISTS WERE HUNTED BY BAKASSI BOYS IN ANAMBRA STATE AND KILLED SIX PEOPLE The Bakassi boys ( vigilante group) killed six suspected cultists, they killed and also burnt four suspects at the Nkwo Amiyi, two people were also killed at fire Awka but that those were just mere suspected handbag and mobile phones snatchers. For this, the Bakassi boys were unfortunately accused of extrajudicial killings which includes the killings of suspected petty thieves, armed robbers, ritual killers, murderers, corrupt persons, and anyone that they considered to be evil. 3.SUNDAY OLUWASOLA, AN EKSU HOSTEL ROBBER, NAMED GANG MEMBERS BEFORE DYING Oluwasola and his gang attacked a students’ hostel opposite Ekiti State University (EKSU) in Iworoko-Ekiti. Unfortunately for him, he was the only one captured and beaten to stupor while his other gang members escaped. He, Oluwasola identified his other gang members as Tochukwu, Michael and Tomiwa. He didn’t supply the surnames. ASP Sunday Abutu, the Ekiti Police Command spokesman said Oluwasola died of complications in the hospital. 4. BANDITS WERE ARRESTED FOR HAVING INDIAN HEMP FARM IN THE FOREST Information given by Linda Ikeji Blog revealed it that four suspected bandits were arrested in Kogi State, when professional hunters invaded their hideout in Osara, Okehi Local Government Area of the state. The bandits have Indian hemp farm in the forest and also trained special breed of dogs to prevent anyone from coming into their den. The hunters burnt down their Indian hemp farm, the suspects were arrested and subsequently handed over to police operatives for proper investigation. 5. 57 OYO RESIDENTS WERE KIDNAPPED AND GUNMEN RAKE IN MILLIONS AFTER KIDNAPPING 57 victims had been kidnapped in Oyo state between the month of March and June. They were kidnapped at different locations in Ibadan, Ogbomoso, Ibarapa and Oyo geo-political zones in the state. some of the victims had been released, but they were released after their families paid millions of naira as ransom. 6. TWO KIDNAPPERS CAUGHT AND BEATEN MERCILESSLY IN BAYELSA STATE The Bayelsa State Vigilante group accompanied by the Special Armed Tactical Team SWAT of the Nigeria Police unit rescued Mrs. Judith Adoga the victim from the hands of the criminals while they were forcing her to withdraw cash for them at the ATM point. The kidnappers were rescued by the police and taken to the police headquarters where they were currently subjected to series of interrogation. 7. 13- YEAR- OLD BOY WHO KILLED TWO BANDITS WITH AK47 WAS ARRESTED The 13- year- old boy whose name is given as Abdulkarim Mati was taken away from his parents by bandits to be working for their boss in the forest. He was to assist in the rearing of cows for the bandit' s leader named Ardo Nashaware, who resides in Birnin Magaji forest inside Zamfara State. On getting to Birnin Magaji forest, they gave the 13- year- old boy an AK47 and taught him how to use it alongside other weapons. They also out him in charge of watching over some of their victims. However, the boy ran away from the bandits after he killed two of them for bullying him. He was later found and arrested by the Katsina police command with the alleged AK47 used in the crime. 8. LADIES WERE ARRESTED WITH THEIR BOYFRIENDS FOR ROBBERY The police arrested two ladies alongside their boyfriends for involving themselves in armed robbery. The armed robbers were arrested with a lot of stolen items which includes generator, fan, laptops, smartphone and refrigerator. When interrogated, the criminals confessed that stealing people’s properties was the only way of making money. However, they have been taken to the police station for further interrogation. 9. 73 MEN WERE ARRESTED BY SPECIAL FORCES ON THEIR WAY TO IMO STATE 73 young men all from Nasarawa state with different addresses were arrested on their way to Imo State. The young men with 47 Bajaj motorcycle were in 5 trucks. They were stopped on their way by the special force and a thorough search was conducted on them but no arms were found on them. Engr. Benson Abounu, Benue state debut governor presses his surprise that such a large number of young men from the same place could be found going to a place such as I'm I State despite the unrest there. When questioned, one of the young men named Emmanuel answered and said they were going for okada business. He said though there are security challenges in the state but there brother there told them everything has calmed down. 10. 15 SOLDIERS DIED IN SUICIDE BOMBING 15 soldiers died and many others were injured as a suicide bomber blew himself up at the general Dhagobadan military training camp. Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo state on Tuesday paid a condolence visit to the Imo state police command to commiserate with the families of the slain officers. To read more on this news, visit opera mini news and Sahara reporters. Read all >>

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HI T-FANS, I guess we've been following the series on "NIGERIA TRADITIONAL SOUPS". In the first episode, we talked about the Bitter leaf soup from the Eastern part of the country while we later took a look at Efo Riro -a Yoruba dish from the Southern part. On today's episode, it'd be "LURU" -a Hausa dish. Luru is one is the soups from the Northern part of the country and usually eaten in some parts of Ghana. It is also known as Miyar/Miyan Kuka. It is often made from a "dark green powder" called Kuka. I guess the soup was named after the leaf. Since it has always been made from it. Kuka is often made from Kuka Tree as seen above. Probably we'd take a look at ewedu Soup very soon. In the same way, Yorubas love the soup, Luru is well eaten in the northern part too. Luru soup is one of the main soups amidst the Hausas and it is mostly eaten with Tuwo - a type of swallow majorly in the Northern part of the country. Luru soup serves as a complement to Tuwo. In preparation of the Luru Soup, you'd need ingredients like: •Baobab leaf powder(Kuka) This is the main ingredient. As seen in the previous episode, a vegetable leaf is essential in the making of Efo Riro same as Kuka (Baobab leaf) is in the making of Luru Soup. •Beef I won't say this is optional, we all need protein while eating. The beef gives the soup a better taste and adds to the taste as well. •Dried Catfish This is one of the "Assorted" you put in a meal. It gives it a better taste. So nice! •Onions By and large, onion serves a good number of nutrients in the body. It is rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, B Vitamin, Folate (B9), and so on. •Locust beans This is one of the things that makes it smell nice. •Ground ginger Ginger is loaded with antioxidants that help you fight against body diseases. The taste of good food should also come with nutrients good for the body. •Ataguru/Ata rodo Often used to spice it up. Of course, pepper is needed to make soups like this. •Crayfish Gives it a great smell and taste! •Palm oil Palm oil improves vision and works for the skin as well. It is also one of the essential ingredients in the making of the soup. •Salt and Seasoning This is often needed. You can't make a soup without it except in situations where it is not needed. Welcome to the last episode of the series. I hope you've been having a nice read? Have a great day ahead. Read all >>
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