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Carlcare Announces Online Repair Solutions for TECNO


tolugaruba | 2021-01-1215208

Carlcare Announces Online Repair Solutions for TECNO Carlcare is the official after-sales service provider for TECNO, itel and Infinix phone users. Incepted in 2013, Carlcare has cemented a decent reputation for itself in the world of technology and mobile repair. With over 2300+ Carlcare service centers (including third-party cooperative points) around the globe and a well-structured online support system, Carlcare has been offering satisfying services to its customers across segments. Now Carlcare has initiated ‘Online Reservation Service’ for the TECNO, itel and Infinix phone users. As the sole authorized service-provider TECNO, itel and Infinix, this new service will assure the customers of faster and more efficient phone repair service. In its latest statement, Carlcare says, “We strive to put extra efforts on improving and bettering our services, alongside working towards expanding our chain of service centers. The objective is simple: proffering easy and hassle-free repair solutions to our customers. Now with online phone repair reservation, we are further trying to make the process more convenient for them.” So, What is This Online Reservation Service? Carlcare’s value-added online repair reservation service is useful for people running a busy schedule these days. Using this service, TECNO, itel, and Infinix phone users can make online reservation for their phone repair service needs. How to Use This Feature? Customer simply can tap on Online Reservation feature to book an appointment for phone repair service. They further fill the repair request by selecting their device model. Later sections allow them to choose their preferred service center, and their convenient time to visit there. This info is sent to the selected service center, and when the customer visits there, at the designated time, he will be treated with priority service.
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TSPOT HEALTH NG | 2021-01-139130

Hello T-Fans, Welcome to today’s enlightening piece on health matters. Before you read further, do you still remember the lessons you learnt from last week’s piece? What conscious actions have you taken to protect yourself since then? Beyond gaining all the knowledge, it is very important that you see how they apply to your personal life and do so! This is our own little way of looking out for you by empowering you with information on health issues. Now, to the day’s topic, COPD. What is COPD? COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and it refers to a group of progressive lung diseases. The most common of them are emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Many people with COPD happen to have both of these conditions. Emphysema slowly destroys air sacs in your lungs, which interferes with flow of air to the external environment. Bronchitis, however,causes inflammation and narrowing of the bronchial tubes, which allows mucus to build up.Untreated, COPD can lead to a faster progression of disease, heart problems, and worsening respiratory infections. Stages of COPDOne measure of COPD is achieved by spirometry testing. There are different grading systems, and one grading system is part of the GOLD classification. The GOLD classification is used for determining COPD severity and helping to form a prognosis and treatment plan. There are four GOLD grades based on spirometry testing: [*]grade 1: mild [*]grade 2: moderate [*]grade 3: severe [*]grade 4: very severe This is based on the spirometry test result of your FEV1 (forced expiratory volume). This is the amount of air you can breathe out of the lungs in the first one second of a forced expiration. The severity increases as your FEV1 decreases. The GOLD classification also takes into account your individual symptoms and history of acute exacerbations. Based on this information, your doctor can assign a letter group to you to help define your COPD grade. As the disease progresses, you’re more susceptible to complications, such as: [*]respiratory infections, including common colds, flu, and pneumonia [*]heart problems [*]high blood pressure in lung arteries (pulmonary hypertension) [*]lung cancer [*]depression and anxiety COPD and Lung Cancer COPD and lung cancer are major health problems worldwide. These two diseases are linked in a number of ways. They both have several common risk factors. Smoking is the number one risk factor for both diseases. Both are more likely if you breathe second-hand smoke, or are exposed to chemicals or other fumes in the workplace. There may be a genetic predisposition to developing both diseases. Also, the risk of developing either COPD or lung cancer increases with age. It was estimated in 2009 that between 40 and 70 percent of people with lung cancer also have COPD. This same study concluded that COPD is a risk factor for lung cancer. A 2015 study also suggests they may actually be different aspects of the same disease, and that COPD could be a driving factor in lung cancer. In some cases, people don’t learn they have COPD until they’re diagnosed with lung cancer. However, having COPD doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get lung cancer. It does mean that you have a higher risk. That’s another reason why, if you smoke, quitting is a good idea. Symptoms of COPD COPD results in difficulties in breathing. Symptoms may be mild at first, beginning with intermittent coughing and shortness of breath. As it progresses, symptoms can become more constant to where it can become increasingly difficult to breathe. You may experience wheezing and tightness in the chest or have excess sputum production. Some people with COPD have acute exacerbations, which are flare-ups of severe symptoms. At first, symptoms of COPD can be quite mild. You might mistake them for a cold. Early symptoms include: [*]occasional shortness of breath, especially after exercise [*]mild but recurrent cough [*]needing to clear your throat often, especially first thing in the morning You might start making subtle changes, such as avoiding stairs and skipping physical activities, as a result of the discomfort you feel from the symptoms.Symptoms can get progressively worse and harder to ignore. As the lungs become more damaged, you may experience: [*]shortness of breath, after even mild exercise such as walking up a flight of stairs [*]wheezing, which is a type of higher pitched noisy breathing, especially during exhalations [*]chest tightness [*]chronic cough, with or without mucus [*]need to clear mucus from your lungs every day [*]frequent colds, flu, or other respiratory infections [*]lack of energy In later stages of COPD, symptoms may also include: [*]fatigue [*]swelling of the feet, ankles, or legs [*]weight loss Immediate medical care is needed if: [*]you have bluish or grey fingernails or lips, as this indicates low oxygen levels in your blood [*]you have trouble catching your breath or cannot talk [*]you feel confused, muddled, or faint [*]your heart is racing Symptoms are likely to be much worse if you currently smoke or are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke. Causes of COPDWorldwide, it’s estimated that about 65 million people have moderate to severe COPD. About 12 million adults in the United States have a diagnosis of COPD. It’s estimated that 12 million more have the disease, but don’t know it yet. Most people with COPD are 40 years of age or older. The majority of people with COPD are smokers or former smokers. Smoking is the most important risk factor that can be changed. Between 20-30% percent of chronic smokers develop COPD that shows symptoms and signs. However, between 10-20% of people with COPD have never smoked. In developed countries like the United States, the single biggest cause of COPD is cigarette smoking. About 90% of people who have COPD are smokers or former smokers. Among long-time smokers, 20-30% develop COPD. Many others develop lung conditions or have reduced lung function. Most people with COPD are at least 40 years old and have at least some history of smoking. The longer and more tobacco products you smoke, the greater your risk of COPD is. In addition to cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, pipe smoke, and second-hand smoke can cause COPD. Your risk of COPD is even greater if you have asthma and smoke.You can also develop COPD if you’re exposed to chemicals and fumes in the workplace. Long-term exposure to air pollution and inhaling dust can also cause COPD. In developing countries, along with tobacco smoke, homes are often poorly ventilated, forcing families to breathe fumes from burning fuel used for cooking and heating. There may be a genetic predisposition to developing COPD. Up to an estimated 5 percent of people with COPD have a deficiency in a protein called alpha-1-antitrypsin. This deficiency causes the lungs to deteriorate and also can affect the liver. There may be other associated genetic factors at play as well. COPD isn’t contagious. Fate of People with COPDCOPD tends to progress slowly. You may not even know you have it during the early stages. Once you have a diagnosis, you’ll need to start seeing your doctor on a regular basis. You’ll also have to take steps to manage your condition and make the appropriate changes to your daily life. Early symptoms can usually be managed, and certain lifestyle choices can help you maintain a good quality of life for some time. As the disease progresses, symptoms can become increasingly limiting. People with severe stages of COPD may not be able to care for themselves without assistance. They are at increased risk of developing respiratory infections, heart problems, and lung cancer. They may also be at risk of depression and anxiety. COPD generally reduces life expectancy, though the outlook varies considerably from person to person. People with COPD who never smoked may have a modest reduction in life expectancy, while former and current smokers are likely to have a larger reduction. Besides smoking, your outlook depends on how well you respond to treatment and whether you can avoid serious complications. Your doctor is in the best position to evaluate your overall health and give you an idea about what to expect. DiagnosisThere’s no single test for COPD. Diagnosis is based on symptoms, a physical exam, and diagnostic test results. When you visit the doctor, be sure to mention all of your symptoms. Tell your doctor if: [*]you’re a smoker or have smoked in the past [*]you’re exposed to lung irritants on the job [*]you’re exposed to a lot of second-hand smoke [*]you have a family history of COPD [*]you have asthma or other respiratory conditions [*]you take over-the-counter or prescription medications During the physical exam, your doctor will use a stethoscope to listen to your lungs as you breathe. Based on all this information, your doctor may order some of these tests to get a more complete picture: [*]Spirometry is a non-invasive test to assess lung function. During the test, you’ll take a deep breath and then blow into a tube connected to the spirometer. [*]Imaging tests include a chest X-ray or CT scan. These images can provide a detailed look at your lungs, blood vessels, and heart. [*]An arterial blood gas test involves taking a blood sample from an artery to measure your blood oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other important levels. These tests can help determine if you have COPD or a different condition, such as asthma, a restrictive lung disease, or heart failure. Treatment of COPDTreatment can ease symptoms, prevent complications, and generally slow disease progression. Your healthcare team may include a lung specialist (pulmonologist) and physical and respiratory therapists. MedicationBronchodilators are medications that help relax the muscles of the airways, widening the airways so you can breathe easier. They’re usually taken through an inhaler or a nebulizer. Glucocorticosteroids can be added to reduce inflammation in the airways. Short-acting bronchodilators last from four to six hours. You only use them when you need them. For ongoing symptoms, there are long-acting versions you can use every day. They last about 12 hours. Some bronchodilators are selective beta-2-agonists, and others are anticholinergics. These bronchodilators work by relaxing tightened muscles of the airways, which widens your airways for better air passage. They also help your body clear mucus from the lungs. These two types of bronchodilators can be taken separately or in combination by inhaler or with a nebulizer. To lower risk of other respiratory infections, ask your doctor if you should get a yearly flu shot, pneumococcal vaccine, and a tetanus booster that includes protection from pertussis (whooping cough). Theophylline is a medication that eases chest tightness and shortness of breath. It may also help prevent flare-ups. It’s available in pill form. Theophylline is an older medication that relaxes the muscle of the airways, and it may cause side effects. It’s generally not a first-line treatment for COPD therapy. Antibiotics and antivirals may be prescribed when you develop certain respiratory infections. VaccinesCOPD increases your risk of other respiratory problems. For that reason, your doctor might recommend that you get a yearly flu shot, the pneumococcal vaccine, or the whooping cough vaccine. Oxygen therapyIf your blood oxygen level is too low, you can receive supplemental oxygen through a mask or nasal cannula to help you breathe better. A portable unit can make it easier to get around. SurgerySurgery is reserved for severe COPD or when other treatments have failed, which is more likely when you have a form of severe emphysema. One type of surgery is called bullectomy. During this procedure, surgeons remove large, abnormal air spaces (bullae) from the lungs. Another is lung volume reduction surgery, which removes damaged upper lung tissue. Lung transplantation is an option in some cases. Lifestyle changesCertain lifestyle changes may also help alleviate your symptoms or provide relief. [*]If you smoke, quit. Your doctor can recommend appropriate products or support services. [*]Whenever possible, avoid second-hand smoke and chemical fumes. [*]Get the nutrition your body needs. Work with your doctor or dietician to create a healthy eating plan. [*]Talk to your doctor about how much exercise is safe for you. Diet Recommendations for People with COPDThere’s no specific diet for COPD, but a healthy diet is important for maintaining overall health. The stronger you are, the more able you’ll be to prevent complications and other health problems. Choose a variety of nutritious foods from these groups: [*]vegetables [*]fruits [*]grains [*]protein [*]dairy Drink plenty of fluids. Drinking at least six to eight glasses of noncaffeinated liquids a day can help keep mucus thinner. This may make the mucus easier to cough out. Limit caffeinated beverages because they can interfere with medications. If you have heart problems, you may need to drink less, so talk to your doctor.Go easy on the salt. It causes the body to retain water, which can strain breathing. Maintaining a healthy weight is important. It takes more energy to breathe when you have COPD, so you might need to take in more calories. But if you’re overweight, your lungs and heart may have to work harder. If you’re underweight or frail, even basic body maintenance can become difficult. Overall, having COPD weakens your immune system and decreases your ability to fight off infection. A full stomach makes it harder for your lungs to expand, leaving you short of breath. If that happens, try these remedies: [*]Clear your airways about an hour before a meal. [*]Take smaller bites of food that you chew slowly before swallowing. [*]Swap three meals a day for five or six smaller meals. [*]Save fluids until the end so you feel less full during the meal. Living with COPDCOPD requires lifelong disease management. That means following the advice of your healthcare team and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.Since your lungs are weakened, you’ll want to avoid anything that might overtax them or cause a flare-up. Number one on the list of things to avoid is smoking. If you’re having trouble quitting, talk to your doctor about smoking cessation programs. Try to avoid second-hand smoke, chemical fumes, air pollution, and dust. A little exercise each day can help you stay strong. Talk to your doctor about how much exercise is good for you. Eat a diet of nutritious foods. Avoid highly processed foods that are loaded with calories and salt but lack nutrients. If you have other chronic diseases along with COPD, it’s important to manage those as well, particularly diabetes mellitus and heart disease. Clear the clutter and streamline your home so that it takes less energy to clean and do other household tasks. If you have advanced COPD, get help with daily chores. Be prepared for flare-ups. Carry your emergency contact information with you and post it on your refrigerator. Include information about what medications you take, as well as the doses. Program emergency numbers into your phone.It can be a relief to talk to others who understand. Consider joining a support group. The COPD Foundation provides a comprehensive list of organizations and resources for people living with COPD. COPD is easily preventable, with healthy lifestyles and early intervention. If diagnosed, it is not a death sentence either. A COPD patient can still live an optimal life with proper care and medication. Till we write you again, stay safe and be good!Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-01-121185362

Hello T-Fan, From time to time, we hold various contests and activities in which fans win prizes and goodies from the site by participating. But we noticed some users have issues winning and claiming their reward and this has led to them calling us out (which they later retract when they eventually get their gift) or some just labeling the activities fake. We created this thread to educate users on the step by step process of participating, winning, and receiving your gifts on TECNO Spot. Step 1: Make sure you read and follow the rules of the activities to the letter. You could be disqualified if you break any of the rules Step 2: Avoid using multiple accounts. Once we detect a user using multiple accounts, all your data would be deleted and your account blocked Step 3: Make sure to always check the forum every day, so you can see when winners are announced. Winners announcement can come before earlier or later than the scheduled date due to several reasons. Don't be caught off guard. Step 4: Follow the instruction on the WINNERS ANNOUNCED post. If we say DM us in 48 hours or forfeit your prize, we mean it. Step 5: Supply FULL ADDRESS, Phone Number, and Alternate phone number. Some users send us "Mokola, Ibadan" as an address. We would totally ignore such users and term them unserious. We need your full address, including the nearest landmark so you don't give dispatch riders problems locating your address. Step 6: Make sure your phone number and alternate phone number is always available. From the day you send us your details till the day you receive your gifts, accept all phone calls. Some users don't pick up when dispatch riders call them and gifts are returned. They later call and say they didn't receive their gifts. Step 7: Always create an acknowledgment thread when you receive your gift. Failure to do so would reduce your chances of getting picked in the next activity Note: Because we are constantly running activities, they sometimes create a backlog of winners who are yet to receive their prizes. The window period for receiving gifts is between 7 - 21 days after the announcement of winners Read all >>

The Best Time to Post on Social Media [Infograph]

yusufaliu | 2021-01-1311258

This post was last edited by yusufaliu at 2021-1-13 12:13 Hello T-fans. Blog2Social has made public an article on the "Best Time to Post on Social Media" according to research carried out on 60,000 businesses and bloggers combined, so as to better guide businesses and individuals in reaching a wider audience within specific social media platforms. See infograph below. Leave a like or comment below on when is the best time to post on Tspot. Ensure to also include your reason why. And don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more.Read all >>

How to Quickly Find Contact Names on Android

OKayode | 2021-01-1215264

Tips and Tricks
This post was last edited by OKayode at 2021-1-12 04:03 Hello T-fans. The Phone (Dialer) app is an integral part of a smartphone, and the Dialer app on HiOS has gotten a sort of neat updates in the past year. With integrating ULife, Instant USSD, theming options, Video Show, Increasing Ringtone, and the all-new UI redesign; making calls/ dialling USSD codes has become easier and fun. One trick you probably have not been using on the Phone (Dialer) interface is the T9 Keypad, which lets you quickly find contact names without using the search bar or scrolling through a long list of contacts. Opening the Phone app shows the keypad with numbers (and some letters underneath them), which makes it look like your old Nokia 3310 and the likes. Well, those letters are not just there to make the keypad look like you're using your old feature phone; it has a pleasant feature you'll find useful, interesting, and make you feel nostalgic at the same time. Here's how to quickly find your contacts using the T9 Keypad on your Phone app - it works just like the way you would send a text using your old Nokia 3310 and the likes. How to find contact names with the keypad. ♦ Open the Phone app. ♦ As soon as the keypad shows up, you would find the numbers and some characters under them. Type your contact initials using the keypad. For example, if you're looking for "Kayode", you need to enter 5296... where 5 stands for K, 2 stands for A, 9 stands for Y, and many more. ♦ You'll see all matching contacts, select a contact name to call it. You would never have to use the search bar or scroll through a long list of contacts no more. Just open the Dialer app and do what is needed. Do share with your friends and follow me here if you find this trick helpful. Read all >>

WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN? Manchester City VS Brighton

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-01-12102571

Hello T-Fans, Manchester City defends their home against Brighton for the Premier League Cup, do you think the Citizens are up to the task? PREDICT the correct scores of Manchester City VS Brighton match, and stand a chance to win TECNO branded gift items. DISCLAIMER: note that the match predictions closes 15 minutes before the match starts..... the First two (2) correct predictions wins. And if after two (2) working days, we don't receive your full details as requested, you forfeit your prize. PS: Once contacted for your personal details, ensure you also include an Alternate mobile number you can be reached on, else you forfeit your prize. Read all >>

How to find any Setting on Android

OKayode | 2021-01-109346

This post was last edited by OKayode at 2021-1-10 21:00 Hello T-Fans. More often than not, I found navigating through the Settings on my phone a bit cumbersome and time-consuming. I just had to keep clicking, clicking, and clicking to get some particular settings on my phone. And that's even better when I know where the setting is on my phone. There are just many other settings on Android that you can't find easily, especially if you're not used to it. If you have experienced a similar issue or find yourself constantly get stuck while looking for a Settings on your Android phone, here is a quick tip to get straight into any settings on Android. This will also help you get things done on Android without consulting anyone. How to find any Setting option on Android. This has to do with the "Settings Suggestions" feature on Android. I mean the search bar you see at the top of your phone's Settings page. The search bar lets you find basically any setting you want on your phone. Whether you're looking for how to change your font size,reduce data usage, block a service, or anything; it's easier to find using the Search bar in the Settings app. Here's how to do that. -> Launch the Settings app -> You would find a search bar at the top of the page, click on it. -> Now enter any setting you are looking for in the search bar (e.g. "schedule"), it'll bring various suggestions for you. With this great tool, you could tackle anything on your TECNO phone without the need of anyone. Do leave a comment below, like this post, and follow me here if you find this tip helpful. Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-01-1124281

HELLO T-FANS “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” Jim Rohn.WISHING YOU ALL A WONDERFULL WEEK AHEAD. Read all >>

The Reward and Punition System of Tspot.

yusufaliu | 2021-01-103527808

This post was last edited by yusufaliu at 2021-1-10 17:09 Note: This article is an attempt to help you better understand how Tspot responds to your activities. Tspot has several rules, which it rewards Tfans with Tpoints on strict adherence to. But there's another side of Tspot that you probably do not know of, despite the availability of a dedicated section via your profile, pointing you to it. This part of Tspot applies to all sites with similar algorithm. Know this as a general rule of thumb, that any system capable of automatically rewarding you can also penalize you if found wanting in violation of its rules. And Tspot is no exception. The rules on Tspot applies to everyone and not just Tfans alone. And when I say everyone, I mean Admins, Moderators and Super-Moderators inclusive. If any of Tspot rules were to be violated, even if via the Official TECNO Tspot account itself, the system will flag it and move to take proper actions. It requires no one to tell it what to do now and then, but instead automated. And because it is automatically and constantly monitoring activities so as to reward you, it is likewise doing the same and capable of faulting you when you violate any of its rules. When you carry out any activity of relevance on Tspot, the system acknowledges your presence by rewarding you with Tpoints. This Tpoints as earlier announced on Tspot via the official TECNO handle can be redeemed for branded Gifts. Violation of Tspot rules robs you of this opportunity as it leads to heavy deductions of your Tpoints and also puts you at risk of a ban on the platform which may be temporary or permanent. Activities that can earn you rewards on Tspot includes, registration, using the share button on Tspot to share a post to any of this three social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, publishing threads with large number of views or replies, making comments or replies to posts, daily check-in activities, setting up profile picture, providing detailed information of yourself on your profile, taking part in activities/contest and having your publications sticked/moved to front page. Activities that leads to deductions of Tpoints, temporary or permanent loss of relevance on the platform includes, speaking prohibited, been blacklisted, spamming, phishing, and content theft. See also Policing Affairs on Tspot Identifying Admins and Sectional Heads on Tspot Creating Value via Threads on Tspot Leave a like or comment below and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more.Read all >>

WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN? Manchester City VS Birmingham

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-01-09114561

Hello T-Fans, Manchester City plays against Birmingham for the FA Cup, do you think the Citizens are up to the task? PREDICT the correct scores of Manchester City VS Birmingham match, and stand a chance to win TECNO branded gift items. IMAGE CREDITS: thestatszone DISCLAIMER: note that the match predictions closes 15 minutes before the match starts..... the First two (2) correct predictions wins. And if after two (2) working days, we don't receive your full details as requested, you forfeit your prize. PS: Once contacted for your personal details, ensure you also include an Alternate mobile number you can be reached on, else you forfeit your prize. Read all >>

Tecno spark go 2020(Everything you need to know)

tolugaruba | 2020-09-0518538

Tecno Spark Go 2020 smartphone runs on Android v10 (Q) operating system. The phone is powered by Quad Core, 1.8 GHz processor. It runs on the MediaTek Helio A20 Quad Core Chipset. It has 2 GB, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. Tecno Spark Go 2020 smartphone has a HD+ Incell TFT display. It measures 165.6 mm x 76.3 mm x 9.1 mm and weighs 193 grams. The screen has a resolution of 1600 x 720 Pixels and 269 ppi pixel density. It has an aspect ratio of 20:9 and screen-to-body ratio of 81.23%. On camera front, the buyers get a 13MP + AI Lens Dual Primary Camera and on the rear, there's an 13MP + AI Lens Dual Camera camera with features like Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus. It is backed by a 5000 mAh battery. Connectivity features in the smartphone include WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Volte, and more. Summary PERFORMANCE - MediaTek Helio A20 Quad Core DISPLAY - 6.52 inches (16.56 cm) STORAGE - 32 GB CAMERA - 13MP + AI Lens Dual Camera BATTERY - 5000 mAh RAM - 2 GB, 2 GB LAUNCH DATE - September 01, 2020 Key Specs FRONT CAMERA - 8 MP BATTERY - 5000 mAh PROCESSOR - MediaTek Helio A20 Quad Core RAM - 2 GB REAR CAMERA - 13MP + AI Lens Dual Camera DISPLAY - 6.1 inches General OPERATING SYSTEM - Android v10 (Q) SIM SLOTS - Dual SIM, GSM+GSM MODEL - Spark Go 2020 LAUNCH DATE - September 01, 2020 CUSTOM UI - Android Go BRAND - Tecno SIM SIZE - SIM1: Nano, SIM2: Nano NETWORK - 4G: Available (supports Indian bands), 3G: Available, 2G: Available Performance CHIPSET - MediaTek Helio A20 Quad Core GRAPHICS - PowerVR GE8300 PROCESSOR - Quad Core, 1.8 GHz ARCHITECTURE - 64 bit RAM - 2 GB Display DISPLAY TYPE - HD+ Incell TFT ASPECT RATIO - 20:9 BEZELLESS DISPLAY - Yes, with waterdrop notch PIXEL DENSITY - 269 ppi SCREEN SIZE - 6.52 inches (16.56 cm) SCREEN RESOLUTION - 1600 x 720 Pixels TOUCH SCREEN - Yes, Capacitive Touchscreen, Multi-touch Storage INTERNAL MEMORY - 32 GB EXPANDABLE MEMORY - Yes, Upto 256 GB Battery USER REPLACEABLE - No STANDBY TIME - Up to 864 Hours(2G) TYPE - Lithium-ion USB TYPE C - No CAPACITY - 5000 mAhRead all >>

TECNO Start Rolling Out December 5, 2020 Security Update to Various Phones

OKayode | 2021-01-0412427

Hi T-Fans. For the past couple of weeks, TECNO Mobile has been rolling out the December Security updates to various phones like the TECNO Spark 3 Pro, Phantom 9, and many more. Earlier today, I also received the December Security Update on my CAMON 15. The system update, with a download size of 536 MB, brings the device to version CD7-H6214ABDE-Q-GL-201218v601 with December 5, 2020 Google Security Patch. Asides that, the update will further optimize system stability and performance, and also improve user experience. If you're yet to receive this update (irrespective of your model), kindly go to Settings > System > System Update to check and download any available update. Here are the screenshots of some other TECNO devices that have gotten the December 5, 2020 Security Update. Credit: Frank KinuthiaCredit: Unlimited Favour There's no note on if the update will downgrade HiOS Launcher or keep the latest version. Do share us your experience after installing the update on your TECNO CAMON 15. Also, follow me here for more. Read all >>

CoD Mobile Season 13: Changes you do not Know of.

yusufaliu | 2020-12-235178

This post was last edited by yusufaliu at 2020-12-23 18:39 Hello T-fans. In this article I would talk about a few changes that haven’t really been talked about much on the net, possibly because it’s a minor change to some. But it’s still worth mentioning, as it might be a major change to those whose gameplay might be heavily affected by it. ♦ Ninja Class: Unlike the previous seasons, Ninja Class users can now hear their footsteps. This gives an impression of same been heard by the enemy but I tested it and it appears not to be true. Ninja Class users can hear their footsteps but the enemies cannot. So it still maintains stealthy for Ninja Class Users. ♦ Hacker Class: The hacking time is now faster compared to the previous season. In season 12, it takes 4 seconds to hack a player, same time it takes to hack a full squad in season 13. ♦ Refitter Class: Previous update came with a glitch that allows teammates take less damage after picking up amour plate from the refitter gear which nerfs the damage from the enemy using an AK47 by 8 to 9 even after the amour plate gets destroyed. But season 13 has this fixed. Picking up an amour plate from the refitter gear and on taking shots from the enemy now deals normal damage. Sort of bad news for refitter class users. ♦ Defender Class: The Defender Class got nerfed this season (season 13). Stun duration at close range compared to season 12 is reduced to 2 seconds. So don’t get too comfortable after deploying your shield,the effect only last for a short time as compared to before. ♦ Zipline and Helicopter Sound Glitches: If you’ve upgraded to season 13 and find this sound disappearing on their own after a while, please note that it’s not an audio or device issue. It’s an “Activision” thing of Season 13. We hope to see a fix soon. There’s also been changes to gun sounds and footsteps, which somehow makes it harder to differentiate, for example, the footsteps of a teammate with that of an enemy. Possibly Activision did so to make things a bit more realistic. ♦ Increased Hip Fire Accuracy: Hip fire accuracy has been increased a bit. Now you can perfectly hit your enemy and deal massive damage even at longer range compared to the last season (season 12). ♦ Glide Height Increased: Jumping from a certain height won’t see you gliding. Gliding heights have been increased and as such you won’t be spreading your wings to fly as easy as you do on jumping from every height this season. You need to jump from a height of approximately 5m to glide. Leave a like or comment below of changes you’ve noticed yourselves. And ensure to follow me on Tspot for more.Read all >>

Gamers Choice: POVA Vs the CAMON 16 Series [Infograph].

yusufaliu | 2021-01-0514508

This post was last edited by yusufaliu at 2021-1-7 00:55 Hello T-fans. Two of TECNO's most recent device, Pova and the Camon 16 series, rocks Mediatek's Gaming Chipset, the "G-Series". Packed with features that enhances gaming experience, from vivid visuals, rapid sensing touchscreens, enhanced connectivity between your smartphone and the internet, etc, Pova comes with G80 while the Camon 16 Series (Premier, Pro and 16) carries the G90T and G70 chipset, respectively. As a gamer seeking the best of gaming experience on mobile, there's a need to identify how the features of each three compliments game style, game play or gamers taste. All of which differs from person to person. To help you with your choice of purchase on which to go for (Pova or any in the Camon 16 Series), see below infographs on the G90T, G80, and G70 Mediatek chipset. Click here andhere for specifications of Pova, and Camon 16 Series (Premier) respectively. Leave a like or comment and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more.Read all >>

HEPATITIS; All you should know and do to prevent it.

TSPOT HEALTH NG | 2021-01-0615233

Hello T-Fans, Happy New Year. After quite a long break, we’re back, bigger and better. We promise to keep you informed on health-related through our articles on this forum. Today, we’re discussing a very common deadly disease, which is surprisingly very preventable. What is Hepatitis?Hepatitis refers to an inflammatory condition of the liver. It’s commonly caused by a viral infection, but there are other possible causes of hepatitis. These include autoimmune hepatitis and hepatitis that occurs as a secondary result of medications, drugs, toxins, and alcohol. Autoimmune hepatitis is a disease that occurs when your body makes antibodies against your liver tissue. Your liver is located in the right upper area of your abdomen. It performs many critical functions that affect metabolism throughout your body, including: [*]bile production, which is essential to digestion [*]filtering of toxins from your body [*]excretion of bilirubin (a product of broken-down red blood cells), cholesterol, hormones, and drugs [*]breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins [*]activation of enzymes, which are specializedproteins essential to body functions [*]storage of glycogen (a form of sugar), minerals, and vitamins (A, D, E, and K) [*]synthesis of blood proteins, such as albumin [*]synthesis of clotting factors Treatment options vary depending on which type of hepatitis you have. You can prevent some forms of hepatitis through immunizations and lifestyle precautions. The 5types of viral hepatitisViral infections of the liver that are classified as hepatitis include hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. A different virus is responsible for each type of virally transmitted hepatitis. Hepatitis A is always an acute, short-term disease, while hepatitis B, C, and D are most likely to become ongoing and chronic. Hepatitis E is usually acute but can be particularly dangerous in pregnant women. Hepatitis AHepatitis A is caused by an infection with the hepatitis A virus (HAV). This type of hepatitis is most commonly transmitted by consuming food or water contaminated by feces from a person infected with hepatitis A. Hepatitis BHepatitis B is transmitted through contact with infectious body fluids, such as blood, vaginal secretions, or semen, containing the hepatitis B virus (HBV). Injection drug use, having sex with an infected partner, or sharing razors with an infected person increase your risk of getting hepatitis B. It is estimated 350 million people worldwide live with this chronic disease. Hepatitis CHepatitis C comes from the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Hepatitis C is transmitted through direct contact with infected body fluids, typically through injection drug use and sexual contact.HCV is among the most common bloodborne viral infections in the United States. Hepatitis DAlso called delta hepatitis, hepatitis D is a serious liver disease caused by the hepatitis D virus (HDV). HDV is contracted through direct contact with infected blood. Hepatitis D is a rare form of hepatitis that only occurs in conjunction with hepatitis B infection. The hepatitis D virus can’t multiply without the presence of hepatitis B. It’svery uncommon in the United States. Hepatitis EHepatitis E is a waterborne disease caused by the hepatitis E virus (HEV). Hepatitis E is mainly found in areas with poor sanitation and typically results from ingesting fecal matter that contaminates the water supply. This disease is uncommon in the United States. However, cases of hepatitis E have been reported in the Middle East, Asia, Central America, and Africa. Causes of Non-infectious Hepatitis Alcohol and other toxinsExcessive alcohol consumption can cause liver damage and inflammation. This is sometimes referred to as alcoholic hepatitis. The alcohol directly injures the cells of your liver. Over time, it can cause permanent damage and lead to liver failure and cirrhosis, thickening, and scarring of the liver. Other toxic causes of hepatitis include overuse or overdose of medications and exposure to poisons. Autoimmune system responseIn some cases, the immune system mistakes the liver for a harmful object and begins to attack it. It causes ongoing inflammation that can range from mild to severe, often hindering liver function. It’s three times more common in women than in men. Common Symptoms of HepatitisIf you have infectious forms of hepatitis that are chronic, like hepatitis B and C, you may not have symptoms in the beginning. Symptoms may not occur until the damage affects liver function. Signs and symptoms of acute hepatitis appear quickly. They include: [*]fatigue [*]flu-like symptoms [*]dark urine [*]pale stool [*]abdominal pain [*]loss of appetite [*]unexplained weight loss [*]yellow skin and eyes, which may be signs of jaundice Chronic hepatitis develops slowly, so these signs and symptoms may be too subtle to notice. How Hepatitis Is Diagnosed History and physical examTo diagnose hepatitis, first, your doctor will take your history to determine any risk factors you may have for infectious or non-infectious hepatitis. During a physical examination, your doctor may press down gently on your abdomen to see if there’s pain or tenderness. Your doctor may also feel to see if your liver is enlarged. If your skin or eyes are yellow, your doctor will note this during the exam. Liver function testsLiver function tests use blood samples to determine how efficiently your liver works. Abnormal results of these tests may be the first indication that there is a problem, especially if you don’t show any signs on a physical exam of liver disease. High liver enzyme levels may indicate that your liver is stressed, damaged, or not functioning properly. Other blood tests If your liver function tests are abnormal, your doctor will likely order other blood tests to detect the source of the problem. These tests can check for the viruses that cause hepatitis. They can also be used to check for antibodies that are common in conditions like autoimmune hepatitis. UltrasoundAn abdominal ultrasound uses ultrasound waves to create an image of the organs within your abdomen. This test allows your doctor to take a close at your liver and nearby organs. It can reveal: [*]fluid in your abdomen [*]liver damage or enlargement [*]liver tumors [*]abnormalities of your gallbladder Sometimes the pancreas shows upon ultrasound images as well. This can be a useful test in determining the cause of your abnormal liver function. Liver biopsy A liver biopsy is an invasive procedure that involves a doctor taking a sample of tissue from your liver. It can be done through your skin with a needle and doesn’t require surgery. Typically, an ultrasound is used to guide a doctor when taking the biopsy sample. This test allows your doctor to determine how infection or inflammation has affected your liver. It can also be used to sample any areas in your liver that appear abnormal. How Hepatitis is TreatedTreatment options are determined by which type of hepatitis you have and whether the infection is acute or chronic. Hepatitis AHepatitis A usually doesn’t require treatment because it’s a short-term illness. Bed rest may be recommended if symptoms cause a great deal of discomfort. If you experience vomiting or diarrhea, follow your doctor’s orders for hydration and nutrition. The hepatitis A vaccine is available to prevent this infection. Most children begin vaccination between ages of 12 and 18 months. It’s a series of two vaccines. Vaccination for hepatitis A is also available for adults and can be combined with the hepatitis B vaccine. Hepatitis BAcute hepatitis B doesn’t require specific treatment.Chronic hepatitis B is treated with antiviral medications. This form of treatment can be costly because it must be continued for several months or years. Treatment for chronic hepatitis B also requires regular medical evaluations and monitoring to determine if the virus is responding to treatment. Hepatitis B can be prevented with vaccination and is recommended for all newborns. The series of three vaccines is typically completed over the first six months of childhood. The vaccine is also recommended for all healthcare and medical personnel. Hepatitis CAntiviral medications are used to treat both acute and chronic forms of hepatitis C. People who develop chronic hepatitis C are typically treated with a combination of antiviral drug therapies. They may also need further testing to determine the best form of treatment. People who develop cirrhosis(scarring of the liver) or liver disease as a result of chronic hepatitis C may be candidates for a liver transplant. Currently, there is no vaccination for hepatitis C. Hepatitis DNo antiviral medications exist for the treatment of hepatitis D at this time. According to a 2013 study, a drug called alpha interferon can be used to treat hepatitis D, but it only shows improvement in about 25 to 30 percent of people. Hepatitis D can be prevented by getting the vaccination for hepatitis B, as infection with hepatitis B is necessary for hepatitis D to develop. Hepatitis ECurrently, no specific medical therapies are available to treat hepatitis E. Because the infection is often acute, it typically resolves on its own. People with this type of infection are often advised to get adequate rest, drink plenty of fluids, get enough nutrients, and avoid alcohol. However, pregnant women who develop this infection require close monitoring and care. Autoimmune hepatitisCorticosteroids, like prednisone or budesonide, are extremely important in the early treatment of autoimmune hepatitis. They’re effective in about 80 percent of people with this condition. Azathioprine (Imuran), a drug that suppresses the immune system, is often included in treatment. It can be used with or without steroids. Another immune-suppressing drug-like mycophenolate, tacrolimus, and cyclosporine can also be used as alternatives to azathioprine for treatment. Tips to Prevent Hepatitis HygienePracticing good hygiene is one key way to avoid contracting hepatitis A and E. If you’re traveling to a developing country, you should avoid: [*]local water [*]ice [*]raw or undercooked shellfish and oysters [*]raw fruit and vegetables Hepatitis B, C, and D contracted through contaminated blood can be prevented by: [*]not sharing drug needles [*]not sharing razors [*]not using someone else’s toothbrush [*]not touching spilled blood Hepatitis B and C can also be contracted through sexual intercourse and intimate sexual contact. Practicing safe sex by using condoms and dental dams can help decrease the risk of infection. VaccinesThe use of vaccines is an important key to preventing hepatitis. Vaccinations are available to prevent the development of hepatitis A and B. Experts are currently developing vaccines against hepatitis C. A vaccination for hepatitis E exists in China, but it isn’t available in the United States. Complications of hepatitisChronic hepatitis B or C can often lead to more serious health problems. Because the virus affects the liver, people with chronic hepatitis B or C are at risk for: [*]chronic liver disease [*]cirrhosis [*]liver cancer When your liver stops functioning normally, liver failure can occur. Complications of liver failure include: [*]bleeding disorders [*]a buildup of fluid in your abdomen, known as ascites [*]increased blood pressure in portal veins that enter your liver, known as portal hypertension [*]kidney failure [*]hepatic encephalopathy, which can involve fatigue, memory loss, and diminished mental abilities due to the buildup of toxins, like ammonia, that affect brain function [*]hepatocellular carcinoma, which is a form of liver cancer [*]death People with chronic hepatitis Band C are encouraged to avoid alcohol because it can accelerate liver disease and failure. Certain supplements and medications can also affect liver function. If you have chronic hepatitis B or C, check with your doctor before taking any new medications. In summary, to prevent contactingHepatitis, practice good hygiene, safe sex, and good eating habits. Also, make sure you are adequately vaccinated against the disease. These vaccinations are available at primary health care centers at affordable costs. What steps have you/are you taking to prevent getting the Hepatitis virus? Let us know in the comment section.Read all >>

Transsion Holdings: Ascent of Africa's Smartphone King.

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This post was last edited by yusufaliu at 2021-1-6 13:11 Hello T-fans. Transsion Holdings, parent company of TECNO, INFINIX and ITEL has been identified as the leading phone brand in Africa by Counterpoint Research. This follows outstanding performance of the brand in 2020, with many awards to show for its continuous efforts in dominance of the mobile space despite challenges posed by the Global Pandemic. With a unique approach of low pricing, localization and mass marketing of a three-pronged brand strategy, Transsion Holdings unlike other brands, was able to identify and address Africans’ pain points through improved user experience and unique features that distinguishes Africa from the rest of the world. “This long-term commitment and aggregated know-how is hard to surpass by other brands,” said Cui Wenli, a founding partner of Maison Capital. Transsion’s dominant continental ecosystem covers everything from hardware to software, as well as after-sales service. Operating under the umbrella of Transsion is the mobile phone brand, TECNO, ITEL, and INFINIX, digital accessories line ORAIMO, electronics and appliances brand SYINIX, and after-sales service company CARLCARE. According to Counterpoint, the three mobile phone brand operating under the umbrella of Transsion “represents 38% of smartphones and 67% of feature phones shipped in Africa in Q3 2020, topping both Samsung and Huawei......[]”. These accounts “for 45% of shipped devices priced below $100, in Q3 2020“. See full report here. And don’t forget to leave a like or comment of your 2021 expectations for Transsion Holdings. Read all >>
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