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Get up to ₦150,000 with Instant Credit, enjoy 16 days interest-free!


TECNO_Wallet | 2022-05-2613812697

Hi TECNO phone users, Having trouble accessing digital credit or even traditional loans, TECNO Wallet Instant Credit is your ideal plug! Bank statement or complicated paperwork? No!Processing or management fee? No!Lenghty approval process or timing? No!Guarantors? No! Get Instant Credit with up to ₦150,000 credit limit and 16 days interest-free period. Build your credit profiles with TECNO Wallet which allows you to get higher credit limit amounts over time when you carry out regular transactions and repay your loans on time or before the due date. Update or download the TECNO Wallet now to get Instant Credit and you can also get FREE 200MB Data in TECNO Wallet every Friday!!!
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How To Answer/Decline Calls Using Gestures On POVA 5G.

TECNO SPOT NG | 2022-05-2459007

Hello T-Fans. Are you tired of the old-fashioned and default standard of answering calls on your android device? Try out the 'answer call with a gesture feature' on the POVA 5G, which lets you answer or decline a call via gestures. To enable the feature, go to Device 'Settings'. Tap on 'Special Functions'. Tap on 'Micro-Intelligence'. Tap on 'Answer Call With A Gesture' and on the next page, move the toggle switch to the right to enable the feature. You also get a tutorial on the same page on how to use gestures to either answer or decline a call on your TECNO device. See Also • How To Enable Auto-Watermark On POVA 5G • How To Add Apps To Your Homescreen On POVA 5G • How To Customize Text Colour Of Your App Drawer. Read all >>


Simileoluwa445 | 2022-05-241141

Tips and Tricks
HELLO T-FANS, Welcome to today's session, today's post is all simple and basic tips to improve your fashion sense. * KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE: Knowing your body type is the basic thing to know about yourself. Everything works around this, so this isone of the biggest fashion tips or advise that anyone can give you. * DON’T BUY SOMETHING FOR JUST ONE OCCASION: Instead of purchasing something specific for certain events, try to have a few dressier pieces in your wardrobe that are more versatile. If you go for something simple and more classic, rather than trend-led, you’ll be able to wear it again and again. Accessorised cleverly, it will never feel like the same look. * DON’T BUY OR KEEP SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T FIT: It’s not uncommon to hold on to items that no longer fit you in the hope that they will again one day. It’s also not uncommon to buy something in a size too small as an incentive to lose weight or because it’s in the sale and they don’t have your usual size. However, holding on to these items – that you can’t physically wear – is one of the worst things you can do if you’re trying to reduce the size of your wardrobe. Be realistic and honest with yourself. If it doesn’t fit you, it's time to sell or donate it. * DON’T BUY OR KEEP SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T SUIT YOU: As well as holding onto things that don’t fit, many of us keep pieces that we know don’t suit us. Often we’ve bought something on a whim because it’s a big trend or because we saw someone else wearing it and thought they looked amazing – but because it just doesn't suit us, we've never actually taken it out of the cupboard. If a piece of clothing doesn’t make you feel confident and comfortable, it has no place in your life. * ORGANIZE AND EDIT YOUR CLOSET: When it comes to dressing stylishly, organizing, and editing your closet is essential. After all, how can you create a great outfit if you can’t even see what you own? Start by decluttering your wardrobe and donating or selling anything that you don’t wear or love. Then, organize the remaining items neatly into categories. Hang what should be hung and fold the rest. Also, invest in a shoe rack so that you can easily visualize complete outfits. After doing so, your closet will feel much more inspiring, and you’ll fix those “nothing to wear” moments. Thanks for reading. Read all >>

Laptop and desktop cooling machines

ChukwudiNebo | 2022-05-240242

HELLO T-FANS; As we work constantly with our laptop or desktop machine, the ambient temperature within increases, and it simultaneously cooled for smooth functioning. A faulty cooling system can destroy specific components, CPU, graphics processing unit(GPU), processor, memory (RAM), and other hardware of the laptop or desktop that is used. Make sure to buy computers with the right cooling system. When critical, it is expected for an overheating computer system to shut down in order to prevent or develop irreversible damages. Available cooling systems that suit our needs. Heat sink Heat sinks can be fitted to several components in a computer. The heat generated from a particular part of a computer can be dispelled through it to keep it cool. In older CPUs, Thermal grease or thermal pad is used to wedge between parts of a CPU chip and a heat fan. The heat fan is attached directly on top of the CPU chip to passively conduct heat and dispel it afterward. Over time, as dust accumulates on the heat sink, it can considerably decrease its efficiency. Incorporated system fans Incorporated system fans use energy to function by moving air around and driving heated air away from the CPU-heated component through the PC or laptop casing. In a computer system, System fans are usually used with heatsinks. The fan is piled on the heat sink. The same setup can be found in hard drives, chipsets, and GPU components. For high-performance PCs, Fan sizes ranging from 40mm to 250mm are used. Liquid cooling Recent development has shown that the use of liquid has been the most effective cooling process in a computer system. The commonly used liquid is distilled water because of its thermal conductivity and high specific heat capacity. You could say that the internal combustion of the engine of a car is similar to the liquid cooling system in a computer. This method is complex and is barely used in computers despite its efficiency. Sources Read all >>


VivieCouture | 2022-05-230232

Hello T-Fans, There has been a wide controversity on whether these two outlined topics are the same and can be used interchangeably. Do you know, these two economic concepts (Growth and Development) differs and do not carry the same meaning? Last week, we gave an in-depth look on the key indicators that shows whether an economy is growing or not. Part of it is the GDP, GNP, Rate of Inflation, and so on. While these are indicators as to whether an economy is growing, what determines if it's developing involves the social aspect as well. Economic growth is the process by which a nation's wealth increases over time. Although the term is often used in discussions of short-term economic performance, in the context of economic theory it generally refers to an increase in wealth over an extended period. In the economics study of the public sector, economic and social development is the process by which the economic well-being and quality of life of a nation, region, local community, or an individual are improved according to targeted goals and objectives. In the words of a Nobel Laurette (Amartya Sen), she said, "Economic Growth is an aspect of the process of Economic Development." Conclusion: While Economic Growth measures the trade and activities of the country as a whole, Economic Development measures the living standard of each individual. Trust you learnt a new thing today? Read all >>


Palm Store | 2022-05-23419

Palm Store
Welcome to a new week, Palmstore Lovers. As you enjoy this day, ensure that you invite your friends to check on our thread on the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINALS, and comment on who wins between REAL MADRID & LIVERPOOL. You can also go to the Palmstore App and cast your vote. There are many prices to be won, such as TECNO PHONES, ORAIMO AIRPODS, ORIAMO POWER BANK, REAL MADRID JERSEY, LIVERPOOL JERSEY and so on... Don't miss it. Voting is on till 28th of May.Click on the thread and comment.. Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2022-05-2369931

HELLO T-FANS Don’t be afraid to get no’s, make mistakes and fail multiple times. That’s gonna give you a thicker skin to follow your passion and your own road!” Naya Rappaport Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. Read all >>


PresidentSan | 2022-05-23042

Hello Tfans How often do we celebrate our all time heroes Today's MCM is a super hero A former frotline lion of super eagle A real Odogwu on the football pitch All time African champion A man of timbre and caliber Augustine Azuka Okocha A.K.A Jay Jay Okocha If your dad never told you the stories of this amazing footballer, then he must have spent his childhood somewhere behind Nigeria. Jay jay Okocha is a famous striker with spectacular dribbling skills and superb confidence with the ball. Call him the god of goals and you would be right, a one time most expensive footballer, whose goals was voted severally by football magazines as the goal of the year. Early Life Jay Jay Okocha was born on the 14th of August, 1973, in Enugu, Enugu state, with Delta state as his state of origin. Jay Jay began playing football at a very young age, kicking every makeshift ball or anything that seems round with friends on the street. Like his two other brothers, JayJay Okocha has an ardent passion for football and was ready to give his all to the career. How did he become a star? Jay Jay kicked off his professional football career in 1990 after joining Enugu Rangers. He spent his time at the club wisely religiously developing and demonstrating the skills he's known for today. He ended his time at the club scoring a spectacular goal against an experienced goal keeper, Willy Okpara of BCC Lions,he was also well appreciated by his team mates for his numerous assists. Later is 1991, Okocha joined Eintracht Frankfurt, where he was able to connect with famous Ghanian strikers and German stars. There he scored a goal that was voted as the 1993 goal of the year by a German sport TV. In 1995, himself and some others had a feud with the club manager Jupp Heynckes, which led to them leaving the club, though Okocha stayed till the end of the season, before joining Fernabahce, an Instabul club. Okocha was signed by the Turkish club for £ 1 million. In 1995, PSG came for the start player with a £14 million bid. Did he accept it? If it were you, will you reject it. Of course Jay Jay joined PSG (Paris Saint Club) and scored 12 goals for the team. He was also a favorite mentor for the young Brazilian footballer, Ronaldinho. So many inspiring stories of him, from his outstanding performance at Bolton where he steered his team away from relegation with seven goals, scored the goal of the season and led the team to their first cup final in 9 years in 2004. International career Okocha's debut match ended in a 2-1 loss against Ivory coast in 1993, but in the following year, he became football fans' favorite by helping the team to a 4-1 win against Algeria, helping Nigeria secure her first ticket to the World cup. In 1996, he played a strategic role in the Atlanta games where Nigeria won a gold medal, though the team couldn't perform up to expectations in the 1998 FIFA World Cup. In the 2000 African cup of nations, Okocha performed so well to earn the admiration of everyone in the stadium, who gave him a standing ovation, after a match against Tunisia. Who is Jay Jay Okocha' s wife Jay Jay Okocha is married toa woman of stunning beauty, Nkechi Okocha, and they're blessed with two lovely kids. How about his net worth? No doubt the football star had a successful 18- years career on the pitch, and his net worth is estimated to be 150million Naira. Read all >>

Progress Emerges Winner Of The Nigerian Idol Season 7 Grand Finale

TECNO SPOT NG | 2022-05-234550

Hello T-Fans, Progress has emerged the winner of the popular music talent show Nigerian Idol Season 7 sponsored by TECNO. This was announced at the grand finale tonight. The show’s host, IK Osakioduwa, announced Progress as the winner after he battled with Zadok, for the grand prize worth N100m. After weeks of watching the top 12 contestants singing their hearts out on the live shows to earn fan votes, Progress and Zadok emerged as the final two. For the finale, D’banj and Simi, who are also judges for the show, performed on stage and thrilled the audience. As the winner of the competition, Progress goes home with a cash prize up to 100 million naira, an SUV andan all expense paid trip to Kenya from TECNO accompanied by winners whom emerged from the TECNO Win A Trip Promo who participated in the TECNO Home Edition or recently bought any of the CAMON 18 series Attached below are live Pictures From the show... Read all >>

It's A Wallpaper Sunday: Please Share With Us.

TECNO SPOT NG | 2022-05-2255101

Hello T-Fans. It's Sunday. Share with us in the comment section a Screenshot of that beautiful Wallpaper on your device, using the hashtag #MyWallpaper. Read all >>

WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN? Manchester City VS Aston Villa

TECNO SPOT NG | 2022-05-223711

Hello T-Fans, The Citizens defend their home against Aston Villa for a spot in the Premier League Cup, PREDICT the correct scores of the Manchester City VS Aston Villa match, and stand a chance to win TECNO branded gift items. IMAGE CREDITS: DISCLAIMER: note that the match predictions closes 15 minutes before the match starts..... the First two (2) correct predictions wins. And if after two (2) working days, we don't receive your full details as requested, you forfeit your prize. PS: Once contacted for your personal details, ensure you also include an Alternate mobile number you can be reached on, else you forfeit your price. Make your prediction using the web version of TSPOT, CLICK THE LINK TO LEARN HOW TO, and Congratulations once again to @Majorkolawole & @PBOYD for predicting correctly in our last prediction game. Read all >>


08168352774 | 2022-05-210285

Things You Should Avoid a Student Entrepreneur HELLO TFANS, It’s another beautiful day and a day to discuss about the Business World and marketing. Now as a student, there are lots of businesses you can start as a business person, below are some of them: 1.Perfume Oil:Why do we think this business is going to thrive? Many people want to smell like a million box but on a budget and these perfume oils give that feeling at a cheaper amount. You can start up this business with N3,000 by buying 25 pieces for wholesale and selling each for N1000 at retail. Now do the maths, N1000 * 25 would earn you 25,000 in two days or even in a day depending on how fast you can sell your market. 2.POS Services: This is a really really nice business because people are transacting every single day!. These days, it is stressful to have to queue up at ATM stands and wait for hours before it can get to your turn. People are always looking for easier ways and would rather pay a small charge and get it almost instantly through a POS machine and get on with their daily activities. As a student entrepreneur, these are some of the things you must avoid: Yourself: Surprised?, you better not be! Before even starting a business, you should and must ensure that you can take up risks by yourself and for yourself. Savings is a great way to help yourself whenever you are having financial issues. As a business owner, saving should be your best friend and everyday task; save profits, save tips, etc. With self-funding, you retain complete control over the business, but you also take on all the risk yourself. Be careful not to spend more than you can afford, and be especially careful if you choose to tap into retirement accounts early. You might face expensive fees or penalties, or damage your ability to retire on time — so you should check with your plan’s administrator and a personal financial advisor first. Failure to Plan: Before you ask your friends and family for money, though, you should have a business plan at the ready. This way, you can explain to them exactly what you’re selling, what you plan on charging, how you’ll make money, and whether you’re asking for a loan, an investment, or a gift (i.e., whether or not they should expect to get back any money they put into your business, and if so, how much). Read all >>


ChukwudiNebo | 2022-05-21080

HELLO T-FANS; Android which is Linux-based and iPhone which uses Apple iOS operating system are the two most competitive and commonly used phones in Nigeria. Others include blackberry OS, Microsoft Windows, and Symbian. Android ranks as the first-most used mobile device operating platform globally, followed by iOS. To the rescue, Tecno produces smartphones with the android operating system. Based on the following standards below, we will compare Android phones to iPhones. Widgets Widget is an advantage Android has over iPhone. All sorts of widgets can be put onto the home screen for example clock, calls, flashlight, etc. with Android whereas iPhone which recently introduced widgets has very limited widgets on the home screen and it's only found in the notification area. The calendar widget is a quick view of upcoming events.Arranging my home screen to my personal reference is so important to me and my Tecno device makes it so easy. Multitasking Simultaneously using two apps on android has made multitasking easy. Activating split-screen mode gives one the luxury of watching a video while replying to a message on T-spot app. Apple hasn’t added this feature. Affordable prices Whatever your budget is, android has various options stacked out for you to buy. ios phones are expensive and it’s sizeable to certain budgets. Camera There’s been a significant camera upgrade on android phones over the years. We now have android phones that match up and surpass iPhones. All thanks to Tecno brand, I can now buy phones with better camera quality without having to think about iPhone as an option. Check out Tecno phantom X and give me the credit. Screen refresh rate Android refresh rate is faster compared to iPhone which lagsbehind. The former which has up to 120hz refresh rate and the latter which has60hz refresh rate isn’t comparable. Speed up games and decrease loading times in games and apps through refresh rates. Read all >>

How To Prevent Your Smartphone From Overheating

CARLCARE NG | 2022-05-210130

Hello T-Fans, Through all the fun of summers, your phone is likely to be aside you to get pictures with your family to cherish those memories afterward. Well, it can be frustrating as a mobile phone user when your device starts to get overheated. We often overlook the precautions we must take to protect our phones and think, How to Prevent Phone from Overheating? If this is something you can relate to, then this guide is for you. We will discuss many effective ways that can help you to keep your device cool and perfectly working even in the strong heat of summers. The reasons behind overheating can be countless. It can be overcharging or heavy app usage that could be causing the problem of overheating. TIPS TO KEEP YOUR SMARTPHONE FROM OVERHEATING. ✓ Avoid Direct Sunlight To Your Phone. The sunlight can heat your device real quick and the best way to keep the ideal temperature of your phone is by keeping it away from the sunlight. Try finding shade or an air-conditioned space to use heavy apps and make sure you don’t leave your device out for charging in the sunlight. ✓ Remove Background Apps. Background processes don’t take a lot of memory but if you are one of those users with multiple background processes, you are only making your phone work harder. We understand that you don’t consider it regularly but to prevent the overheating issue, this tip would surely cool down your phone to work faster and increase battery life. ✓ Keep The Screen Brightness To A Minimum. The brighter your screen, the more work your battery would put in. This can create heat and in turn damage the counterparts of your display or cause some underlying issues. Well, it is hard to see your screen in the sun but with an anti-glare screen cover, you can easily operate your device with low brightness. You might want to reconsider opting for a quality screen cover rather than trading your phone’s battery life. ✓ Put The Device On Airplane Mode. The network takes a lot of your phone’s battery life and signals can add up to the heat. Putting your device on airplane mode can instantly help it to reduce heat production and start working normally again. ✓ Remove It's Protective Case. If you are using a phone cover, you should remove it to let the air pass through. Like CPUs with fans, the mobile phone’s processor needs a proper supply of air to cool down and it will prevent any further damage to the device due to overheating. All these tips are a perfect way to help you understand How to Prevent Phones from Overheating this summer. WHY YOUR ANDROID SMARTPHONE IS OVERHEATING. Problems like faster battery drain, shutdowns, and restarts are some of the signs of overheating of your Smartphone. Well, the causes include the temperature of your environment if it’s too hot outside, the internal temperature of your device will increase. High temperatures can even cause a total meltdown of the Central Processing Unit in extreme circumstances. Other than outside temperatures, the overheating can be a result of overworking your device. Too many background apps with heavy app usage on a low memory device can heat it quickly. Faster draining of the battery produces more heat, resulting in overheating or failure. For some period of time, the users put their phone on charge for way too long repeatedly. This practice can severely damage the battery life of your device and cause overheating issues with your mobile phone. You must lookout for ways How to Prevent Phones from Overheating and keep your smartphone working. HOW TO FIX YOUR SMARTPHONE OVERHEATING PROBLEM. ✓ Update Your Applications. Many bugs from different applications can cause overheating issues and without the fix, it won’t leave your device. Updated versions of apps are helpful for your device’s performance with new bug fixes resolving the issue. ✓ Separate Your Phone From Other Devices. Using mobile phones around other devices makes them more susceptible to heat. Stacking them together can heat them even in cool environments and always try to separate your electronics, especially the ones that consume signals. ✓ Delete Unnecessary Apps. Unnecessary not only takes up a lot of your ROM but also consumes your mobile phone’s memory little by little. Many unnecessary apps can take up a lot of memory as a whole which can be a reason behind overheating. Consider deleting the apps you don’t want or do not use anymore to overcome this situation. ✓ Fan Your Phone. Just like other processors with fans, mobile devices with overheating issues need to get cooled down in similar ways. Stop your phone and use a fan for your phone or even blow on it to prevent any damage and cool it down in seconds. ✓ Avoid Sudden Temperature Shifts. Putting your overheated device into the freezer might sound like a good idea but it’s not. You shouldn’t expose your device to such sudden temperature shifts as it may put the components at risk of collecting moisture. It won’t solve the problem but would give a sure-fire way to break your smartphone. HOW TO BOOK A REPAIR SERVICE WHEN YOUR SMARTPHONE IS OVERHEATING. Overheating your device under severe temperatures can damage your device. But don’t worry as Carlcare has got your back. Carlcare is an authentic after-sales service provider for all TECNO devices. Our professionals at Carlcare will take care of the overheating problem in your device. All your must do is book an appointment by following these steps below: ✓ Open the Carlcare app and log in to your account. ✓ Hover over the reservation services menu or visit the repair appointment website. ✓ Now, choose your device and describe your repair requirements. ✓ Select the nearest Carlcare phone repair shop and choose a reservation time. ✓ Add your personal information, click on the submit button, and you’re done. Viola! You’ve booked a mobile repair service to resolve your overheating issue. The Carlcare agent will contact you regarding the appointment confirmation shortly after the submission. You can also ask our professionals for some tips on How to Prevent Phones from Overheating to help you understand. FINAL THOUGHTS. Overheating smartphones is normal and you shouldn’t worry about it. Before you plan to go out for your next summer vacation, just make sure you remember our tips to prevent overheating your smartphone. SOURCE Read all >>


Lil'Jay | 2022-05-20068

Hello T-Fans, Envision a camera that is capable of capturing clear and sharp photographs of the sky. Now, imagine how small it would be fitting it into your pocket. Allow me to introduce to you, the NANO1. Due to its small size and superb imaging, this little camera is bringing astrophotography to a wider audience. So, instead of hauling around hefty gear, photographers can picture celebrities with ease using a camera that weighs just 99.2 grams. The NANO1 is the world's smallest astronomical camera that was designed to enable easier access to astronomy by a wider audience. It has a small body but can yet accommodate a dual mount interchangeable lens system(M12 & C mount). It enhances the quality of low-light photographs with a unique noise reduction technique. The NANO1 can also link to a smartphone and rapidly transfer and exchange photographs. It measures only 2.5 inches in length. The 5.5x crop factor of its small 1/2.3" sensor permits photographing of brilliant astronomical objects with a little lens. The enhanced telescopic range will benefit any attached lens, including telescopes and DSLR lenses. A unique noise reduction technology cleans up the photographs, even more, allowing them to be shared instantaneously on social media. In addition to still photographs, the tiny camera can record 4k videos for even more creative possibilities. There are several astronomical presets, and the camera can guide you through the sky due to an augmented reality star map that works when connected to a smartphone. Features of the NANO1 ASTRONOMICAL CAMERA SOCIAL NANO1 was built to run with a variety of camera lense and even telescopes. It connects to a smartphone for simple social media sharing. SMALL The ultra-compact design lets you take it anywhere while still capturing views and beauties like the Milky Way, Auroras, and more. SMART You can easily capture the Moon, low light settings, and more with the built-in capture presets. I hope you have been able to understand a whole lot about the NANO1 astronomical camera and its features. You can preorder yours through the link below:NANO1 PRE-ORDER You can learn more about the world's smallest astronomy camera by watching the video below: You can also read more about NANO1 using the source link below: SOURCE Have a great weekend T-Fans!!! Read all >>

Don't miss out on the ₦200 Free Data Coupon again!

TECNO_Wallet | 2022-05-1922319369

Hi TECNO phone Users, If you are feeling remorseful about missing out on the Free Data Coupon last Friday, never mind, this Friday, it's back as scheduled! Whether you are a new user who has just downloaded TECNO Wallet, or an existing user who has already experienced various wallet services, every friday you can geta Data Coupon worth ₦200. Try it yourself now and start enjoying the simpler life! It is a new dawn! You can click the link below to download TECNO Wallet on Google Play and get Free Data Coupon on Friday. Read all >>
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