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TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-04-1216123

HELLO T-FANS Remember, it's our mission to provide better user experience and your voice is vital. In todays survey we want to know more on your (T-FANS) attitude towards health. Click here to join the survey
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Oludele47 | 2021-04-098145

Hello Tfans,It's a another Friday here; How have you being ?It's time for you get to read a thread on Global Technological News. 5G, 5G, 5G, 5G, hmmmm i've heard it somewhere, yeah you have, you have also heard about 4G, 3G even LTE. This is Oludele47, welcome to another episodical thread of Global Tech News (GTN) around the world. Without further ado, let's get right into it. GYeah G, the G at the back of the numbers (3G, 4G, 5G) there isn’t always much information to go on about what a “G” actually is.The G means generation. As mobile networks upgrade their infrastructure, they unlock new levels of connectivity. So as they unlock them, the network transfer rate becomes faster which results in new naming from 1G to the latest 5G. LTELong-Term Evolution (LTE) is a standard for wireless broadband communication for mobile devices and data terminals, based on the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA technologies. It increases the capacity and speed using a different radio interface together with core network improvement What you should also know is that LTEs are similar to Gs but Gs are faster than their corresponding LTEs. i.e "true" 4G is faster than 4G LTE while 4G LTE is faster than "true" 3G. 5G5G networks come with the promise of even more speed and capacity than currently exists. On a granular level, it will mean faster connectivity for mobile users and wider capabilities for businesses and governments to operate digitally. For more context, while it takes 22 minutes to download a high-definition movie on a 4G network, it will only take 32 seconds on a 5G network. As an illustration of the deepened capacity: 5G networks are also projected to be able to service a million devices within a square kilometer—100 times more than 4G networks can handle in the same area.Thewidely used network is still and will continue to be 3G at 58% of the African population by 2025 as revealed by a projected data from GSMA Mobile Economy Report 5G IN AFRICAWhile 5G is being used in developed countries and continents, it's still at it's infancy stage in Africa, even seemingly nonexistent with the 5G networks launched by Vodacom and MTN in South Africa being the only ones in operation across sub-Saharan Africa. But even this has happened ahead of schedule with the South African government assigning temporary spectrum in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, ostensibly to boost broadband connectivity with millions working from home amid a national lockdown.Also trials are being conducted in some African countries such as Gabon, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda so far. 5G IN NIGERIA5G will greatly enhance technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Drones and several others, the NCC believes that it will be of immense benefit to every sector and help achieve goals for Nigeria’s digital economy.As stated above 5G is not available in Nigeria ; It was just demo tested in a partnership of MTN, HUWAEI and NCC. While there are speculations that 5G is harmful, the International Commission for Non-ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) states that as long as the right precautions are taken, 5G is safe for human health.Riding on the ICNIRP’s stand and the success of the trials earlier in November, the NCC says it will use the lessons learnt to influence the development of the policy for commercial deployment.For now, the outcome of the Nigerian Senate’s investigation is not clear. Given the details behind the NCC’s latest plans, their decision will greatly influence the development of a 5G policy.The NCC says new initiative will need wide public consultation, so the process of developing this policy will involve a public inquiry, especially from several relevant stakeholders whose views will influence the final policy.No other detail has been revealed yet, and according to the NCC, 5G will not be deployed in Nigeria until the Policy is concluded and approved. While this seems to be a good initiative, the current state of connectivity in Nigeria still needs a lot of improvement. GlossaryTech - TechnologyGTN - Global Technological News5G - Fifth GenerationG - GenerationLTE - Long-Term Evolution This the end of another interesting piece of technology; I'll catch you in the next one What do you think about 5G in Nigeria and Africa as a whole? Let me know in the comments below Read all >>


Amigun Deborah | 2021-04-098126

The Yoruba tribe dominates the western region of Nigeria. Their origin can be traced from the old Oyo Empire. Even though there are some controversies about where the Yoruba's truly originated from, some claimed the Yoruba's originated from the Ile-Ife, home of Oduduwa, their ancestral father. Even presently, there is a serious conflict between the Alafin of Oyo and the Ooni of Ife, the traditional ruler of Ile-Ife. Where some of their followers have lost their lives in a battle of supremacy. Oyo, a pre-colonial kingdom in present-day Nigeria, was founded in the 1300s. Established by Oranmiyan of the Yoruba people of West Africa, Oyo quickly grew to become one of the most powerful states in the Yoruba-speaking region.From its capital city at Oyo-Ile, this weak state in the early 1500s, had by 1550 conquered two neighboring kingdoms, Borgu and Nupe, to become the most dominant political entity in the region. Oyo was ruled by an alafin (king) who shared power with the Oyo Mesi, aristocratic leaders from each of Oyo city’s seven wards.The Oyo Mesi were responsible for the selection of the alafin. They could also call for an alafin’s suicide if he abused his power. Under Alafin (King) Obalokun,Oyo expanded southwestward to the Atlantic coast, and became part of the Atlantic Ocean trade system.Trading mainly in slaves, Oyo was able to acquire much-needed foreign exchange. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Oyo further expanded westward under Alafin Ajagbo, becoming a major empire, but never encompassing all Yoruba-speaking peoples. In response to attacks by the Nupe people, Oyo became much more militarized, reorganizing its cavalry and infantry in the sixteenth century. The cavalry became the foundation of the army.Because of its Atlantic ports, Oyo was able to obtain horses for its cavalry from Europe and North Africa Oyo’s wealth from trading and especially slave trading led to debates about the kingdom’s future. Some alafins wanted to use the wealth to maintain the army and expand the geographic area of the state, others wanted it for conspicuous consumption.These differences led to civil wars as rivals competed for control of the throne and of Oyo’s vast treasury.This period of internal strife ended with Alafin Abiodun (1754-1789) who reduced the power of the army. The downfall of the Kingdom of Oyo was rather swift.Abiodun, concerned with little other than grand displays of royal wealth, allowed the Oyo army to disintegrate.This in turn allowed weaker peripheral states to break free of Oyo’s control.One of those states, Dahomey, in the southwest, soon became a political and military rival. Oyo was also affected by the Fulani Jihad waged by Muslims on its northern frontier. Eventually these provinces broke free as well. By the beginning of the 19th Century Oyo lost control of lucrative trade routes which had been a major source of state revenue.By 1837, the kingdom of Oyo had collapsed Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-04-1031611

Hello Tfans We are glad to announce the winners of the Nigerian Idol Season 6 Capture Your Favourite Moment activity. Congratulations to all the selected Airtime winners from last week's edition of the show. Watch out for the next episode of the show and you could also be a lucky winner. Read all >>

PUBG:New State Hits 10 Million Pre-registrations.

yusufaliu | 2021-04-10584

This post was last edited by yusufaliu at 2021-4-10 20:39 Hello T-fans.After securing 5 million pre-registration within a week of announcement, PUBG:New State of the PUBG series is now at 10 million pre-registrations since the initial announcement. About a hundred and seventy-three countries signed up within a month and half of announcement. These include Southeast Asia, America, Middle East, Europe, East Asia, etc. Alpha testing for PUBG:New State has been scheduled for the second quarter of 2021. Pre-registered users are promised exclusive vehicle skin for free at launch of the game, which will be available on Android and iOS. Click here to pre-register on Google Play Store. Leave a like or comment below and don’t forget to follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>


coloneljoe | 2021-04-0414211

Hello Tfans, Computers and tech gadgets are increasingly becoming more important to our respective walks of life. As air is to humans, so is Computers to some of our daily activities. Treating and caring for them is important to prevent data loss should be taken very seriously. As unimportant as it may look but shutting down your system is also important, this helps the machine sleep and stop unnecessary background task as opposed to Hibernation. MICROSOFT doesn't recommend the HIBERNATE option is computers that's why most people don't see it in Thier system. HIBERNATION is a MICROSOFT developer option in which you try at your own risk of loosing your data. A lot of USERS after doing windows updates, whom didn't SHUT DOWN and HIBERNATED from time to time experienced Thier system OS crashing, If you keep hibernating instead of shutting down , you would notice your system would begin to LAG ( SLOW DOWN ). and especially if you opened a browser and HIBERNATED you will notice it will considerably become slow, this is because it has replicated and taken about 7x on your computer virtual memory (RAM) to keep the pages opened which will inturn slow down your system. HIBERNATION just turns off your computer temporarily while still leaving your OPEN TABS ON BROWSERS or ANY DOCUMENT BEING TYPED opened SO YOU CAN CONTINUE from where you stopped. WINDOWS AUTOMATICALLY HIBERNATES when your laptop battery is low. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SHUT DOWN YOUR SYSTEM after frequent HIBERNATIONS, so you don't crash the system. but if you're sure you can always remember to SHUTDOWN but you also need the HIBERNATE feature. here is a walk through of steps; 1. press the key with WINDOWS logo on your keyboard, you will getan interface like this 2. on your keyboard type CHANGE WHAT CLOSING THE LID DOES, you should get a screen like this 3. Press enter and navigate to top and CLICK CHANGE SETTINGS THAT ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE, you should get a screen like this. 4.Check the small box beside HIBERNATE and click save changes below. and that's how to enable the hibernate option on WINDOWS 7/8/10. I hope this article helps you with caring for your system and the need to always shut down the system. for any pc problem comment down below and let us help you. Till next time, Have a great week.Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-04-0929531

Hello T-Fans, The latest addition to our budget Smartphone dubbed TECNO Spark 7 launches soon. ✓ TECNO SPARK K7 SERIES The first impression of the Tecno Spark K7 is the huge bezels on the top and bottom and it looks more of low-end. But with a second look, you would notice the shiny and classic design. The handset features a fingerprint sensor scanner and it arrives in two variants, Spark K7 with 1GB and Tecno Spark K7 Plus 2GB of RAM. The phone is also programmed to understand the basic needs of your wants. ✓ TECNO SPARK 8 PRO SERIES The Tecno Spark PRO K8 Smartphone still arrives with impressive features. And it definitely arrives with features and specifications mission on both the Spark K7 and Spark K9. The handset features a 4G LTE network connectivity, that allows users to browse and download more faster on the internet. There is also an upgrade from the front 5MP selfie shooter to 8MP. But still features the same screen display and battery capacity with the Spark K7 and Spark K7 Plus. ✓ TECNO SPARK 2 SERIES the Spark 2 is a piece of master-craft work. Like other Spark phones, the Spark 2 arrives with a fingerprint sensor scanner on the back. While others run on Android Nougat, the Spark 2 offers Android 8.1 Oreo (Go Edition), it is the first to offer such OS in the Spark series, likewise, the first also to bring in Face ID, (facial recognition), and many more others. ✓ TECNO SPARK 3 SERIES The Tecno Spark 3 arrives with an AI selfie and dual rear cameras with a 3500mAh battery capacity. Other impressive includes a tall 6.2′ Super FULL VIEW screen display, and it is completely powered by a 2.0 GHz Quad-Core processor. Unlike others, the Spark 3 is totally different from others, as it arrives in two variants, there is the Spark 3 Kb7 with (16+1), which is 16GB storage and 1GB RAM. And there is the normal Spark 3 with 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM. After the Spark 3, the company also announced its successor, which happens to be the Tecno Spark 3 PRO with AI dual camera and notch display. Well, the company is into Notch display, and it is looking good and premium on their mid-range and premium high-end devices. Other intriguing specs include 2GB RAM, 32GB of internal storage, 4G LTE connectivity, running on the company’s HiOS based on Android 9 Pie OS. And it is also fueled by a 3500mAh battery capacity. ✓ TECNO SPARK 4 SERIES The Spark 4 is powered by Android 9, with the company’s HiOS 5.5 skin on top. It comes as the first Spark phone with a 4000mAh battery capacity, which will definitely provide steady light after a full charge. Well, it is more like a basic phone with triple rear AI cameras as the selling points, with impressive specifications and features. It also comes with a single 8-megapixels selfie snapper and many others. The Spark 4 AIR arrives with a DOT notch display design, which is different from the Spark 3 and Spark 3 PRO trapezoid notch display. The waterdrop-style notch display holds a single selfie shooter and a dual flash at the upstream of the phone. ✓ TECNO SPARK GO The Spark GO mobile phone, which was also announced along with the Spark 4 AIR phone. It comes with some similarities and differences. The main difference is the camera lens, storage, and RAM. The TECNO Spark GO is an entry-level phone with 6.1-inch IPS LCD display, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, and it backed by a 3000mAh battery capacity. Here is a quick spec: ✓ TECNO SPARK 5 SERIES The Tecno Spark 5 packs a few trending features in a low-budget package. This comes as a purposeful act to make it a worthy successor to last year’s Tecno Spark 4. As a successor, the Tecno Spark 5 offers an improved design, improved display, bigger battery, and lots more ✓ TECNO SPARK 5 PRO The Tecno Spark 5 packs a few trending features in a low-budget package. This comes as a purposeful act to make it a worthy successor to last year’s Tecno Spark 4. As a successor, the Tecno Spark 5 offers an improved design, improved display, bigger battery, and lots more ✓ TECNO SPARK 6 SERIES The Tecno Spark 6 comes in as a successor to the Tecno Spark 5, which was announced earlier this year. As a successor, the Tecno Spark 6 offers a chassis re-design, a bigger display, a more powerful processor.In summary, it offers enthusiasts a package that makes up for some of the shortcomings of the previous model. Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-04-0913170

Hello Tfans Have you ever wondered how your smartphone screen quickly refreshes it contents whenever you launch an application or open a new page? That's where the screen refresh rate comes in. The screen refresh rates measures how quickly your smartphone screen refreshes or updates it contents for better visual experience. Below are what the fans are saying about the screen refresh rate. Read all >>


Lil'Jay | 2021-04-1012101

Hello Tfans, This week, we will be considering the different categories of road users. But before we go into the various categories of road users, we must first know who road users are. Basically, every one of us are road users, be it as pedestrians, horse riders, drivers, cyclists, etc. CATEGORIES OF ROAD USERS The various categories of road users include: The motorists (drivers), the pedestrians, the hawkers, the cyclists, the motorcyclists, children, animals and the traders. THE MOTORISTS (DRIVERS) These are road users who are confined in motor vehicles. They feel safe and protected to accidents due to this confinement in their motor vehicles which is a bad psychotic belief. Rules for Road Use The responsibility of a driver includes: Always make use of your seat belt while in the motor vehicle and ensure that everyone in your vehicle belts up. Do not drive after taking in alcoholic drinks or under the influence of drugs. While driving for long distances, stop in a conducive place to rest and walk around to allow for circulation of blood and feed your brain effectively. Do not use drugs like coffee, kola nuts to stay awake while driving long distances. Always keep your vehicle in good working condition. Windows and windscreens should always be clean and clear of obstructing materials. Never overload your vehicle with people or goods as people are at high risk of sever injuries or death in overloaded vehicles. Avoid driving when tired or fatigued. PEDESTRIANS Pedestrians are people who walk on the road mainly in areas also used by motorists. There are basically three types of pedestrians mostly involved in road accidents: children, the elderly, and adults under the control of alcohol or drugs. Motorists must take extra care to prevent colliding against vulnerable pedestrians. Pedestrian protection involves The use of suitable pathways where provided. Walking on the left side of the road, facing on-coming vehicles where pathways are not provided. Wear or carry white or colorful clothing while working in the dark as you can be easily seen in them. Keep to the extreme right of the road while working in a group. Traffic drill for a pedestrian – Before crossing a road, stop, hold hands, look left, right and left again, ensure the road is clear and when it is, walk directly and quickly across but never stop looking out. Avoid running because you may trip over and fall. CHILD A child is said to be any person who is not yet an adult. Other road users are to be cautious and look out for children while using the roads. Child Protection Avoid holding children on your lap, the child may be crushed between your body or dashboard in the event of an accident. Any child above age seven should sit at the back seat of the vehicle facing the front and must have their seatbelts fastened. Walk on the pathway at the extreme left facing on-coming vehicle while walking with a child and hold the child to your left. Children of age twelve and below must never be allowed sitting in the front seat. CYCLIST A cyclist is a person who rides a unicycle, bicycle, motorcycle, or a tricycle. Responsibilities of a cyclist Avoid riding too near to a vehicle in motion. Use a cycle path where provided. Riders are expected to wear cycle helmets while riding. Ensure your cycle is in good condition before riding paying close attention to the tires, brakes, lamps, and rear reflectors. Cyclist must obey traffic rules and regulations like every other road user. Rider is expected to wear smart, bright colored clothing. Do not carry more than one passenger on your motorcycle. ANIMALS Road users must always lookout for animals crossing the road. While directing an animal on the road, ensure to walk on the left-hand side of the road and do not let your animal on its own. Ensure there is someone with you who you can send along to warn drivers at places such as bends where motorists may not see easily. When riding a horse, keep on the right-hand side of the road and if you are leading another, lead it on your right side. Animals in vehicles should be restrained and ensure they cannot distract you while driving particularly by keeping them at the back. ROAD TRAFFIC SAFETY This refers to techniques and measures used to prevent road users from being killed or severely injured. Responsibilities of Road Users to guarantee safety for one another. The following are obligations of road users to guarantee safety for one another: Avoid tossing edibles or garbage on the roads – Disposing garbage or leftovers on the road is unethical. There is high risk of an individual slipping or vehicle gliding on the road, therefore abstaining from such disposal decreases the risks of road accidents. Roads are public property and should not be damaged – It is an offense to damage public property and if found guilty, one may be put behind bars. Also, road accident has a greater chance of occurring if the roads are in bad conditions. Abstain from using the road while under control of any type of drugs or alcohol – Our central nervous systems are affected by alcohol and drugs and using roads in such state is not advisable as it can lead to fatalities. Follow traffic regulations – Traffic regulations are made so that fatalities can be averted. Motorists and pedestrians must make sure that they adhere to traffic regulations always. Always be courteous and alert – Awareness while driving and walking on the road is recommended as being attentive can reduce the risks of accidents, injuries, and death. I hope we have learnt a thing or two about the different categories of road users, join us next week for another interesting topic, same day, same channel, but till then, have a lovely weekend and a beautiful week ahead!!! Read all >>


Midets8144282329 | 2021-04-10965

HelloT-fans, Happy weekend guys hope the week was not so stressful?. April 10 is World's Siblings day, did you know that before? Call your siblings today and remind them of how much they matter to you. Relationship of Siblings They are roses that are unique and beautiful to behold. Roses are of different shades, the red, the white, the black, so are siblings. Red roses for love and affection, the love among siblings is the true definition of love. White roses for respect and innocence, the respect might not be so evident as child's but it grows. Our innocent crimes are committed together and covered up in most cases. Black roses are different and unique in their way, so are the behaviors of each sibling. These differences are the reasons for our fights, romcom. These differences are the reason for the not-so-friendly noise at home which is proof of answered prayers during the union of our parents. Our similarities the reason for civil communication and understanding. From the same root, we came, Nurtured and cared for the same way, Yet we were allowed to grow into our various branches, one not hindering the growth of the other. As different branches we grew, blossomed, shinned at different times making our roots proud. The prayer of the root daily is that we continue to blossom, That we continue to make her proud. God crowns her effort and time after time, they have always grown. The weakest of her branches grows strong too because her effort has been crowned. Written by Adekola Grace(AGM). Read all >>

WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN? Manchester City VS Leeds United

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-04-1066266

Hello T-Fans, The Citizens defend their home against Leeds United for a spot in the Premier League Cup, PREDICT the correct scores of the Manchester City VS Leeds United match, and stand a chance to win TECNO branded gift items. IMAGE CREDITS: DISCLAIMER: note that the match predictions closes 15 minutes before the match starts..... the First two (2) correct predictions wins. And if after two (2) working days, we don't receive your full details as requested, you forfeit your prize. PS: Once contacted for your personal details, ensure you also include an Alternate mobile number you can be reached on, else you forfeit your price. Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-04-0924743

HELLO T-FANS Are you a student, stylish, and full of swag? Here is an opportunity to show yourself, and be crowned TECNO SPARK STUDENT AMBASSADOR. How to Participate: 1. Take a picture of you posing stylishly as a model for TECNO SPARK. You could also use it and create a poster. 2. Post it on your page using #AllYouNeedIsSpark and give us reasons why you would like to become a SPARK STUDENT AMBASSADOR. 3. Make sure you also add the hashtag for your school acronym for example #UNILAG, and get your friends to support your entry. 20 MOST CREATIVE entries with good number of support from friends willl be put up for final voting where 10 best entries will emerge as winners. TAP HERE FOR MORE DETAILS Submission of entry closes 18th April, 2021. #TECNOSpark7P Read all >>

Would You Buy a TECNO Device Without a Headphone or Charger in the Box?

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-03-1226424

HELLOT - FANS With the latest trend in the market, stirred by actions of smartphone manufacturers globally over environmental concerns which has seen more and more devices launched without a headphone or charger within the box, would you buy a TECNO device without a headphone or charger in the box? Read all >>

New HiOS Launcher Widget lets you open your favorite apps from the home screen

OKayode | 2021-04-0813235

Hello T-fans The new HiOS Launcher version, rolling out on the Google Play Store, comes with a new 4x1 "Recent apps" widget that lets you launch your favourite apps from the home screen. The new Recent Apps widget, when placed on the home screen, shows four (4) of your frequently used apps stacked horizontally inside a white transparent background, and can be placed anywhere on the launcher. As its name implies, you'd guess the "Recent apps" widget changes every time you launch a new app, but it rather memorizes four of the apps you use frequently - just like the first four apps that show on top of your app drawer. New Recent Apps widget showing frequently used appsFrequently used apps on the app drawer Either way, the Recent Apps widget will make launching your favourite apps easier, especially if you don't have them on your home screen before. To add the widget to your home screen, first head over to the Play Store to update the HiOS Launcher, then follow the steps below. ♠ Long-press a space on your home screen ♠ Tap Widget ♠ Slide the widgets to the left to find "Recent apps 4x1" ♠ Tap on the widget to add it to your home screen. What'd you think about the new Recent apps widget? Drop your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below. Also, don't forget to like and follow me here for more. Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-04-08654604

Hey Tfans,Are you a student, stylish, full ofswag and ready to tell the world all you need is SPARK? Here is an opportunityto show yourself, and become our SPARK STUDENT AMBASSADOR in your Campus. To participate; ONLINE:· Create a SPARK 7poster using your image as a model posing in a stylish way following the theme‘’ALL YOU NEED IS SPARK’ · Post on your social media pagesusing the hashtag #AllYouNeedIsSpark and Hashtag and #(YourSchool name acronym, for example #UNILAG) · On Facebook, Post your entry as a comment under the pinnedactivity post on our official TECNO Mobile Facebook page, and get your friendsto like and comment under your post. Your post must be accompanied with thehashtag #AllYouNeedIsSpark and Hashtag and #(Your Schoolname acronym, for example #UNILAG) · On Twitter and/or Instagram page, post your entry on yourpage using the hashtag #AllYouNeedIsSpark and Hashtag and#(YourSchool name acronym, for example #UNILAG) · Ensure you are following ALL of our social media pages foryour entry to be valid and get your friends to like your entry · At the end of the activity, Top 20 participants as selectedby the TECNO representatives based on sway, style and creativity will be postedon our Instagram page for voting. 10 participants with the highest number votes(Likes) and genuine support (comment) from audience will emerge the winner. · Shortlisted participants will be invited for theAward/Crowning ceremony and a photo session as The Selected Spark StudentAmbassador. Note:Details on the title will be discussed with winners individually. Duration: Submission of entries willrun from 7th April 2021– 18thApril 2021 after which voting will commence and runs for 48 hours.The Award/Crowning ceremony will becommunicated Prizes to be won: · One year Contract and Pocket Money as Spark StudentAmbassador· A brand new Phone · A back to school Backpack with other gift items Award/Crowning CeremonyWinners will be invited to Lagos forthe photoshoot session and signing of contract. Winners will be expected toappear in person with Valid school ID. GENERAL AGREEMENT 1. This activity is open for allNigerians and winners must be resident in Nigeria 2. Entries with fake likes orrepeated replies from same name will be disqualified 3. Participants must be 18 yearsand above. 4. Participants who does notfollow the rules of the competition, especially the right hashtag won’t be considered. 5. Winners agree to co-operatewith TECNO Mobile Nigeria in any post-event publicity where they may berequired to appear on television or radio, or in printed and onlinepublications, for which no fee will be payable. 6. TECNO Mobile Nigeria will notdivulge the database or details received to any 3rd party except in litigation. 7. TECNO Mobile Nigeria reservesthe legal right, at any time, to verify the validity of any part of participantdetails including participant’s identity, age and place of residence,authenticity of activity, and to disqualify any participant who errs accordingto the rules of the activity. 8. Except for any liability thatcannot be excluded by law and except as stated in these Terms and Conditions,TECNO Mobile Nigeria (including its officers, employees, and agents) excludesall liability (including negligence), for any personal injury; or any loss ordamage (including loss of opportunity) 9. Employees of TECNO MobileNigeria (or any of its group companies or affiliates/sponsors), or anyoneassociated with this cause cannot participate in this activity. Note:TECNO will not request for any other details other than your account number forthe transaction of your cash reward. Beware! Read all >>


Emmykeyz 1 | 2021-04-086188

Hello Tfans The champions league is on the move again, with just eight teams remaining in the quarter-final stage of the competition, it is getting more tougher and interesting to watch. The teams remaining in the competition are Manchester City, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea, Bayern, Dortmund, Porto, and Paris Saint-German. These teams are contending tirelessly to become the winner of this Europe's most recognized Cup (Champions League). On Tuesday, 6th April, Real Madrid, hosted Liverpool at Alfredo Di Stéfano, the stadium of the La Liga club Real Madrid for the first leg of their quarter-final match. It ended at 3:1 in favor of Real Madrid despite the absence of some of their key players like Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, and Eden Hazard they still made sure that their home win was secured, it's all left to them play in the same form at Anfield Stadium to secure a place at the Semis. It was a narrow escape for Manchester City on Tuesday in their Stadium, Etihad. Playing against the Bundesliga opponent, Borussia Dortmund. Kevin De Bruyne scored the opening goal for the Manchester City side showing his exceptional ability in front of the goal even though he is a midfielder. Afterward, in the second half, the German side equalized with Marco Reus scoring a wonderful equalizer at the 84th minute of the game. In response to that Manchester City scored the last goal which was at the 90th minute of the game by Phil Foden given them a narrow winning at their home. The German team now has the advantage of an away goal to themselves which can help them in edging out of the tie against the England Side. Yesterday, Wednesday, April, 7th the Quarter Final stage continues where the England club, Chelsea faced FC Porto who dramatically beat out the old lady's club, Juventus in the round of 16. The England side continues to prove themselves in the European competition by beating FC Porto with two goals to nil at the Sevilla Stadium. Mason Mount and Ben Chiwel were the goal scorers for the Chelsea team. And also the two great clubs, who were the finalist for last season's competition contended against each other yesterday, but this time in the quarter-final stage. The France team, PSG proof to be the better side even in the Bayern Munich home by beating them in a 2:3 match. The wonder kid Mbappe didn't fail to impress the world by scoring two wonderful goals yesterday against the German side. The second leg of the quarter-final is surely going to be a dramatic one. why don't you sit tight and enjoy the drama as they unfold fans? Read all >>
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