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How To Enable Auto Call Recording

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-11-184225

Hello T-Fans. Have you ever found yourself in dire need of immortalising a conversation you've had with that loved one of yours? Do you wish you could hit replay to revisit your conversation over again? If your response is YES to all of these, then what you need to do on your device is to enable auto call recording, which lets you record a call from the very moment you begin a conversation to when it ends. This we've included in our devices to help users digitally preserve those beautiful conversations they've had with their loved ones and find it memorable. To enable auto call recording, launch the phone dialer app on your device. Tap on the settings cog at the topmost right. On the next page, move the toggle switch for auto call recording to the right with a single tap on it, and all calls afterwards automatically get recorded. If you prefer to maintain call records only for selected conversations, then disable auto call recording by moving the toggle switch to the left, and while on a call tap on the "start recording" button. Note: The directory above only applies to our recent devices and may differ from others of earlier versions. Leave a comment below of the name of that special someone you've enjoyed their conversations on phone so much that you would love to digitally preserve. Read all >>

T-SPOT Internet celebrity recruitment plan!

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-11-15353680

Hi T-Fans: Do you want to become an internet influencer? Do you want extra income? T-SPOT will open a new model. As long as you can manage your T-SPOT account carefully, you are likely to become an Internet celebrity, which will bring you more gains in the future, which is likely to change your life. Let you have your own fans like a star and become the protagonist. With immediate effect, T-SPOT will start the recruitment plan. T-SPOT will recruit among its users, so if you would like to participate and haven’t registered yet in T-SPOT. Hurry up! Operating account requirements: 1. Starting from today, must have an active role and participation in your T-SPOT account, by sharing and creating interesting content so that you can start getting more fans and increase your chances to be selected. 2.Share daily life, such as clothes matching, makeup tips, fitness tips, food making, baby tips, etc., you can post or take a video; 3.Maintain and manage fans to create the influence of T-SPOT APP; 4. The posted post/video must be original and not plagiarized. How we will choose the winner? To become the T-SPOT influencer, you need to work in increasing your fans number. We will choose the users that its quantity of fans reaches the Top 3. The Top 3, will become the next internet influencers and will have the chance to work with T-SPOT and get extra income. T-Fans, come and join us~ Let yourself have a different life!!! Read all >>


sirsmallz | 2021-11-164194

Hello Tfans, You must have heard of Credit score one way or the other, most likely when obtaining a loan or credit. I will be exposing us to what credit score means in this thread. Credit score is a number that depicts a customer's credit worthiness. It ranges from 300-850. The higher the score, the better a borrower looks to potential lenders. Credit score is based on credit history i.e number of open accounts, total levels of debt, repayment history, and some other factors. Lenders use credit score to evaluate the probability that an individual will repay loans in a timely manner. How does Credit score work? Credit score plays a key role in a lender's decision to offer you credit. People with credit score below 640, are regarded as subprime borrowers. They are charged higher interest and given shorter repayment term for their credit. A credit score above 700 is generally considered as good and may result in a borrower receiving a lower interest rate and larger repayment period. Scores greater than 800 are regarded as excellent and enjoy greater benefits. Credit score ranges from Poor to Excellent. Below are the different scores in each range; Excellent: 800 - 850 Very Good: 740 - 799 Good: 670 - 739 Fair: 580 - 669 Poor: 300 - 579 How is your Credit Score Calculated? 1. Payment History: This accounts for 35% when calculating your credit score. It is the history of payment with other lenders and how well you performed with the credit received. 2. Total amount owed: This accounts for 30% in the calculation of credit score. It is the total amount owed by the borrower to other lenders. 3. Length of Credit history: This accounts for 15% in the calculation of your credit score. The longer your credit history, the higher your loan amount. 4. Types of Credit: This includes the type of credit a borrower has incurred. Types of credit include mortgages, car loans, etc. It accounts for 10% of the calculation of credit score. 5. New credit: This deals with the number of new credit taken by the borrower. It accounts for the last 10% in the calculation of your credit score. How to improve your credit score? 1. Pay your bills on time: when payment of credit is made on time, it serves as a major boost for one's credit score. Borrowers are therefore encouraged to pay their credit on time so as to have access to higher and better loans. 2. Up your Credit line: if your credit line is low, you can go to your financial institution and ask for an increase in your credit line so as to have access to better credit. 3. Do not close your credit card account: It is better to leave a credit account unoperated than to close the account, as closing the account will have an adverse effect on your credit score. Your Credit Score is one number that can cost or give you a lot of money in your lifetime. Keep an excellent credit score and get to read it benefits. Read all >>


PresidentSan | 2021-11-113122

Hello Tfans Today,gaining practical skills has become more important than ever. In a crowd of thousands with an equally impressive qualification bearing the same certificate as you, what will seperate you from the bunch is basically the values you have to offer, what you can bring to the table. The truth all of us undergraduates need to know is that at the end, employers are not going to pay you for the years you spent studying or the struggles you went through in the process, but for the result you're able to produce and the level of output you can give in a company or the value you can add to a team. Even if you're planning to set up your own business at the end, organizational experience and other values gained in the course of an internship will go a long way to help you thrive in the risky world of entrepreneurship. Therefore undergoing an Internship is important, and you don't have to wait till it's your IT year to take advantage of the valuable learning platform that an internship provides. Here are ways you can position yourself for great internship opportunities. 1) HAVE A WELL OPTIMIZED RESUME A resume is a formal document that itemize your qualifications, skills and experience, it's the scale on which you're being graded for a job or Internship opportunity. Your resume should be as good as it can speak well of you in your absence and position you for better opportunities, it should be short, preferably a page long or two pages at most, and should clearly state your skills, experiences, academic qualifications, extracurricular certificates, awards and honors. A well optimized resume tailored for specific job roles is one of the things you would need to get ready as you begin to search for Internship opportunities and ultimately job opportunities. 2) BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT LEARNING You won't get Internship opportunities if you're not passionate about self improvement, sometimes the tasks might be demanding and you have to be ready to give it all you have even when you're not going to be paid a dime in return. However, you're never going to leave an internship role, the same person you were, except when you quit early, you would leave a better person, more specifically, you'll be betterpositioned for opportunities that are likely to pay off well in the future, the issue most youths have is that they lack the patience to persevere through this stage, many wants to plant a seed a day and start plucking the fruits before the end of the same day. If you can get over instant gratification, then you would gain a lot from interning. 3) STAY INFORMED: There are opportunities everywhere, it all depends on the level and kinds of informations you are exposed to. Sometimes what you lack is not opportunity is the right information to point you in the right direction where the opportunity lies. Follow social media handles of organizations who specialize in providing such kinds of information, an example is opportunity desk and opportunity for Africans. By following the right network of people, you're more likely to get access to valuable information that could metamorphosize into invaluable opportunities. 4) LEARN HOW TO SELL YOURSELF What happens when you eventually get access to these opportunities, you need to sell yourself, and your chance of being selected lies on how well you're able to sell and present yourself. Tell your story, and learn to do so in brief, short words that capture who you are as well as what you are willing to offer. This doesn't mean you should lie or tell a story that doesn't align with who you are, all in a bid to put up an impressive appearance, tell your story in a way that best describe you and your unique strengths. In the meantime, you can check the following sites for the latest Internship and scholarship opportunities 1) 2) 3) 4) Thanks for reading through and have a great day ahead. Read all >>

How To Fix TECNO Smartphone Camera Not Working And Buzzing Sound

CARLCARE NG | 2021-11-174261

Hello T-Fans, Imagine your phone camera stops working and buzzing noise while you’re about to take some beautiful shots. You’ll feel your smart piece of tech just let you down. But no, it’s an unpopular camera problem that you can fix. And that leads us to how to fix phone camera not working and buzzing sound. Here, we’ll guide you on how to fix a smartphone camera making noise, producing blurry pictures, having a hard time focusing, and maybe not working at all. HOW TO FIX TECNO SMARTPHONE CAMERA FOCUS NOT WORKING AND BUZZING SOUNDS. Although not very common in most modern phones, the camera focus problem and buzzing noise are just some of the annoying issues you may encounter in your phone’s camera. It wouldn’t have been annoying if it just make noise and let you take your picture in peace. When it does, the camera wouldn’t focus and would keep blurring pictures when taken. That shouldn’t be an issue, however. Here are various solutions on how to fix phone camera not working and buzzing sound. 1. Install Latest Updates. The rear camera making noise and not focusing was a popular issue that plagued some iPhone 6xx users. But thankfully, many of them reported the problem got fixed after updating to the latest OS. So, as far as it goes, the first tip in learning how to fix phone camera not working and buzzing sound is to ensure you’re running the latest software. If you’re not sure, visit the System Updates section on your phone to do so. 2. Tap The Camera Module. If your phone camera vibrates or makes noise still, another thing you should do is tap the camera module several times. In a sequel to the system update, many users said their phone camera stopped buzzing sound and regained focus after tapping the camera module. Tapping the camera module sort of repositioned the lens, which fixed the issue. And while that doesn’t guarantee it would fix your phone’s camera problem, it’s worth trying. Here’s how: ✓ Exit the Camera app and hold your phone, making its screen rest on your palm. ✓ Now, tap the camera module with your finger. ✓ Tap it hard, but gently in a way that fixes the issue and doesn’t affect your phone. 3. Bring a Magnet Close To The Camera. If you’re still not able to fix the camera buzzing sound and not focusing on your phone by now, you may need to take it a step further and try a more technical fix. Besides updating the system and tapping the camera module, you can use a magnet to snap back the camera into its position. For many people, that solved the problem totally and could work for you as well. ✓ Get a small magnet wherever you can. ✓ Hold the magnet close to the rear camera module for a second, then remove it. That’s how to fix phone camera not working and buzzing sound on your smartphone. Your phone camera should stop shaking and regain its Auto-Focus capability by now. However, the three fixes mentioned above might not work, or only serve as a temporary fix for some users. If that’s your case, the camera hardware is probably faulty. And as far as it goes, replacing the camera module is the last resort. How To Replace The Camera Module. After all, the camera focuses not working and the buzzing sound seems to be a hardware problem that requires you to replace the camera module. Most times, it happens after dropping the phone; and sometimes, it’s just a factory defect. In whichever way the problem occurred, you need to see a technician to replace the camera module. If your phone is still under warranty, you may be able to fix it for free at your brand’s official store. And if not, we still recommend you visit the official repair center to get it fixed. The technician would access the camera problem and find the right solution to it, usually by replacing the camera module. Trying to replace the camera module by yourself could lead to further damage and loss of warranty, and we by no means recommend that. What To Do If The Camera Is Not Focusing. For a smartphone camera focus not working, it’s usually a hardware problem—perhaps the lens is dirty, faulty, or it's just the same as the buzzing sound problem mentioned earlier. And sometimes, too, it could be a software issue you can fix by restarting your phone or updating the operating system. If your phone camera is only having a hard time focusing but not making a weird noise, that’s probably because the lens is dirty. A quick way to notice that is when it produces blurry pictures/videos or when it doesn’t focus on the right subject. If that’s it, you may only need to clean the camera lens, then start again: ✓ Exit the Camera app. ✓ Get a soft, clean cloth – preferable a fiber cloth. ✓ Gently use the cloth to wipe the camera glass to ensure it’s clean. ✓ Now open the Camera app to see if it’ll focus well. Your phone camera should focus accurately now. If not, we recommend you turn off your phone and wait for a few minutes before turning it on again. That helps most times when the phone is having temporary glitches. If that still didn’t do any trick, you may want to perform a factory reset to rule out the possibility of the issue being software-related. How To Stop TECNO Smartphone Camera From Shaking. While some phones make buzzing sounds while using the camera, some don’t. But that’s not very different from when the camera is shaking. With that, any shot you take would be blurry and unusable. To stop your phone camera from shaking, the things you can do include: ✓ tapping the camera module several times with your finger, ✓ bringing a magnet near the camera module, ✓ updating to the latest software, ✓ restarting your phone, and ✓ performing a factory reset. The same solution used in “how to fix phone camera not working and buzzing sound” would stop stabilizing your phone’s camera. If nothing works, it’s a time to visit the service center. Wrap Up. It’s just incredible how our smartphones have replaced bulky digital cameras and camcorders, making it easier to take pictures and videos anywhere without carrying around those huge gears. I think that sounds liberating until your phone camera acts strange or stops working entirely. You don’t have to worry though, as the above solutions on how to fix the phone camera not working and buzzing sound would help you out. Unfortunately, the last resort—if nothing works—is to visit the service center. The camera focuses not working, making noise, or vibrating is a mostly hardware-related issue, which is mostly factory defects. But thankfully, they’re what a technician can resolve. Read all >>

How To Customize Always-On Display Pictures On TECNO CAMON 18 Premier

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-11-111350

Camon 18 Series
Hello T-Fans, TECNO CAMON 18 Premier comes with an AMOLED display, and a 120Ghz screen refresh rate which is something even the Phantom X doesn't boast of. Apart from this, it runs on HiOS 8.0 based on Android 11 which brings mostly visual changes which looks neater and better than previous versions of HiOS. Thanks to the AMOLED screen which provides us with a unique Always-On Display that gives it's users access to key information about your notifications of; missed calls, messages, date, and time, and much more right on your device screen without having to light up your CAMON 18 Premier screen. HOW TO CUSTOMIZE ALWAYS-ON DISPLAY WITH YOUR PREFERRED PICTURES ON TECNO CAMON 18 PREMIER. ✓ Tap on your device "Settings", just as shown in the caption below. ✓ Locate and tap on "Display And Brightness", just as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below. ✓ Locate and tap on "Always-On Display" just as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below. ✓ Tap on "More Styles" just as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below. ✓ You should see lots of Always-On Display Styles and their respective Categories, Locate the "Sticker" Category just a indicated by the red circle in the caption below. ✓ Tap on any of the styles from the Sticker Category, and tap on "Choose Picture", and "Allow". Locate and select your preferred picture from your device gallery, and tap on "Apply" after cropping. Just as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below. Voíla! You have successfully customized your Always-On Display with your preferred picture on the TECNO CAMON 18 Premier. Do share your thoughts/feedback of this unique feature available on HiOS 8.0 via the comments section below. Read all >>


08168352774 | 2021-11-131199

Hello Tfans, There is no business without crises. No matter how blissful you see a person’s business, there’s always one crises or the other that the business is facing. The term "crisis" has attracted several definitions as different scholars have given their views of the concept. Crisis is a period of heightened uncertainty that increases the need to plan and aim in time in which external and internal pressures change objective and operational practices of an organisation. In this period of heightened uncertainty, when the equilibrium of the organisation has been upset, companies look for highly innovative and, forward , looking professionals, who can read the lips of the publics, both external and internal. There are three stages to crises in every business;1.Pre Crisis: When we say pre crisis we mean the period where the crisis is gradually building up. When a business owner notices this, he/ she should try to tame the crisis before it escalates. 2.Crisis: This is when the crisis has properly started rocking the boat of the business. This only happens when the business owner refused to tame the crisis when it was still early. At this point, preventive measures have to be taken to minimize damage capable of being caused by crisis. 3.Post Crisis: This is when the crisis had come and has gone. This is when the dust of the crisis is setting down, fence mending public relations action is taken to reshape image, build better understanding and re-establish goodwill. Cause Of Crisis:1.Economic causes which can include financial constraints, inflation, deflation and economic depression. 2.Technological Crisis: This is when a business owner lacks the presence of outdated machinery, restructuring, innovations leading to changing consumer taste; machine breakdown and changing methods of production. 3.Inability of the management to manage competitions 4.International issues, which include changes in tariff, import-export restrictions. MANAGING CRISIS In crisis management, communication is key and very important. The following are ways to manage crisis: 1. Have a review of your business and anticipate potential threats no matter how remote they may seem. 2.Stimulate the anticipated crises and its possible dimensions. Prepare a game plan for handling each plausible dimension of the crisis in question. 3.Identify operating colleagues whose activities would be affected by the crisis and what roles they would play in crisis situation. Then review corporate strategy and the vision of the organisation within the context of the crisis. 4.Plan for and locate a central crisis communication centre, a place the media and all those concerned can come for information or telephone to get updates. 5.Agree with top management on their role in the crisis and how to get them involved Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-11-16186258

Camon 18 Series
Hello Tfans, How far can your smart phone zoom at objects? Are you ready to put your camera to the test in our TSPOT 60X ZOOM Challenge? Here's how to participate; • Create a thread on the CAMON 18 Nigeria Forum Section of TSPOT, showing a zoomed image of any object photograhed by you on your TECNO device • All entry thread must carry a brief description of the image submitted . This should inlude but not limited to your device name (either written or visible as an auto-watermark on your entry). •To be considered valid, all submitted entries must carry the hashtag #TSPOT60XZoomChallenge, #StopAtNothing. • Share the link to your entry on your social media pages. Invite your friends and family to leave a like or comment on your entry on Tspot. • Top 5 entries will be rewarded with TECNO Branded Gift Items not limited to Buds-1, Hipods-H2, Watch-1, Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, etc. ACTIVITY DURATION. 15th–26th November 2021 GENERAL AGREEMENT. (1) All participants must be at least 18 years above, Nigerians, and resides in Nigeria (2) Submitted entries must be taken by you, proof of which will be needed to claim your prize. (3) TECNO reserves the right to change or delete this activity without prior notice. (4) TECNO reserves the right of final interpretation and change of awards for this activity. (5) Winners will be announced on TSPOT after due consideration of entries received. Winners risk forfeiture on failure to respond to set time frame (72 Hours) notification to claim prizes won for this activity. (6) No cash alternative to prizes will be offered. (7) Prizes are nontransferable. (9) TECNO reserves the right to an exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual and irrevocable licence to copy,store, edit, distribute, transmit and publish entries received. (10) Entrants are responsible for copyright issues of his/her own submission made during this activity. Read all >>


Joshuaboy | 2021-11-131137

Hello T-fans, Barcelona sacked Ronald Koeman on Wednesday evening 27th October after a 1–0 defeat away to Rayo Vallecano that left the club ninth in La Liga's table, nine points behind league-leading Real Sociedad. His 14 months in charge have been fraught, characterized by poor performances and results. It has been a long time coming. Barca President, Joan Laporta, first considered sacking Ronald Koeman in the summer and reportedly told him he needed two weeks to find a new manager. In the end, due to a lack of credible alternatives, Laporta decided to stick with Koeman. Since then, the Catalans have lost to Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Rayo in the league and sit in ninth place but how much Koeman can be blamed for that is debatable. This club's years-long crisis was precipitated by its reaction to losing Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017. Rather than taking the €222 million windfall and investing it sensibly, Barça blew it, just as it had after losing Luis Figo in 2000, wasting a fortune on Ousmane Dembélé and Philippe Coutinho. Barcelona kept spending beyond what was sensible, and was then exposed by the pandemic, culminating in the financial crisis that ultimately forced the departure of Lionel Messi. Messi’s exit felt like a surgery taking out Barcelona’s soul. Their very lifeblood. Even Koeman said Messi disguised many of the team’s flaws and made players around him even better. Koeman came into that situation with his eyes open, leaving the Netherlands national team, where he was doing extremely well, to take the job that he had always dreamed of holding. He is blunt and thick-skinned, with little sense of diplomacy; he is not somebody for whom it is always easy to have sympathy. But the job he was asked to take on was all but impossible: Managing a club with enormous expectations operating under severe financial restrictions. Due to€1.4billion debt, the LaLiga club was forced into signing free agents Sergio Aguero, Memphis Depay and Eric Garcia. The problem which is occurring at Barcelona right now is much deeper than you think. Messi will not be able to solve it. Neymar’s return will not be able to solve it. Barcelona have named former midfielder and captain Xavi Hernandez as first-team coach on a contract until 2024, following the sacking of Ronald Koeman. "It wasn't goodbye, it was 'see you soon'. The Camp Nou has always been my home," Xavi said in a video addressed to the fans. "You're my fans, my people, the club that I love the most. And now, I'm coming home. See you soon, Culers. Forca Barca!" Xavi's first game will be a local derby against Espanyol on November 20 after the international break. A former Spain international, Xavi joined Al-Sadd as a player in 2015, becoming head coach after hanging up his boots in 2019. In April, he led his side to the Qatari domestic league title with the team unbeaten. He turned down the chance to coach Barca in January 2020 after Ernesto Valverde was sacked but remained linked with the job even after Koeman succeeded Quique Setien in August of last year. Xavi Hernandez going back at Barcelona is a moment laced with meaning. For a club that appears to have lost its identity, the return of the man who came to define the style of play for one of the world's greatest-ever teams is undeniably symbolic. But the truth is that whoever takes over faces an almost impossible job. Sergiño Dest, Eric Garcia, Gavi, Pedri and Ansu Fati are all 20 or under and all supremely talented. There is the nucleus of a great side there, but there is also a great danger in fielding half a team of youngsters and expecting too much of them. The team might be brimming with talents and potentials, but Xavi will not have a genuine matchwinner in his squad, to pull them out of tight situations. And he will not have the money to add the required quality Xavi might try to bring transition but for how long will they watch on as the Madrid teams continue to dominate them in Spain? Every club immediately turns to a former player when the going gets tough. But ask Chelsea, when they had to sack Frank Lampard, who is the club’s highest goalscorer ever. Ask Manchester United, who don’t know what to do with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. It doesn’t always end well. Read all >>


Simileoluwa445 | 2021-11-113780

Tips and Tricks
Hello T-fans, Welcome to another session, today's post will be on maintenance of your phone charger to enable it last longer. Here are some useful tips. * TAKING CARE OF YOUR CABLES: The best way to stop your cables from breaking is to take proper care of them. In particular, always hold the cable by the plug when removing it from a device or USB port. Suddenly pulling a cable out without doing this will put pressure on the weakest part of the construction, where the cable joins the plug. In transport, loop your cables and keep them bound with a strap or clip where possible. Make sure you loop your cable the right way by manipulating it with your hands. The cable will naturally coil in a specific manner, which you should always try to replicate. Avoid excessive bending of cables, or wrapping them up too tightly. Bending the cable, particularly at the point where the cable joins the plug, is the leading cause of damage over time. If you can avoid using your device while charging it, you will avoid unnecessarily wear the cable. *USE CABLE PROTECTORS: Cable protectors work by protecting the point at which the cable joins the plastic or metal plug. They should be made of a flexible material like rubber, to allow the cable to flex slightly when pressure is applied. If the cable protector does not flex, it merely moves the point of weakness further up the cable You can add springs to your collars to add some tension and prevent the cable from bending to a critical point. *PREVENT ACCIDENTS WITH MAGNETIC ADAPTERS While cables wear naturally over time, cable damage is exacerbated by sudden movement. We’ve all accidentally snagged a charging cable, sending whatever was charging flying across the room. When this happens, the cable usually remains in place. First, place a small magnetic adapter into your device’s charging port. This adapter then connects magnetically to a charging cable when required. Cables no longer get bent out of shape when you accidentally catch your smartphone, since a small amount of force is all it takes to detach the cable safely. You can buy as many adapters as you want, and use the same cable to charge everything. The adapter protrudes slightly from the bottom of your device for easy removal, and it might even help keep your charging port free of lint and other gunk. *REPAIR YOUR CABLES EARLY: Frayed cables are dangerous. You’re taking risks if you continue to use a charger once it’s started to display signs of wear. Not only could you damage whatever you’re charging, but you could also receive a nasty shock or start a fire. Throw away damaged cables to be on the safe side. If you’re convinced your cable isn’t too severely damaged, or it’s just started to show signs of wear without fully exposing the wiring, you may want to repair your cables instead. By far, the best way to do this is by using electrical heat-shrink tubing. * CHARGE YOUR PHONE IN A DOCK: Smartphone docks might be unfashionable, but they serve a purpose. Since the dock doesn’t move, they’re not as susceptible to the same wear and tear as a standard charging cable. You won’t be reading your device in bed, but you also won’t be flexing the cable constantly either. Thanks for reading, hope some of these tips come in handy for you. Do drop your reviews. Read all >>


sirsmallz | 2021-11-110207

HELLO TFANS, When we interact with others, we’re actually playing games –from power games to sexual games and competitive games. Most of these games are destructive and are being played unconsciously. By understanding and recognizing the games we play, we can start to take control of our responses and develop more fulfilling and secure relationships. TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS (TA) The Role of Social IntercourseHumans need physical, emotional and/or sensory stimuli to survive, without which our brain and body will degenerate, just like when we have no food. In short, you can actually starve from lack of stimuli. Since physical contact isn’t always available, we seek “strokes” from others (e.g. a face-to-face greeting or a written compliment). An exchange of strokes forms a transaction, and Transactional Analysis (TA) is basically a study of the dynamics of social interaction. The 3 Ego States:Parent, Adult and Child (PAC) Every human being has 3 key ego states, i.e. systems of emotions and related behavioral patterns: Parent, Adult and Child.Parent: We all grew up with parents or parental figures, and inevitably picked up some oftheir beliefs, gestures, vocabulary, emotional responses, etc. We continue to carry a set of these Parental ego states throughout our lives.Adult: All of us also have the ability to autonomously and objectively process data and assess reality. This capability resides even in children or mentally-ill individuals.Child: Part of the little boy or girl you once were still lives in you. The child ego statedoes not mean childishness or immaturity; it’s simply the creative, intuitive and spontaneous part of who you are. Analyzing Social InteractionsEvery social intercourse can be broken down into a series of transactions with;(i) A stimulus (when one party acknowledges the other party), and (ii) A response (when the other party reacts to the stimulus). Transactional analysis/TA is about the diagnosing the ego state behind each stimulus and response.Complementary transactions happen when the response is appropriate and expected. E.g. youhave a complementary logical Adult-Adult discussion. Crossed transactions happen when response is unexpected or out of context, e.g. you speak to someone as an Adult (experiencing an Adult reaction), but they rebuke as a Parent. Generally, complementary transactions are smooth and sustainable, while crossed transactions lead to communications break-down.Basically, games are different from other social activities because they involve; (i) Ulterior motives, and(ii) Complex outcomes. It’s typically triggered by a snare, followed by a series of transactions that seem straight forward at the social level but involve hiddenmotives at the psychological level. The game becomes explicit when the players start to change roles, creating crossed transactions, confusion and racket feelings. Such games are usually played repeatedly, without conscious thought. TYPES OF GAMES PEOPLE PLAYIn the book, Eric Berne provided a list of games and analyzes them in varying level of detail. The games are categorized according to the contexts in which they typically occur – life, marital, party, sexual, underworld, consulting room and good games – through each game can be found in multiple contexts. Below the games are briefly discussed; Life GamesThese games tend to have a lifelong impact and may involve other innocent by standers. For example, in the game “Kick Me”, the player acts in a defensive or paranoid way, as if he’s holding a sign that say don’t kickme”. This only provokes people to kick him and in the process, he (i) gets stroked (even if they’re negative) and (ii) reinforces his internal story that the world is out to get him. To end the game, point out that the provocation is unnecessary and refuse to deal/work with the player. Marital GamesCouples play games all the time. In “Sweetheart” (a game usually played in public), the husband Tim says something that puts his wife Mary in a bad light, but he adds at the end, “Am I right, sweetheart?” makes it hard for her to rebuke directly. So she has 3 options: (i) tell Tim not to end derogatory stories of her with “sweetheart”, (ii) to reply with “Yes, honey”,or (iii) tell a similar story of Tim and end with “Am I right, honey?” Party GamesAs our relationship with acquaintances deepens, we also move from simple pastimes and rituals into more complex games. They include: Ain’t it Awful, Blemish, Schlemiel. Sexual GamesThese games are almost always played in private, to avoid or exploit sexual impulses. For example; Perversion, The Stocking Game. Underworld GamesThese are common games played in and out of prison. For example; Cops and Robbers, How Do You Get Out of Here? Consulting Room GamesThese are games played in professional or therapeutic situations. Example is “I’m Only Trying to Help You (ITHY). Unlike people offering genuine professional help, the ITHY player is driven by a hidden motive – to prove that people are disappointing and ungrateful. The player offers advice to a patient or client, but it doesn’t work. So he keeps offering his help over and over until he tosses his hands up and blames the failed rescue attempt on the other party’s failure to reciprocate. Good GamesAlthough games are exploitative to some degree, they can still be good if the positive outcomes outweigh the costs of the maneuvers, especially if the player is aware of and accepts his underlying motives. Most games are destructive yet we continue to play them because;(i) We’re unaware of our own games(ii) We’re trying to enforce certain beliefs or avoid certain issues, and/or(iii) We use games to avoid getting too intimate or hurt.Read all >>


sirsmallz | 2021-11-090111

Hello Tfans;I bring to you the latest from the world of finance; eNaira completed ₦46.3 million worth oftransactions in less than 2 weeks Two weeks ago the eNaira platform, Africa’s first digital currency was launched and in this period of time it had successfully completed ₦46.3million worth of transactions. This was disclosed by a senior Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) official to the Financial Times.The CBN’s embrace of technology to address financial inclusion has gathered praises both from home and abroad. However, there have been some bumps on the road.Africa’s first digital currency made its debut on the25th of October 2021 and had over 200,000 downloads 24 hours after launch.A few days after, the eNaira speed wallet disappeared from the Android Play Store, raising concerns among Nigerians. The problem was quickly resolved, however.The CBN has urged all Nigerians to embrace the eNaira saying that it is more reliable than cryptocurrencies.CBN’s technical partner, Bitt Inc has announced plans to roll out anew mobile application that allows the unbanked population to access eNaira. Nairafalls at official market as forex turnover surges by 74% On Monday, 8th November 2021, The exchangerate between the naira and the US dollar closed at N414.55/$1, at the Investors and Exporters window, where forex is traded officially. Naira depreciatedagainst the US dollar to close at N414.55/$1 on Monday 8th November 2021,representing a 0.06% decline compared to N414.3/$1 recorded at the close of trading activities on Friday, 5th November 2021.On the otherhand, naira remained flat against the US dollar at the parallel market onMonday to close at N570/$1, the same as recorded at the close of trading activities on Wednesday, 3rd November 2021. The exchange rate has remained flatat N570/$1 since 1st November 2021. This is according to information obtained by Nairametrics from BDC operators in Lagos.Nigeria’s foreign reserve continued on a decline on Friday, 5th November 2021 with a0.06% drop to close at $41.7 billion. This represents a $24.34 million decline compared to $41.73 billion recorded as of Thursday, 4th November 2021. Southwest leads asNigerian states generate N849.12 billion IGR in H1 2021 Nigerian states generated a sum of N849.12 billion asinternally generated revenue (IGR) in the first half of 2021, representing a38.5% increase compared to N612.87 billion recorded in the corresponding periodof 2020.This is according to the recent data published by the National Bureau of Statistics(NBS). According to the report, the IGR generated by the 36 states of the federation including the federal capital territory also increased by 26%compared to N673.82 billion recorded in the previous period.Meanwhile, the south western part of the country generated the lions share of the total recording an IGR of N385.4 billion in H1 2021 which is 45% of the total recorded in the review period. Lagos State recorded the highest IGR in the review period with N267.23 billion accounting for 31% of the total IGR recorded in the period under review. Tax revenue in the period stood at N675.57 billion which accounts for 80% of thetotal state IGR in H1 2021. On the other hand, MDAs revenue for the period was N173.56 billion, representing 20% of the total N849.12 billion IGR recorded between January and June 2021.In the first quarter of 2021, the internally generated revenue was N398.26 billion while in the second quarter it amounted to N450.86billion. This shows a 13.21% quarter-on-quarter growth. Amongst the Internally Generated Revenue categories, PAYE contributed the highest which amounted to N488.1 billion. This was followed by revenue from MDAs which amounted to N173.56 billion. The least category was Road Tax with a contribution of N16.75billion in the first half of 2021. Internally Generated Revenue by Zones in the first half of 2021 shows that the South-Westzone recorded the highest revenue which amounted to N385.41 billion, followedby the South-South zone with N156.17 billion, while the North-East zone recorded the least internally generated revenue with N42.92 billion. Rally in telecommunications, bank shares drive Nigeria Exchange market cap up by N643 billion The Nigerian Exchange market today reached a new 52 weekhigh of 43,246.87 points exceeding the previous 52 week high of 42,412.66points, on January 29, 2021 by 1.97% after immense buy interests mainly inshares of MTN Nig, FBNH, Stanbic, AIRTEL and co.NGX closed ona positive note amidst sell-offs and buy-interests as the benchmark All-ShareIndex (ASI) appreciated by 293 basis points.The NGX ASI closed at 43,246.87 points, to reflect a growth of 2.93% from the previoustrading day and a Year-to-Date (YTD) return of 7.39%. Meanwhile, the market capitalization increased by N643 billion. On other news; Bitcoin could hit the $80,000 landmark in November. Flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin ended the previous week at its highest weekly close ever which stands at $63,326.99, according to coin market cap. As of the time of writing this report, Bitcoin is just 1.57% below its all-time high of $66,930.39, which was set just 19 days ago, towards the end of October.Data from Glassnode reveals that Bitcoin had a negative exchange flow valued at -$2.1billion. A negative exchange flow means that Bitcoin has been taken out of centralized exchanges to private wallets, indicating accumulation for the asset class. For the week under review, $10.2 Billion worth of Bitcoin was deposited into exchanges while $12.3 billion left exchanges. Compared to the exchange flow that happened in the last two weeks, the negative exchange flow increased by 110% from -$1 billion in the week ended the 31st of October 2021. SOURCE: NAIRAMETRICSRead all >>

How To See Wifi Password On Your TECNO Android Phone

CARLCARE NG | 2021-11-153424

Hello T-Fans, Like almost everyone across the globe, you probably have connected to a countless number of Wi-Fi networks over the years, 99% of which you can’t remember their passwords. But thanks to the Android OS for remembering these networks and connecting you automatically when in range. However, things go beyond that. Sometimes you may need to connect another device to the network. Or perhaps, give a friend the login details. So… what would you do in those cases? That’s where our guide on how to see Wi-Fi passwords on Android comes in! Finding and sharing your Wi-Fi network on Android requires no extraordinary tactics. Just follow our step-by-step guide below to learn how to see Wi-Fi passwords on Android now and forever. HOW TO SEE WI-FI PASSWORD ON YOUR TECNO ANDROID PHONE. Before we walk you through how to see Wi-Fi passwords on Android devices, let's inform you this guide isn’t a “hacking” system that’ll grant you unauthorized access to Wi-Fi networks near you. It’ll only help you fetch the Wi-Fi password of the networks you’ve ever connected to on your Android device. With that out of the way, we’re also glad to tell you finding and sharing your passwords on devices running Android 10 and later is almost effortless. It only requires a few clicks. On the other hand, finding and sharing a Wi-Fi password on Android 9 and below can be tedious, as it requires digging into the system files via root access. Either way, you’ll still get to see and share the Wi-Fi password. HOW TO SEE YOUR WI-FI PASSWORD ON TECNO ANDROID 10, AND UP. “Wi-Fi Share” was one of the notable features Google introduced on Android 10. Since then, Android folks could share their Wi-Fi networks with other Android users without typing and retyping ridiculous passwords. By introducing QR codes instead, sharing Wi-Fi passwords gets a lot better. The same goes for finding Wi-Fi passwords, too, since the QR codes don't introduce any form of End-To-End encryption. So, if you’ve got a phone running Android 10, 11, 12, or later, here’s how to view saved Wi-Fi passwords. ✓ Navigate to the Wi-Fi section in your phone's Settings app. (Usually by going to Settings → Network & Internet → Wi-Fi or Connection Wi-Fi on some devices) ✓ You’ll see the network you’re currently connected to at the top of the list. If not, tap “Saved Networks” to see all the Wi-Fi networks you've ever used. ✓ Right there, select a network you wish to view its password. ✓ Find the “Share” button (with QR code icon) on the page and tap it. ✓ Verify your identity with biometrics or enter your pin. ✓ When verified, the network’s password will show as a QR code on your screen. On stock Android devices, you may see the password underneath the QR code. But on most devices, you’ll need to scan the QR code first to fetch the password. Usually, I would take a screenshot of the QR code, then scan it using Google Lens on my Android phone. Better still, you can ask your friend (or the person trying to connect) to scan the QR code on their phone to connect instantly. HOW TO FIND WIFI PASSWORDS ON TECNO ANDROID 9 AND OLDER VERSIONS. Finding and sharing a Wi-Fi password on Android 9 Pie and older devices is tricky and, sometimes, impossible for most people. The reason is you have to root your phone to get started. If you have a rooted Android phone, then that should be pretty simple. Many apps on the Play Store can help you fetch your Wi-Fi password from the root folders. Or, if you're tech-inclined and want to sort out things on your own, you can access the root folders manually to fetch the Wi-Fi keys. Once again, being rooted doesn't mean you'd be able to get or hack into Wi-Fi networks without proper authorization. These steps will only help you view saved Wi-Fi passwords on your phone in case you need it. That said, you can get any Wi-Fi Password Viewer app on the Play Store and try it on your rooted phone. Otherwise, you can navigate to /data/misc/wifi from your root file explorer to view the Wi-Fi password. However, if you’ve not rooted your phone, you shouldn't do so because of several consequences that might follow. First, you may end up turning your phone into a piece of useless brick since you don’t know how rooting works. HOW TO VIEW WIFI PASSWORD ON ANOTHER DEVICE. If you’re trying to connect to a friend’s Mobile Hotspot, but he doesn't know its password, you can get it effortlessly. All you'll need is to dig into the hotspot settings on his phone and fetch the password manually. Here’s how to do it on an Android phone: ✓ Open the Settings app ✓ Go to the Hotspot & Tethering (Usually Network Internet → Mobile Hotspot or something similar) ✓ Click on Wi-Fi Hotspot ✓ Select Hotspot settings ✓ Click on Hotspot password ✓ You'll see a text box containing the hotspot password. ✓ You can now join the network on your phone using the keys. If you’re using a Wi-Fi router instead, you can check its admin page to access the password and other information. Many Wi-Fi routers have mobile apps you can use to check these details on your phone. If you're aware of such an app, you can use it to get the network’s details. Just open your router Android app and navigate to Settings → Wi-Fi Security to fetch the password. SHOULD YOU TRY ANDROID WIFI PASSWORD REVEAL APPS. As said earlier, there are many “Wi-Fi Password Viewer” apps on the Google Play Store boasting to help you on how to see Wi-Fi passwords on Android. But can you trust them entirely? The major downside of these apps is their need for root access. Usually, that shouldn't be a problem if you've rooted your phone. If it's the other way round, then it's not recommended to get them. And before you even install any of them, keep in mind that these apps can't help you fetch the password for Wi-Fi networks you've never connected to and may introduce some security concerns. STILL CAN'T RECOVER THE WI-FI PASSWORD. If you own the Wi-Fi network, you should break no sweat in learning how to see Wi-Fi passwords on Android. And if your phone is running Android 10 and later, you already know that finding and sharing Wi-Fi passwords is one of the simplest things. You can do it in minutes. If you're yet to find the Wi-Fi password and you have no access to the router itself, the best you can do is to ask the owner. Otherwise, there’s probably nothing you can do anymore. Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-11-15108413

HELLO T-FANS. It’s not the lucky ones who succeed. It’s the ones who decide to go after what they really want. Shaina Leis. Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. Read all >>

The Best HiOS 8.0 Features On TECNO CAMON 18 Premier

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-11-095384

Camon 18 Series
Hello T-Fans, We recently unveiled a new User Interface dubbed HiOS 8.0, which can be found on the TECNO CAMON 18 Series. TECNO's HiOS 8.0 on Android 11 brings mostly visual changes which looks neater and better than previous versions of HiOS. READ ALSO: How To Enable Multi-Lighting Feature On TECNO CAMON 18 Premier One of such major visual changes is in the Notification Pull Down; the quick panel icons are now separate from the notifications, with warm and attractive blend of colors. We will be sharing with you all some of the amazing features of HiOS 8.0. THE BEST HiOS 8.0 FEATURES ON TECNO CAMON 18 PREMIER. ✓ Not Just Smooth. Rhythmic sliding with physical fidelity and rebound effects, lighting up your moments. ✓ Smart Cards. With this you never have to miss important Moments, Calendar, Business Trips, Meetings, Flight Information, Birthday Reminders... This has been tailored into various Life services, and are managed personally to not only make life more efficient, but also at your finger tips. ✓ Document Correction. This has been received a major improvement from what it once was; if you have taken pictures of important documents, but the positions and angles are all bent out of shape, Document Correction makes use of perspective correction and page edge detection technology to auto course-correct your documents and adjust it easy and correct viewing. READ ALSO: TECNO CAMON 18 Premier Unboxing And First Impression ✓ Voice Changer. The amazingly innovative feature allows you to customize voice effects to your preferred choice, with different ages and genders while chatting with friends. ✓ Visha Player. An uninterrupted video platform that gets you immersed into your own cinema, giving you the permission to browse your local videos, play status videos, Watch movies without Ads, Background play function, floating video feature,and playback speed control of 0.5 - 2.0 ✓ Video Editor. This is a one-stop video editing platform that allows you to be a professional at video making, customizing your video to your preference, and at the same time, binge, watch, and chat side by side. ✓ Always-On Display. A unique Always-On Display which provides you with key information about your notifications of; missed calls, messages, date, and time, and much more right on your device screen without having light up your CAMON 18 Premier screen. ✓ Inner And Integrated Comfort Delivered. Integrated with comfortable cosmic blue, the latest version of HiOS 8.0 conveys styles with technical and tender emotions by richly-designed icons, lively wallpapers, and vivid interactions, thereby setting no limits on the various creative combinations. ✓ Za-Hooc 2.0 . Your personal security, and a very high-security privacy solution leading in data security capabilities, and privacy protection technology to build a strong and safe privacy ecosystem from all levels of security threats. ✓ Smart, Safe, Personal, And Better. Her rid of stalkers and create a Safe, and Secure system Experience. Do share your thoughts/most preferred feature from the list of these innovative premium features available on HiOS 8.0 via the comments section below Read all >>

How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Messenger Account

CARLCARE NG | 2021-11-124884

Hello T-Fans, If you have gotten complaints from friends about a phishing link or message which you sent to them, and you have no idea about it; chances are you are dealing with a hacked Facebook messenger account. If you are seeing sent messages already read when you have not accessed them, then your account could also have a second user. No point dwelling too much on the problem, lets talk about how to recover a hacked messenger account. How to know if your messenger is hacked? In the best cases, the hacker sends phishing messages to your contacts and connections, and in the worse cases, sends explicit and offensive videos, or outrightly tries to defraud them or beg for money while posing as you. Once the contact has read the message, there might be no way to recall it, but before trying to recover a hacked messenger account, you should send a disclaimer message to your contacts via messenger and your Facebook post, alerting them to ignore any message they received from you on your messenger as it has been hacked. Also note that if it is your friend’s messenger hacked, you need to be careful because you could be next in line. Some users have reported trying to open a video sent from a friend, without knowing that the friend's messenger had been hacked. A few days later, they also notice the same video sent to all their contacts. HOW TO RECOVER A HACKED MESSENGER ACCOUNT IF YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN. In some cases of hacking, you will still have access to your Facebook account, but in other cases, you may not be able to log in due to “suspicious activity”. If you are locked out of your account due to suspicious activity, you will be prompted to change your password. Ensure that you choose a secure password that you have never used for that account before. Once you Change the Password and login, all hackers will be logged out. To effectively change your password, you need access to the email address or the phone number you used to set up the account. HOW TO RECOVER A HACKED MESSENGER ACCOUNT IF YOU ARE LOGGED IN. If you are logged in, send the disclaimer message first and then try to figure out where the compromising login was done from. ✓ Click on Account at the top beside your profile picture ✓ Go to Settings and Privacy > Click on Settings > navigate to Security and Login and click on it. ✓ It will show you devices where you have logged in recently, and the location. This helps you to identify where the hacker is, what kind of device, he is using, and the IP address. ✓ Still under Settings, now navigate to General and click on it. This should show you your general account settings. ✓ Navigate to Username and click the Edit button beside it. Change your username. This heightens the security of your account immediately and sends the hacker out. After doing this, you should also change the username in your messenger application. Open your messenger > Tap on your profile picture at the top left of the app on your android phone > navigate to username The username should have changed to reflect the new one but if it has not, then change it manually. Ensure that it is the same username you used in your Facebook account and be careful of the period (.) and underscore (_). HOW TO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD AND BLOCK THE HACKER. After changing the username, it is time to change your password in your Facebook account so that you can totally lock out the hacker. ✓ On a desktop or laptop, log into your Facebook account > Click on Account at the top beside your profile picture > Settings and Privacy > Settings > Security and Login. ✓ On your Android phone, the steps differ. Open your Facebook app > tap on the three horizontal lines on the top right > Navigate downwards to Settings and Privacy > Tap on Settings > Security and Login. ✓ Under Login, you will see Change Password > Click the Edit button beside it. ✓ In the dialogue box, Enter your current password, Enter your new password, confirm your new password in the third box. ✓ Save changes. ANOTHER EASY WAY TO RETRIEVE A HACKED MESSENGER ACCOUNT. ✓ Try to log in > Type the Username > click on forgot password. ✓ You will be asked if you want to recover the password, click Yes ✓ Facebook will send a link to the email address linked to that Facebook account. ✓ Open your email inbox > open the message and click on the password reset link > set New Password. Ensure that you use a new and secure password you have never used before. HOW TO ACTIVATE THE TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION. Whatever option you apply above, once you have successfully secured access to your Facebook account and your messenger, you should consider activating the two-factor authentication to secure your account against further breaches. This should secure both your Facebook and your messenger accounts. ✓ On a desktop or laptop, log into your Facebook account > Click on Account at the top beside your profile picture > Settings and Privacy > Settings > Security and Login. ✓ On your Android phone, the steps differ. Open your Facebook app > tap on the three horizontal lines on the top right > Navigate downwards to Settings and Privacy > Tap on Settings > Security and Login ✓ Navigate downwards to Two-factor authentication and tap on it to edit. There are different options available here. ✓ If you have the Google Authenticator App on your Android phone, it is the recommended option. Click on it and follow the prompts to complete the setup. ✓ The second option is the Text message option. If you choose this option, any time there is a login attempt from a new device (which you have never used before), a verification code will be sent to this number via SMS. You should note however that any number used for this option cannot be used to reset your password if and when you have the need to do so anytime again. This means that you should have an active email address linked to your account for a password reset. The second option is the Text message option. If you choose this option, any time there is a login attempt from a new device (which you have never used before), a verification code will be sent to this number via SMS. You should note however that any number used for this option cannot be used to reset your password if and when you have the need to do so anytime again. This means that you should have an active email address linked to your account for a password reset. Note: If you do not start the recovery process on time, the hacker might change the mobile number linked to your account, and this makes it even more difficult to recover a hacked messenger account. In this case, you can visit and follow the prompt to report the issue to Facebook.: If you do not start the recovery process on time, the hacker might change the mobile number linked to your account, and this makes it even more difficult to recover a hacked messenger account. In this case, you can visit and follow the prompt to report the issue to Facebook. Read all >>


TSPOT HEALTH NG | 2021-11-121373

Hello T-Fans, Welcome to today's enlightening piece on work-outs and exercises that best suits you. Do you still remember what you've learnt so far about work-outs, exercises and their effects on your body structure and health? You might be asking, which work-outs do I start with? Worry no more I am here to give you insights into the best work-outs that suits your personality. To start with, identifying the best work-out for you depends on what you want to achieve, either weight loss or gain, keeping fit or body building. For any of these reasons, the work-out plan might be slightly different. In this article, I will concentrate on these 3 types and give you the best work-out options to get your desired results. FOR BODY BUILDING Work-outs for this kind usually comes with more determination, resilience, and hardwork. It will test your stamina and endurance. It also burns fats where muscles are supposed to be, thus exposing the muscular stature. According to Zack George, UK's fittest man, the best way to build muscles is to perform compound exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups. These exercises deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, bench press, and shoulder press. George recommends performing all 5 exercises 2 times in a week. He also stated that recovery, diet and nutrition plays a huge role in building muscles. TO LOOSE WEIGHT Exercises that you can engage in to loose weight are very effective but they require a lot of determination and resilience because it might become hard some times to continue but still, continue until you meet your target. Exercises which will make you loose weight are running, jogging, interval training (where your heart rate spikes and comes down gradually), HIIT, indoor cycling, using the treadmill, weight training (the mosy credible weight loss program). It includes weight lifting using barbells or kettle bells. Another workout to engage in to loose weight is boxing. This is because boxing forces your muscles to work thus, burning more calories. Running/Jogging: to loose weight isn't just about heading out inbthe morning for a light jog. You can find a hill where you can sprint up or down to. It helps you burn calories. This because the more energy you're using, the more calories your body will be forced to burn. Another nice exercise is Yoga but only Yoga can't help you loose weight but can be a secret weapon in weight loss, it keeps you flexible and healthy. Doing some Yoga at least once a week will help. Another powerful Exercise is Skipping rope: This works tremendously because it carries your whole body weight as you jump up and down. Routine: - Start with a light 3-minute skip as warm up - Do 100 additional jumps with both feet leaving and landing same time. - Do another 100 again. You can start coming down to 50, 25, 15 & 9. NOTE: NEVER SKIP A ROPE BAREFOOTED. NOTHING HURTS AS SMACKING THE TIP OF YOUR TOE. WORK-OUTS TO KEEP FIT This type of work-outs generally is for everyone but mostly for athletes. The exercises you can do to keep fit are numerous and includes Strength training exercises (using weights), aerobic exercises, balance exercises(squatting), jogging, push-ups (which strengthens the arms, chest and shoulders), bodyweight squats (works the abs, buttocks, hips, thighs, calves, shins), lunges(works the best buttocks, hips and abdominal muscles), side planks (works the buttocks, hips and abdominal muscles), planks(builds the back, abdominal and core muscles), crow stand(builds the wrist, arm and core strength), swimming, etc. It's not just about hitting gym to do work-outs but understanding the type of work-out you want to do and the targeted result you're looking at. You can share pictures of you doing any of these work-outs with us in the comment section. Have a great weekend. TECNO MOBILE CARES Read all >>

TECNO BLACK FRIDAY: Instant Free Gifts On Every Purchase

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-11-123662

Hello T-Fans. If you've been saving for a rainy day so as to get that amazing TECNO device of your dreams, then now is the time. Head over to any of our selected retail stores to enjoy our Black Friday deals with up to a 50-100% cashback discount via our "What You See Is What You Win" code. You also get instant free TECNO Branded gift when you buyany product of the CAMON Series or the PHANTOM X. Offer ends November 28.Terms & Conditions Apply. See photos attached to this thread for a list of our Selected Retail Stores Nationwide. #HurryNow#TECNOBlackFriday Read all >>

TECNO BLACK FRIDAY: Get A 100-50% Cashback On Selected Products.

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-11-051911544

Hello T-Fans. Our TECNO Black Friday is ongoing. A visit to any of our official retail stores could earn you a 100-50% discount via our "what you see is what you win" code. You also get an instant free gift on every purchase. Offer ends November 28. Hurry now while it last. You can check out the photo attached to this thread for a list of our selected retail stores. Read all >>

TECNO Camon 18: How to Simultaneously Play the Same Music on Multiple Devices

barolorun | 2021-11-114337

Camon 18 Series
Hello, T-fans! NOTICE: To have a proper view of this thread, kindly switch to desktop mode on your browser (Menu => Desktop site). Thanks! TECNO Camon 18 has a lot to offer when it comes to rich music experience. One of such offers is the ability to play the same music on multiple devices at a time. This feature is exclusively provided by the HiParty app. So, if you have the Camon 18 and another device but don't wish to transfer songs between them for one reason or another, the HiParty app has got you covered. The following are the simple steps you need to take in order to enjoy your music on multiple devices: (1) Open the HiParty app in your app drawer, then click the Agree button on the pop-up notification message. (2) Click the 3-dot menu at the top right-hand corner to share HiParty with the other device. You may share through Bluetooth, XShare or any other means of your choice. Then install HiParty on the other device and open it. (3) Tap on "Create a party" on the Master phone. This creates a hotspot server and a QR code to be scanned by the other device called Slave phone. (4) On the Slave phone, click on "Enter the party", then scan QR code. That is it! Any song played on the Master phone automatically plays on the Slave phone. To leave the party, simply press the back button and you'd be notified to leave. (5) For more devices to join, tap on the QR icon at the top right-hand corner to display the code for them to scan. That's all! Enjoy this amazing music experience on multiple devices by following the steps above. Cheers! Read all >>
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