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TSPOT FANS FPL: Gameweek 10 (GW10) Notification

TSPOT FANS FPL | 2021-10-301207

Hello T-fans, NOTICE: To have a proper view of this thread, kindly switch to desktop mode on your browser (Menu => Desktop site). Thanks! The last gameweek of October is here, and our Top 3 Managers of the Month will be decided after the last match on Monday night. Gameweek 10 (GW10) will commence with an early kick-off between Leicester and Arsenal. Thus, FPL managers are to finish setting up their teams before the deadline of 11:00 a.m. today. Another match worthy of note is Spurs vs Man Utd. All fixtures in the gameweek are shown in the attached picture. We wish you the best in this race. Read all >>


Ultimate2020 | 2021-10-3010212

Hello T-fans, Tottenham Hotspur will be competing against Manchester United in premier league gameweek 10, after being defeated by one goal to nill in their last league game by West Ham. Also, Manchester United suffered a huge loss at Old Trafford by their rivals Liverpool with five goal and Solskjaer's guys couldn't fire back even for once. Things has not been going smoothly for the two teams as it's just a point separating them from each other, Tottenham Hotspur sitting at the 6th position and Manchester united sitting at 7th position in the league with 15 points and 14 points respectively. Definitely, both teams will be hoping to make their fans happy at Tottenham Hotspur stadium this afternoon after having a rough start to the season. High pressure on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the majority of the fans around the world thought he would be sacked after being humiliated by Liverpool last week Sunday, however, he escaped that and he has been given three-game ultimatum to turn things around. Without saying much, let's look into injury updates for both teams. Paul Pogba won't be on the pitch due to his suspension after he got a red card for committing a woeful foul against Naby Keita last Sunday. After a groin injury suffered on international break, Raphael Varane is back in Manchester united squad, this will be a plus for Ole's side. Martial is also expected to return against Nuno's side this afternoon. Bryan Gil was forced off in a match between Tottenham and Burnley, he won't be available for Spurs today. Also, Ryan Sessegnon is injured and will be unavailable for Nuno's side as well. It's possible Matt Doherty feature in this afternoon's game. The last meeting of the two teams was in April this year, where Manchester united defeated Tottenham 1-3. However, it should also be re-called that Tottenham defeated Manchester united at old Trafford by 1-6 last season. Talking about head to head, Red devils are superior to Spurs. This is a weekend to relax and enjoy another interesting match. Read all >>

WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN? Manchester City VS Crystal Palace

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-10-2948328

Hello T-Fans, Manchester City defends their home against Crystal Palace for the Premier League Cup, do you think the Citizens are up to the task? PREDICT the correct scores of Manchester City VS Crystal Palace match, and stand a chance to win TECNO branded gift items. IMAGE CREDITS: DISCLAIMER: note that the match predictions closes 15 minutes before the match starts..... the First two (2) correct predictions wins. And if after two (2) working days, we don't receive your full details as requested, you forfeit your prize. PS: Once contacted for your personal details, ensure you also include an Alternate mobile number you can be reached on, else you forfeit your prize. Make your prediction using the web version of TSPOT, CLICK TO LEARN HOW TO Read all >>

Live Pictures From TECNO Lagos Fashion Week 2021

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-10-3041709

Hello T-Fans, The annual Lagos Fashion Week 2021 officially kicked off today in grand style at the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos. The event is a leading fashion and style platform which drives the Nigeria fashion industry; by bringing together buyers, consumers and the media to view the current collections of designers in the fashion capital of Lagos, Nigeria. The theme for this year Lagos Fashion Week is "The Future Starts Now". Today's opening was graced by lot of celebrities, movers and shakers in the fashion industry. This year's event is proudly sponsored by smartphone giant TECNO. Free photo shoot and awesome gift items were given to fans who made a visit to their Photo booth. Attached below are some pictures from the event for your viewing pleasure... Read all >>


VivieCouture | 2021-10-280150

Hi T-Fans, Coconut rice is a sumptuous meal and has a variety of ingredients in the making. It's a rare type of rice, not everyone is familiar with the type of rice. It's a nice option for both dinner and lunch. We all are familiar with other dishes you can make with rice such as Jollof rice, Fried Rice, Chinese Rice, and so on. Coconut rice has a lot of nutrients, let's take a look at some of the ingredients we use, based on preference: √Coconut This is one of the most essential ingredients used for the aforementioned dish. Coconut has a wide range of health benefits and it is a great source of digestion-friendly and satiating fiber. The dish carries the name "coconut" doesn't mean it's going to be sliced in it. Check THE MAKING for a thorough explanation. √Rice This is the most essential recipe here as, without it, the dish cannot be brought into existence. Rice is a very good source of iron, calcium, protein, and so on. Although, we have different types of rice such as long and short. Some are locally grown while some, foreign rice. The need for rice in making COCONUT RICE is essential. √Seasoning This includes all ingredients that spice up a meal such as Seasoning cubes, coconut oil, pepper(chopped), onion, garlic, ginger, crayfish, coconut milk, and so on. Please note that some of these are based on preference. You may decide to add them or not. √Beef/Fish/Egg This is also based on preference. You may decide to use either beef, chicken/turkey, egg, fish, or any other thing. Just fry and season well when necessary. THE MAKING STEP 1: As said earlier, you do not need to slice or chop the coconut. Crack it, only the inner (eatable) part is needed. Chopping is needed here, chop into smaller quantities and blend for a while. Pour into a sieve and drain the milk. STEP 2: Parboil the rice for about 10 minutes and drain. Put aside to make it cold. STEP 3: Heat oil and add all necessary ingredients (as mentioned in SEASONING). STEP 4: Add the milk (gotten from the blended coconut) and parboiled rice. Cook for 15-19 minutes till it gets done. Food is ready! Enjoy your meal and serve with your preferred drink! Trust you had a nice read? Read all >>


Simileoluwa445 | 2021-10-281111

Tips and Tricks
Hello T-fans, Today's post is on useful tips using containers. Containers are something we tend to dispose after initial use, but instead of disposing them off, you can turn them into useful items for daily necessities. Below are some useful tips; * BOTTLE LIDS CAN SERVE TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER: Even a mere bottle lid can serve a purpose. Fix the lids onto any spot of your choice and you can start using it as a toothbrush holder, this holders keep your toothbrush within easy reach and even allow the bristles dry up quickly. *EMPTY PICKLE JARS CAN SERVE AS PANTRY JARS: You can choose to add a decorative lid to the empty pickle jar and even stick a label on it. It will help serve as a fufunctional pantry jars. This saves you more space in the kitchen and also makes it more organized and easily accessible. *TIC-TAC CONTAINER AS AN EMERGENCY SEWING KIT: There's no need in spending more money in order to get a sewing kit. Tic-tac containers can save you the cost and also serve as a sewing kit. It has an ideal size and shape to serve as an emergency sewing kit, this is cost saving and also resourceful. * PROTECTING GLASSWARES WITH PLASTIC LIDS: Plastic lids placed in between your glasswares, help to prevent them from cracks and breaks. This helps reduce the frequency of broken glasswares. This tip applies to both glasswares while in a dishwasher and also in it storage space. It prevent the collision of two glasswares which in most cases would have resulted in breaks or cracks. TIN CANS CAN SERVE AS CRAFT CADDIES: You can get to create your own craft caddy simply by turning your tin cans into one, you can make it more creative with some decorations, and you have your creative craft caddies. It makes locating your craft instruments easy and also save cost. The amazing thing about the above mentioned tips is that, they are easy to make and also helps save cash and also prevent wastages and necessary litters of containers. I do hope you enjoyed today's post, do well to leave in your review. Thanks for reading. Read all >>

How To Fix Earphones With Only One Side Working

CARLCARE NG | 2021-10-290169

Hello T-Fans, In a world that is becoming super noisy, some consider earphones as godsent. Listening to your favourite beats can help block off noise while you work, and sometimes you just want to watch a movie without worrying about distractions. For this reason, a faulty earphone can be a day spoiler.It is not always convenient to run to the store in search of a new earphone when this happens, so we want to show you how to fix earphones when only one side is working. Just in case you are asking ‘why can i only hear out of one headphone on my computer or phone, One of the most common causes is a broken wire, usually the one connected to the now-mute earbuds. If you are not in a hurry to replace the earphone, read up some easy ways to troubleshoot and how to fix earphones with one side silent. 1. Straighten Out The Earphones Cord.If you are the kind of person who would regularly wrap or tie up your earphone cords, perhaps to fit it into your pockets, then this could cause any or both earbuds to stop working. To know the exact part of the cord that might be affected, you need to troubleshoot. ✓ Connect your earphones to your device and play a music.✓ While listening to it, gradually feel the cord and straighten it out one spot at a time.✓ Observe and know the exact spot you touch that gets both earbuds working. Since the cord around the spot may have weakened, you should wrap a paper tape around the spot (at least three times) to keep it straight 2. Try Another Pair Of Earphones.If you try to fix earbuds that work on one side, you need to first find out if it is a bug with your phone or a fault with your earphones, then you can bother about how to fix earphones with one side not working. To do this, you should try another pair of earphones. If the second pair of earphones works properly, then the fault is from your earphone. But if not, then you will need to fix some bugs in your android phone to get it working again If you find out that it is a phone problem (the second pair is also playing with one ear), you should clean the headphone jack. Refer to the next solution on how to do this. 3. Clean The Headphone Jack.One reason your earphones might not be working properly could be the presence of debris in your headphone jack. You know how you sometimes leave the phone unattended, and in dust-prone environments sometimes in your pockets and bags? Well, some debris can get into the headphone jack and affect either one or both ears from working properly. There are different ways to clean the headphone jack. ✓ If you have a can of compressed air available, you can point the nozzle at the port and take about four sprays to blow out the dirt. This is unlikely to cause any damage in your headphone jack, but it may not take out tough dirt stuck into the corners of the jack.✓ Another is to use a cotton swab (or cotton buds used for cleaning the ear). To use this option, ensure that the buds are not fluffy so that you do not have some of the cotton stuck in the earphone jacks. Once you are sure the cotton swab fits perfectly into the hold, gently push it in until it touches the end and spin it gradually to brush all the sides of the earphone jack. When you remove the jack, the dirt will come out.✓ Some recommend using the cotton swab lightly coated in alcohol. If you do this, ensure that you squeeze out the excess moisture so it is not soaked. However you should note that the earphone jack is made of metal, and can be corroded by alcohol. For this reason, this is not an option you should adopt unless you really have to. After a couple of minutes, you can fix in your earphones and give it a try. 4. Restart The Device.Some recommend using the cotton swab lightly coated in alcohol. If you do this, ensure that you squeeze out the excess moisture so it is not soaked. However you should note that the earphone jack is made of metal, and can be corroded by alcohol. For this reason, this is not an option you should adopt unless you really have to. After a couple of minutes, you can fix in your earphones and give it a try. ✓ Press and hold down the Power button on the side of your android phone.✓ Select restart and give the phone a couple of minutes to shut down and restart itself. 5. Check The Device Audio Settings.Weird as it sounds, your device audio settings may be responsible for the problem if the mono option is active. To remedy this, you should go to your audio settings and turn it off. ✓ Connect your earphones to the device and start playing a music.✓ Press the volume button on the sides (either to increase or decrease the volume). The volume bar should appear on the side of your screen. Tap the three vertical dots at the base of the bar to give your more options.✓ Select Levels > select Balance✓ Listen to the music and keep modifying the balance until the voice levels on both sides of your headset are the same. If this does not solve the problem, then some part of the earphone cords might be damaged. 6. Check For The Earphone Damaged Wires.If you have earbuds that work on one side only, a wire might be damaged or broken inside. Before you ask how to fix earphone wires, you should know what caused it. Some phone users yank their earphones from the device by the cord, instead of gently pulling it from the plastic base. Over time, this could lead to damaged or disconnected wired or a bent earphone plug. The damaged wire could be anywhere around the cord or around the plastic base. If the damage is around the cord, and you are able to locate the exact spot, you could tape it together as explained earlier. If it is damaged around the plastic base, you will find that the music starts to play in both earphones when you hold down the plug or apply some pressure there temporarily.To fix this, you need to see a technician as the process is a bit herculean. Read all >>


TSPOT HEALTH NG | 2021-10-290171

Health News
Hello T-Fans, Engaging in physical exercises have numerous benefits that can't be bought anywhere with money. This means that to get these benefits, you MUST engage in physical exercises. In this thread, I'll highlight and show you benefits you can derive from Physical Exercises: 1. Exercise Enables Muscular Coordination And Improves Muscle Tone: engaging in physical exercises will help improve your muscle strength, increase your shape and for the handsome guys that wants to have 6-packs, that's a sure path to get it. 2. Exercise Builds Stamina: engaging in exercises helps you build stamina which you need in your day-to-day activities. It'll make your daily engagements easier. 3. Burns Fats And Helps You Reduce Weight: you might have been drinking all sorts of green tea all in the name of reducing but it's not working. Try exercise with a healthy diet and watch the magic happen. Exercise helps you burn calories. It also helps you burn fats especially belly fats. However, this requires discipline and determination to get a result. 4. Improve Fertility: Yes, it has been proven scientifically that exercise has positive effects on fertility of both men and women. Gynaecologists always recommend exercise sessions for folks who find it hard to conceive and it has always yielded results. 5. Lengthen Your Life And Make You Look Younger: Older people who constantly engage in Exercise always look younger than their age. Exercise also decreases the chances of developing some ''old age diseases" like Dementia, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, etc. 6. Exercises boosts your mood, agility and improves your posture: exercises helps to lighten your mood, makes you more agile and improves your posture. Now, you have seen the benefits of exercises, I bet you've started making plans on the best exercises to engage in??? TECNO WISHES YOU A HAPPY WEEKEND AHEAD AND HAPPY EXERCISING. Read all >>

THE BATTLE FOR THE BEST EARBUD IN 2021: JBL Live Pro+ and oraimo Freepod 3 Latest Feature Comparison

ts09017441524 | 2021-10-294141

Buds 1
Hello T-Fans, If you fancy upgrading to the latest true wireless earbud, your options will include the oraimo FreePods 3 and JBL Live pro+. These super Tech devices have redefined the smart accessories world and with the latest releases from the Tech brands, gadget lovers have been left star-struck. VS Let us take a quick dive into the features and functionality of both earbuds currently making waves in the accessories market. The JBL Live pro+ was launched early this year, the premium device which features the JBL signature sound, 11mm dynamic drivers, an adaptive Noise Canceling with Smart Ambient is a game-changer. The oraimo FreePods 3 Environmental Noise cancellation is a response to the latest innovation from JBL; with this feature, you have zero surrounding distractions during a call. It gets more interesting as the FreePods 3 has 2 different smart modes in each pair; the bass mode and an awareness mode (in-ear and half in-ear insert ways). The Bass mode block-outs ambient noise and stops air leakage to boost the bass experience. While the awareness mode lets you adapt to your surroundings. You can listen to music and you will hear clearly. The device also comes with a Bluetooth V5.2 chip which simultaneously transmits sound to the left and right ears for a stable connection and an impeccable sound experience. With a customized signature by Afrobeat legend himself; 2Face Idibia, the oraimo FreePods 3 is one of the smartest gadgets in the market. It is equipped with a massive 13mm Driver, an incredibly powerful Bass, and up to 8+28 hours of playtime; the classic earbuds are fast becoming a workout companion. (When you charge for 5 minutes, you enjoy 40 minutes of playtime). Specially tuned for Afrobeat, the FreePods 3 has an Ergonomic Design, dust resistant, IPX5 water & sweat resistant rating. The JBL Live Pro+ is an equal rivalry as it also has an IPX4 rating for water and sweat resistance, the new device from JBL also boasts of 7 hours of playback in the earbuds, 21 hours of battery in the case. A speed charge of 10 minutes gets you 1 hour of playback. The JBL Live Pro+ is a good audio solution for any device with 6 mics for perfect calls and seamless conversations. It also has touch controls and is customizable with the My JBL Headphones app. The FreePods 3 on the other hand, comes with 4-mic beamforming technology to let you track and provide high-quality voice signals. Then AI Deep Neutral network algorithm which reducing surrounding noise; now your voice is crystal clear to the caller on the other end. For Sound, the oraimo has introduced an all-new exclusive sound technology called HavyBass, the oraimo exclusive bass boost system, which will be applied in oraimo audio products. They have cooperated with world class audio engineers who used to work in Harman Kardon, to deliver the best sound quality. Knowing that the African people like bass, they have also made the 2baba tuned version great for afrobeat. However, both masterpieces give you the flexibility to explore your creativity, having hands-free voice capability with selected voice services, excellent user interfaces, supreme comfort, and top-notch mic technology for flawless conversations. Both devices gives extreme value for your money but in case you are looking for an affordable option without compromising quality, the FreePods 3 is the perfect option. You can place an order from the official oraimo website; or on Jumia. JBL LIVE PRO+ VS oraimo FreePods 3 Features JBL Live Pro+ oraimo FreePods 3 Bluetooth Bluetooth V5.0 Bluetooth V5.2 Weight 59.5 grams 45.5 grams Drivers 11mm audio driver 13mm dynamic driver Noise Cancellation ANC ENC Water & Sweat resistance Yes (IPX4) Yes (IPX5) Battery life (Earbuds) 7 hours 8 hours Battery life (casing) 21 hours 28 hours Fast charge 10 minutes=1hour 5 minutes=40 minutes Microphones 6 mics (2 beamforming mics per slide) 4 mic beamforming Signature sound JBL Signature Sound 2Baba voice prompt Sensor Skin detector/force sensor Intuitive touch sensor Hands-free voice capability Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant Siri & Google Assistant Read all >>


PresidentSan | 2021-10-28087

Hello Tfans Examination time is usually one of the pivotal moments of a student life, it's a period when everyone strives to do all they can to ensure they move on to the next level without any difficulty. But it's not always easy, it takes a great deal of sacrifice, sleepless nights, and self discipline to not only pass but attain good grades in any Nigerian university. Below are the things you should keep in mind as you begin to prepare for your exam 1) Get everything you need ready Pack all the things you'll need, from your exam cards to your school ID card, to your pen and writing materials, seperately in a bag or somewhere you can easily get access to them. You don't want to be late for any of your paper, because you misplace any of those things. Prepare your mind and be ready to set aside every other thing, till you're done. Preparation is the first step, you can't easily win a battle you're not prepared for, if you want a smooth and easy exam with little worries about unnecessary things, then make sure you prepare yourself in advance. 2) Put aside all distractions: Stay off social media or limit the time you spend on it through the course of your examination, it's time to go fully into study mode. Check all time wasters on your list and make up your mind to put them all on hold. Parties, extracurricular activities, night calls, idle banters, aimless wandering, and all that. It's not going to be easy, but if you really want to get the best out of this, you need to discipline yourself. 3) Write down your goals for the examination :Although this should have come at the beginning of the semester, but it's worth repeating or trying if you've never done it before. Jot down the grades you want for each subject on a piece of paper and paste it somewhere you'll see it every time. You may also want to write down an affirmation you repeat to yourself every morning of your exam "I'm going in there to give it my best and I shall excel" or " Afeez( your name) You are a success, you'll surely succeed at this" anything you find inspiring. The secret is you're your best motivator, a thousand motivational speakers won't motivate you the way you would motivate yourself. 4) Study hard and pray harder: First, there's no substitute for working hard, prepare as hard as you can, give it all it takes, remember you're on campus for a purpose, and it's time to prove yourself worthy. Then don't forget the place of prayer, you can read and still fail, you can pass and your script would go missing, you can have the best result and never live to see it. There's nothing above the power of prayer, it's your last resort and mine. Pray, pray and pray, even when you've read, still pray, pray for remembrance, pray for wisdom and understanding. 5) Be positive all through: You had a tough paper today, let it end there, don't carry the bad energy on to the next paper. Smile and get back to studying, don't over rejoice or get sad, keep your eyes on the final goal, it's not over until it's over. Be happy, you assimilate faster when you are happy, sadness makes you tired and weary, if you're not satisfied with what you did today, let that be , move on and promise yourself to not let that repeat itself again. You're not dull, you're a genius, and geniuses don't dwell on their failures. Thanks for reading through, I wish you success in your exams Read all >>

FPL Gameweek 9 Review

TSPOT FANS FPL | 2021-10-27039

Hello, T-fans! NOTICE: To have a proper view of this thread, kindly switch to desktop mode on your browser (Menu => Desktop site). Thanks! Manchester United vs Liverpool turned out to be the highlight of Gameweek 9 (GW9) with an incredible scoreline of 0–5. Cristiano Ronaldo failed to prove his doubters wrong, but further justified their decision to transfer him out massively ahead of the gameweek. On the other hand, Mohammed Salah further proved why he is a must-have FPL asset with his 24-point return. Other notable performers were Mason Mount, Emile Smith-Rowe and Phil Foden. Lukaku is another premium asset that was massively transferred out, especially because of his current injury. Conversely, a lot went for Vardy because of his recent form and he rewarded them with a blank, he didn't even play up to 60 minutes in Leicester'saway win against Brentford. Now, considering the recent occurrences with the likes of Ronaldo and Lukaku, which premium assets will you retain in your FPL team ahead of Gameweek 10? Also, which player(s) do you intend to add to your team? Kindly use the comment box below. Read all >>

Live Pictures From TECNO BBNaija Party

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-10-2812305

Hello T-Fans, The majority of you will agree that Parties are fun and lit right, but there is no way a party is ever complete without taking amazing pictures – and this what TECNO has just helped the housemates achieve in this Thursday BBNaija party. Attached below are live pictures from the Thursday TECNOXBBNaija party for your viewing pleasure... Read all >>

ORAIMO FREEPODS 3 VS. AIRPODS 3: Full Spec and Features comparison

ts09017441524 | 2021-10-275251

Buds 1
Hello T-Fans, Earbuds are fast becoming a lifestyle asset in our everyday lives; the streets, the offices, the homes, and schools. You can almost find them anywhere you go. Apple and oraimo have recently given the Tech world a reason to anticipate their next innovation. Both masterpiece devices are a delight to Tech fans and with the recently launched 3rd editions from the two iconic earbuds brands; one can only imagine which gadget is superior to the other. Here are the full spec and features of the FreePods 3 from oraimo and the AirPods 3 from Apple. ENC/ANC Technology One of the reasons most earbuds users preferred the AirPods series to other earbuds brands in the market is the Noise Cancellation Technology feature. However, the FreePods 3 from oraimo have an Environmental Noise Cancellation, gives users an engrossed experience during calls or important virtual meetings. ANC or ENC, the choice is yours to make. Power AirPods 3 offer six hours of listening time and up to four hours of talk time. Just five minutes of charging provides about an hour of battery life, and with four additional charges in the case, users can get up to 30 hours of total listening time. While the oraimo FreePods 3 has 8 hours of listening time with 28 more hours using the case. A 5.5 hour talk time and when you charge the device for five minutes, you get to enjoy 40 minutes of playtime. Clear Voice The AirPods 3 has three microphones on each of its buds, one of which is a beamforming mic. Beamforming mics are so far the best for capturing simultaneous talkers distinctively and accurately. The FreePods 3 comes with 4-mic beamforming technology, making it a worthy competitor to the latest buds from Apple. They track and provide high-quality voice signals – Your phone calls have never sounded clearer. Dust, Water, and Sweat Resistance The oraimo FreePods 3 comes with an IPX5 rating for dust, water, and sweat while the AirPods 3 comes with the IPX4 rating for dust, water, and sweat. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or not, you’ll need this feature to withstand the dust, rain, and sweat that comes with living in Nigeria. Ear Tips The third-generation AirPods have an earpiece that's narrower than the standard AirPods, this give more flexibility and comfort. The FreePods 3 also gives room for comfort, having three sizes of silicone eartips to give a perfect fit. Since you can choose from small, medium, or large sizes, you won't have to worry about your earbuds slipping out of your ears at any time. The oraimo FreePods 3 has dual listening modes which feature awareness and a Bass mode; thereby giving you the power to go light and go deep, the ear-tip from FreePods 3 are also comfortable. The AirPods 3 is half-in-ear while the FreePods 3 has one pair, two different fits; so you get to decide. Casing FreePods 3 is powered by a very sleek casing that is more attractive than the casing of AirPods 3. The gold logo and lettering on the black case of the oraimo buds stand out anywhere. However, unlike oraimo, Apple gives its AirPods 3 users the option to customize their casing. Users of AirPods 3 can choose to engrave their own words or letterings on their casing, and that’s sleek in its own right. Conclusion Other features from the two devices includes AirPods 3 come with Bluetooth V5.0, spatial audio, and a force sensor; while the oraimo FreePods 3 comes with a Bluetooth V5.2, 2Baba tuned deep bass, and a touch sensor. The major distinguishing feature of the oraimo FreePods 3 is the 2Baba voice prompt and it is specially tuned for Afrobeat. For Sound, the oraimo has introduced an all-new exclusive sound technology called HavyBass, the oraimo exclusive bass boost system, which will be applied in oraimo audio products. They have cooperated with world class audio engineers who used to work in Harman Kardon, to deliver the best sound quality. Knowing that the Africa people like bass, they have also made the 2baba tuned version great for Afrobeat. oraimo continues to solve the problem of access to durable smart accessories for users in Nigeria and beyond, through its e-commerce store Several consumers are also enjoying added value from its warranty services provided in partnership with Carlcare. oraimo has also introduced a new technology for its power series AniFast technology, Anifast is oraimo's exclusive smart-charging technology. Despite the similarity in functional features of both brands of earbuds, oraimo FreePods 3 is more affordable than the AirPods 3. So except your need for earbuds is luxury or a declaration of economic class, buying the latest earbuds from oraimo is a wiser purchase. Apple AirPods 3 VS oraimo FreePods 3 Features Apple AirPods 3 oraimo FreePods 3 Bluetooth Bluetooth V5.0 Bluetooth V5.2 Weight 4.25 grams 45.5 grams Noise Cancellation ANC ENC Water & Sweat resistance Yes (IPX4) Yes (IPX5) Battery life (Earbuds) 6 hours 8 hours Battery life (casing) 24 hours 28 hours Microphones Dual beaforming mic 4 mic beaforming Sensor Skin detector/force sensor Intuitive touch sensor Insert Way Half in-ear In-ear and half in-ear convertible Read all >>


08168352774 | 2021-10-273208

1.Coach of Cofine FC of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Remi Amadi has been slammed with a global ban of two years from all football-related activities by world football –governing body, FIFA. Nigerian Coach Suspended 2. President, Major Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) and the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele at the launch of the eNaira on Monday, in Abuja. Nigeria Introduces E-naira 3. British singer, Ed Sheeran, has announced that he has tested positive for COVID-19, thus cancelling all physical shows. Ed Sheraan Postive For COVID 4. Nollywood star, Mercy Johnson-Okojie on Friday revealed that her daughter Purity, was being bullied in school by a teacher because of their celebrity status. Mercy Johnson Reacts Over Child Bullying 5. The Nigerian billionaire, Femi Otedola, has emerged a major shareholder of First Bank Holdings, owners of First Bank Nigeria, after acquiring a 5.07 per cent equity stake, the company confirmed this news on Saturday. Femi Otedola Emerges Highest Stakeholder of First Bank 6. Afe Babalola University Multi-System Hospital, Ado-Ekiti, ABUAD, has recorded its first kidney transplant after a procedure that lasted five hours, fifteen minutes, thus making the successful transplant the first of its kind in Ekiti/Ondo axis of the country. ABUAD Records First Kidney Transplant 7. The Federal Government has approved N30 billion for polytechnics and colleges of education in the country. Federal Government Approves 30bn For Students 8. Alex Quinonez Shot Dead: Ecuador’s 200 metres world bronze medallist Alex Quinonez and one other was shot dead in the port city of Guayaquil, authorities announced on Saturday. Read all >>


Ultimate2020 | 2021-10-270110

Hello T-fans, Ballon d'or ceremony, which was controversially cancelled last year due to corona virus outbreak is here again. The 2021 ceremony will be happening in about a month time at Theatre du Chatelet in Paris, capital of France on 29th of November, 2021. It has really been an interesting debate as to who deserves to be crowned this year Ballon d'or for the men category. Having released 30-man shortlist for the 2021 Ballon d'or, with the likes of Lionel Messi, CristianoRonaldo, Robert Lewandowski, N'golo Kante and Jorginho among others made the list. To be included in the 30-man shortlist, it means they've all had an incredible season. However, we will only be considering few players, who are likely to make it to top three. LIONEL MESSI The 6-time award record holder, Lionel Andrés Messi is consider as one of the top contenders for the award again. Argentine scored 38 goals in total and provided 14 assists to help Barcelona attain third position in LA Liga and also won Copa Del Ray last season. Out of his total 38 goals, 30 were scored in the league and this made him as the highest goal scorer in the league last season. Furthermore, Argentina enjoyed immense contribution of Lionel Messi as always in last COPA America, he led Argentina to claim his first major international trophy after many years of waiting. The Argentina top scorer had four goals(joint-most) and provided five assists(most), also the highest goal contribution in the Cops America. As a result of this competition, Golden boot and Best Player awards were added to his awards cabinet. JORGINHO Chelsea's top scorer for 2020/2021 has enjoyed an amazing year, probably the best in his career so far. Jorginho was awarded the UEFA best player for 2020/2021, having helped Chelsea to claim the second champions league in the club history after nine years they won the trophy last in 2012. His distance covering on the pitch has made him one of the prominent players that contributed to the success of Italy in the last EURO as they lifted the trophy. Italian is one of the few player to have won UEFA Champions League, EURO and Super cup in a calendar year. ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI Lewandowski, who was undoubtedly the favourite to win last year Ballon d'or award supposed it wasn't cancelled is consider as one of the top contenders for the award this year again. The FIFA club world cup and Bundesliga winner was still at the top of his game last season as he recorded 41 goals in the league and 48 goals in total out of 40 games. He was awarded the European Golden Shoe for his record–breaking 41 goals in the 2020/2021 Bundesliga campaign despite the fact that he only played 29 games. The forward is a goal-machine, his impact in his club and national team is well appreciated. Who is your favourite to win this award among these three?, Do you have any other favourite player in mind? Comment and share your view. Read all >>


sirsmallz | 2021-10-26064

HELLO TFANS,Here are the latest from the world of finance; Works Minister, Babtunde Fashola call for more Circumspection in the privatization of nationalizationMr Babatunde Fashola - The Minister of Works and Housing, has advised participants in the concession and privatization of the country’s assets to be more circumspect and enquire more about certain types of assets that are involved. This was made known by Fashola at the public hearing of the House of Representatives Committee on Privatization and Commercialization of Government Assets on Monday in Abuja.Fashola said, “ I think if we do that and interrogate very honestly, some of the things that would begin to become obvious to us is that we need to be more circumspect about certain types of assets.” According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the Minister noted that there are certain types of assets that the private sector is just unable to deal with. He said, “For example, when you look at roads, not many people who claim to want to do it have the capacity or the experience to do it. Let us start with the Lekki-Epe Expressway which was concessioned.’eNaira:All you need to know about it as it debuts today 1. The eNaira shall be administered by the CBN through the Digital Currency Management System (DCMS) to mint and issue eNaira.2. Financial institutions shall maintain a treasury eNaira wallet for holding and managing eNaira on the DCMS.3. The Financial institutions(FI) Suite is the primary application used by the FIs to manage their digital currency holdings, requests, and redemption with the CBN.4. The eNaira stock wallet belongs solely to the CBN and it shall warehouse all minted eNaira.5. Two-factor authentication and other measures shall be adopted to ensure the security of the eNaira wallet.6. The charges for eNaira transactions shall be in line with the Guide to Charges by Banks, Other Financial and Non-bank Financial Institutions.7. Financial Institutions are required to comply with the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act 2011 (asamended), the Terrorism (Prevention) Act 2011 (as amended) and all subsisting anti-money laundering laws and regulations as may be issued by the CBN fromtime to time.8. The eNaira is equitant to the physical Naira, it is the official tender of Nigeria and is a liability ofthe CBN. The eNaira and Naira will always be exchanged 1:1, meaning it would only appreciate when the Naira is stronger.9.Consumer Complaints concerning the usage of the eNaira shall be referred to the Helpdesk of users’ preferred FI Helpdesk. If unresolved by the FI Helpdesk, it shall be escalated to the eNaira Helpdesk via 0800myeNaira (0800 6936 2472)or for resolution.CBNlaunches new financial instrument to fund 100 private companies every 100 daysThe Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) on Monday announced the introduction of a new financial instrument known as ‘The 100 for 100 PPP’ Policy on Production and Productivity to boost local production and productivity in various sectors of the economy.The CBN Governor, Mr Godwin Emefiele made the announcement atthe launch of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), known as the eNaira at the State House, Abuja.The initiative by the apex bank is expected to provide support for selected private sector companies in the country as well as part of steps to reverse the country’s over reliance on imports.eNaira will increase Nigeria’s GDP by $29.5billion in 10years –President BuhariPresident Buhari said, “estimate suggests the adoptionof new CBN digital currency is estimated to increase Nigeria’s GDP by $29billion over the next 10 years. We have become the first country in Africa andone of the first in the world to introduce a digital currency to our citizens.”China, the Bahamas, and Cambodia among others have also launched their digital currencies.The President said that the digital currency’s new payment system which has taken four years to materialize, will drive financial inclusion,serve as a backbone for electronic payment in Nigeria and also enable the movement of more people from the informal to the formal sector, hence raising the tax base of the country.He also stated that the eNaira would increase remittance,improve cross border trader and push more people from the informal sector to the formal sector in order to drive financial inclusion Nigerians spend $3.1billion on foreign travels in six months –BOP ReviewNigerians spent a total of$3.05 billion on foreign travels between January and June 2021, representing a62.1% surge when compared to $1.88 billion recorded in H2 2020.This is according to data on Nigeria’s balance of payments account, obtained from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). The data also shows that travel expenses by Nigerians to foreign countries declined by 16.8% compared to $3.67 billion recorded in the H1 of 2020. A breakdown of the data, reveals that personal travel expenses accounted for a large chunk of the total expenses recorded in the review period. PZ Plc and UnileverNig Plc see stock gain in the Capital MarketPZ Plc and Unilever Nig Plc, two major conglomerates, enjoyed investors’ positive sentiments during the trading session as both led gainers for the day, recording growth in share prices. The buy-interests in both companies could have been influenced by the recently disclosed earnings.PZ Cussons Nig Plc traded 4,641,479 units of shares today valued at N29.56 million as the share price rose by 9.32% from N5.90 per share to N6.45 per share.In the same vein, Unilever Nig Plc traded a total of 1,039,469 units of shares which were valued at N15.84 million, taking the share price u p6.90% from N14.50 per share to N15.50 per share.On the global scale,US Oil gains for the ninth week in a row.The United States benchmark, the West Texas Intermediate (WTI), has appreciated for the ninth consecutive week, extending its winning streak as market attention turned to the U.S. storage hub for crude, which is at a three-year low. This comes evenas natural gas and coal prices that supported the rally in energy turned lower on the week.The U.S. WTI benchmark gained 1.80% for the week, to settle at $83.76 a barrel. WTI fell to as low as $80.79 during the week but on Friday it reached a peak of $84.25. For nine weeks, WTI has gained a total of 34%.The global benchmark, the London-traded Brent crude futures,gained 0.79% for the week, to settle at $85.53 per barrel. Brent hit athree-year high of $86.10 on Thursday. For seven weeks, the global benchmark has gained approximately 15%. Source: nairametrics.Read all >>

Version update reminder

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Hi T-Fans: We are the Tecno Spot team and recently we got many feedbacks. For the purpose of improving your experience in our app, we updated and fixed a number of content and issues in the app, and have now released the latest version to the Google Play App Store. If you are still using version 2.0, please go to the Google Play and update it to the new version as soon as possible. We will not be operating the old version soon. Thank you for your constant support and company. I am looking forward to meeting you again in the new version. Best regards, Tecno Spot Team Read all >>

What Is Your Preferred Security Feature?

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-10-282112

Hello T-Fans.With security and user privacy foremost in all our products and the presence of our Security Response Centre to emerging/reported threats, further consolidating our commitment to you, our beloved T-Fan, we would like to hear from you, the most preferred security feature on your TECNO device. Read all >>


TSPOT HEALTH NG | 2021-10-27082

Hello T-Fans, The lungs are a pair of spongy, air-filled organs located at either side of the chest, enclosed by the rib cage. They are the primary organs of the respiratory system in humans. Their function is to receive oxygen from air and transfer it to the blood for supply to all the tissues and cells of the body and also to collect carbon dioxide from the tissues and release it out into the atmosphere. Thus, it is the site for gaseous exchange. The lungs are highly vascularized, that's to say it has several networks of arteries, veins and capillaries, that supply blood to and fro from the lung per minute. FUNCTIONS OF THE LUNGS. 1. Gaseous Exchange: The major function of the lungs is gaseous exchange which it does as blood is pushed into it from the heart. The alveoli of the lungs provides a surface area for this exchange to take place. As the exchange process kicks off, oxygen from inhaled air is diffused into the bloodstream while carbon dioxide is diffused out into the bronchioles back to the nose, out of the body. 2. Protection: The lungs have several characteristics which protect it against infections. The respiratory tract is lined by respiratory epithelium with hair-like projections called cilia. This cilia beats rhythmically and carry mucus. It is this cilia that is the defenseman of the respiratory tract, trapping some air-borne infection, preventing them from reaching the lungs and entering the blood stream. The lining of the lungs, also secret some immune cells, goblet cells, antioxidants which fight microbial invasions from the air. 3. Speech: The lungs play a vital role in cpeech as they provide air and airflow for the creation of vocal sounds and other paralanguage communication such as sighs and gasps. DISEASES AFFECTING THE LUNGS Diseases affecting the lungs are always life-threathening and as such must be given with utmost attention. Some of the diseases affecting the lungs include but not limited to: chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases(COPD), Asthma, Occupational lung disease, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis (TB), Lung cancer, pulmonary edema, bronchitis. 1. Chronic Obstructive pulmonary Diseases (COPD): This is a common lung disease. COPD makes breathing hard. It's majorly caused by smoking. Smoking kills the cilia in the lining of the lungs which then allows any substance to enter the respiratory pathway down to the lungs. COPD is in 2 main forms: -Chronic bronchitis, which involves long-term cough with mucus OR - Emphysema, which involves damage to the lungs over time(likely caused by smoking) World Health Organisation (WHO) says that over 3 million people die yearly from COPD and the deaths are 90% from low income and Middelburg income countries. 2. Asthma: A chronic disease that causes the airways to swell and narrow, thus leading to breathing difficulties such as wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing. It's caused by inflammation in the airways, and the symptoms can be triggered by substances called allergens like pets(hair or fur), certain medicines, change in weather(cold conditions), chemicals in food or air, mold, pollen, physical activity, tobacco/cigarette smoke, stress, catarrh, wood dust, etc. Many people with asthma always have family history of allergy. That's to say Asthma is hereditary. It has also been shown that other patients of Asthma has no allergies. 3. Lung Cancer: This is the canceration of the tissues of the lungs. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Risk of lung cancer involves smoking both first-hand smoking and second-hand smoking. However, active gases also increases the risk of developing lung cancer. Symptoms of lung are usually not noticeable until the cancer has developed, at which stage symptoms like persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, hoarseness, emaciation, bone pain, coughing out blood, headache, etc. 4. Tuberculosis: Caused by a bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It destroys the lungs. It spreads when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. Symptoms may include; cough lasting 3 weeks or more, weight loss, loss of appetite, weakness or fatigue, fever, night sweats, etc. GENERAL RISK FACTORS FOR LUNG DISEASES 1. Smoking: Smoking destroys the defence mechanism of the lungs and kills the cells, causing inflammation and infection of the lungs. It also exposes theungs to various diseases including cancer. Second-hand smoking also exposes the lungs to diseases. Infact, more than 30% of infections are caused by Second-hand smoke. 2. Inhalation Of Toxic Gases: Toxic gases emanating from air pollutants like exhaust pipes, generators, big engines(factory, engines) greatly increase the risk for lung diseases as well as stomach upsets and heart problems. Some gases like arsenic, asbestos, radon, carbon monoxide, etc are dangerous to the lungs. 3. Bacteria Infection: Invasion of bacteria into the lungs will lead to lung diseases like lung cancer, cirrhosis, inflammation of the lungs and other complications. 4. Air-borne Transmission: Someair-borne organisms when allowed into the lungs unchecked, maybe as a result of depletion of cilia in the respiratory pathway, will cause real damage to the lungs. 5. Family/medical History: Someone with a family history of lung infections might be at risk of developing one later in life. Hence, regular screenings are highly adviced. GENERAL ADVICE AND RECOMMENDATION Do not smoke if you haven't started. If you have, please quit. Smoking does more harm than good to your system. In fact, smoking is the major risk factor for lung problems especially lung cancer. Engage in regular exercise, reduce air pollutants around you, and improve your nutrition (diet) to build your immune system. Read all >>

Common Smartphone Problems And How To Fix Them

CARLCARE NG | 2021-10-271174

Hello T-Fans, Even now that smartphone technology seems to be near the climax, it's not always perfect. And at some times, we wish not to face the common mobile phone problems like poor battery life, low storage space, low stamina, and others again. But thank goodness, you can fix common mobile phone problems in minutes, even consulting no one. And in this guide, we'll run through various familiar smartphone issues, and we'll recommend the quickest ways to fix them. Ready? Get on the bus and let's take you on a journey! TEN (10) COMMON SMARTPHONE PROBLEMS AND HOW TO RESOLVE THEM. we’ve picked these 10 problems out of the lot since they’re the ones you likely may face while in entanglement with your tiny pocket machine. ✓ storage space running out ✓ poor battery life ✓ a phone running sluggishly ✓ overheating ✓ connection problems ✓ app or phone crashing ✓ blurry camera ✓ an unresponsive phone ✓ a phone that won’t turn on or charge hardware defects. now, shall we delve into them and their possible fixes? 1. Storage Space Running Out. One of the common mobile phone problems people still face to date is low storage space. It doesn't matter if you've got a phone with 128GB of storage or more; your phone would certainly run out of capacity after storing a whole lot of things on it. Well, the solution is that you almost don’t have to store anything on your phone, talk less of filling up the storage, in today’s era. Even if all you have is 32GB of storage or less, you can live happily without worrying about the messy “Storage space running out” notifications. First, we'd recommend you scan your device with the Files by Google app from the Play Store. The app tells you everything taking up your phone storage and help you get rid of them comfortably. Additionally, you should delete every app, video, and other files you don’t need on your device. Continue by backing up your photos (and videos) to the cloud with Google Photos. Doing so allows you to delete the heavy local files to reduce storage usage. Not just that, your photos (and videos) remains in the cloud forever and syncs across all your devices that have your Google account signed into. Finally, you may consider transferring your stuff to the SD card to reduce the stress on your phone storage. Of course, many phones in 2021 still offers expandable storage. 2. Poor Battery Life. We can’t but emphasize how beautiful it is to go all day without feeling frustrated to see the low battery warning. And while your battery spec has more to say about having great battery life, it all boils down to how you use your phone – specifically the screen and other activities that may follow. Start by lowering the screen’s brightness. You should see the brightness slider in the Quick Settings by swiping down twice from the top of your phone screen. The brighter your phone screen is, the faster it burns your battery. And if you don’t want to keep adjusting the brightness in every lighting condition, you can enable Adaptive Brightness. That adjust your screen brightness automatically based on the lighting condition of your current environment. You can find the Adaptive Brightness (A) beside the brightness slider or via Setting > Display > Adaptive Brightness. Right there, also reduce your screen timeout to ensure your display is not using an extra battery when you're not using it. Additionally, if your phone has an AMOLED display – like the TECNO PHANTOM X – and it runs on Android 10 and above, turning on Dark Theme is another reliable way to reduce how much battery your screen uses. And finally, if your battery is still dying fast, be sure to check these extra 15 tips to make your phone battery last longer. Or better still, you may check whether your phone's battery is due for replacement. 3. A Smartphone Running Sluggishly. For most of us, a slow-running phone is somewhat equivalent to having a bad day. But that shouldn’t be the case since you’re here. And in most cases, fixing a slow-running phone is practising most of the tips we've said earlier and the later ones in this article. These include freeing up your phone storage, deleting apps you don't need, reducing background tasks and apps, etc. That's not all; all the tips covered in our “how to fix a phone running slow” guide should help you out. But there’s one more thing: adjusting your phone’s animation duration can speed up your phone heavily. You can’t find where to reduce your phone’s animation duration straight in the device settings app - you’ll need to delve into the developer options to see the little trick. Here’s how. First, enable Developer option: ✓ Open the Settings ✓ Navigate to My Phone (or System → About Phone, depending on your OEM’s choice) ✓ From there, find the tab labelled Build number and tap it 7 times. ✓ You’ll receive a prompt to confirm your screen lock. Confirm it and wait to test your new trick. Now, it’s time to reduce the animation speed: ✓ Go back to the main Settings and select ✓ Tap the Developers option from there. ✓ Keep scrolling down till you get to the “Drawing” ✓ Under it, you should see “Window animation scale,” Animator duration scale,” and "Transition animation." ✓ Tap them one after the other and change their parameters to “Animation 0.5x” ✓ Your device should feel snappier now. You may also set the animation scale to “Animation off,” but that'd remove animations for your phone entirely. Meanwhile, do not tinker with the developer settings if you don't know what you're doing. Playing with the wrong options may affect your user experience. 4. Overheating. While it’s acceptable for your smartphone to get warm while using it, that doesn’t mean it should feel like it has been in the oven for a while. Do you get it? If your phone overheats while charging, try not to use it during that time. And, ensure you keep it under room temperature while charging. Next, you want to ensure you don't run apps that need high CPU and GPU for long hours. If you're a game addict, ensure to take breaks between games sessions to allow your phone to cool off. Similarly, make sure you don't have many heavy tasks running in the background. After all, the takeaway is to allow your phone to rest once it’s getting hot. Using a hot phone continuously may cause more harm than good. And if the issue persists, however, you may need to see a technician. We’re ready for you at Carlcare! 5. Connection Problems. Unlike most of these common mobile phone problems, the pain of having connection issues is nothing to write home about. But’s it’s what you can fix in under 2 minutes. Whether you’re having a problem connecting to your mobile data, a Wi-Fi network, or a Bluetooth gadget, turning on Airplane mode for a least one minute is a reliable solution. Here's how. ✓ Locate the Airplane toggle in your Quick Settings panel. ✓ Turn it on for at least 1 minute ✓ Turn it off again, then try reconnecting to the network. If that didn't do the trick, we recommend you to restart your device or contact your network provider. 6. App Or Phone Crashing. App and phone crashing seem like that problem you can’t but come across on mobile phones, even if you’re using the most expensive phone out there. The reason is developers make changes, and sometimes it breaks things. Even so, your phone caches some app data on your phone to use later. However, they cause apps to crash when corrupted. In that case, you need to clear the cache data for the specific app. Here's how: ✓ Locate the problematic app from your app drawer. Example: ✓ Long press on its icon, then select “App info” (on some devices, they may represent the button with ✓ From there, tap Storage & cache ✓ Hit Clear cache. ✓ Go back in one step and tap the Force Stop button to close the app. Then, try using the app to see if it misbehaves again. If yes, then you may need to tap the Clear data button as well. Additionally, updating your apps and phone software, freeing up your phone storage, deleting unused apps, and all the tips mentioned in our “How to fix app crashing on Android” guide will help you get rid of the issue. 7. Blurry Camera. It’s undeniable that smartphones have replaced Digital Cameras for many people. But it’s quite frustrating to see your phone taking mediocre pictures unexpected. When such a thing happens, your phone's camera lens (glass) might be dirty. All you need is to grab a piece of a soft cloth and wipe the camera glass. If cleaning the lens is not the problem, however, it’s time to visit the technician. 8. A Frozen Unresponsive Smartphone. Imagine having your phone freeze up in the middle of an important task… I've been there, and it's just one of the most frustrating common mobile phone problems out there. And when your phone becomes unresponsive, there’s nothing you can do other than restarting it. But how do you restart your phone when the screen is completely frozen? We have a trick. For most Android devices, long-pressing the power button for about 10 seconds or more will trigger it to restart. And when your device restarts, it fixes the hanging issue. After your phone’s sense is restored via the hard restart, you should learn how to fix a frozen phone by yourself, so you won’t face the problem next time. 9. A Phone that Won’t Turn On Or Charge. Another worst-case scenario of a smartphone issue is a phone that won't turn on or charge. No matter how hard you try, the phone remains in its dumb state, feeling useless like a piece of brick. When you face such a problem, though, you don't have to panic. There are two things you need to troubleshoot – the charger/charging port and the phone itself. Start by learning how to clean the charging port. Basically, you need to get a toothpick to remove the debris inside the charging port. Your phone may not charge when the charging port is faulty. But cleaning it gently could fix the problem. After that, you’ll want to confirm your charger is working, then leave your phone to charge for a while. If the battery ran all the way to zero earlier, it might take a time to recharge. So, let it charge while you do other things. If that didn’t fix the issue, check our complete guide on how to fix a dead Android phone that won't charge or turn on. 10. Hardware Defects. The last common smartphone problems we'll mention here are hardware defects. These range from faults like poor battery life, broken screen, hardware sound problems, broken camera lenses, and many more. As you presumably know, these are not the issues you can fix on your own. With that, you need to find the official repair centre for your brand to resolve the issues. Resolve Your TECNO Smartphone Issues At Carlcare We Can Help. After all, you can’t fix every smartphone problem on your own. Some problems, especially hardware problems and some software issues require the touch of a professional technician. And that’s where Carlcare comes in. Carlcare is the official after-sales service provider for TECNO devices. We’re always ready to help fix your phone problems both on our offline and online platforms. Whether it's a software problem such as the ones we've mentioned earlier, or hardware problems like cracked screen, damaged battery, overheating, etc., our technician will help you fix it as quickly as possible. And if your phone's problem needs replacement of parts, you're guaranteed to get genuine parts for your TECNO, Infinix, and itel devices right here. Got a problem with your phone, you can start a Live Chat with us via the Carlcare app. We’ll guide you on how to fix the problem if it’s what you can do at home. Otherwise, you can book an online reservation to visit our service centre near you. Read all >>
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