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WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN? West Ham VS Manchester City

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-10-2742284

Hello T-Fans, The Citizens plays against West Ham United for a spot in the EFL, do you think the Citizens are up to the task? PREDICT the correct scores of West Ham VS Manchester City match, and stand a chance to win TECNO branded gift items. IMAGE CREDITS: DISCLAIMER: note that the match predictions closes 15 minutes before the match starts..... the First two (2) correct predictions wins. And if after two (2) working days, we don't receive your full details as requested, you forfeit your prize. PS: Once contacted for your personal details, ensure you also include an Alternate mobile number you can be reached on, else you forfeit your prize. Make your prediction using the web version of TSPOT, CLICK TO LEARN HOW TO Read all >>


Simileoluwa445 | 2021-10-263188

Tips and Tricks
Hello T-Fans, Today's session is on effective and practical tips concerning your shoes. Shoes make up one of the basic necessities of daily living, and it is therefore important that we get the best out of it for easy living. On that note, we will discuss below practical tips. HOW TO GET RID OF SHOE ODOUR? Shoe odor can be so embarrassing and frustrating, not worry, here are some useful tips to getting rid of shoe odor. *Use Of Cotton Balls Action: Put a few drops of essential oil into a couple of cotton balls, place them inside your shoes and leave them in overnight. *Natural Sun-dry Action: Place out your shoes in the sun for few hours, this will make them dry and less hospitable to odor-causing bacteria. *Freezer Option! Yes, your freezer can do the trick. Action: Place the shoes in a zip lock bag, place the bag in your freezer overnight. The frigid temperature of the freezer makes it impossible for the bacteria to survive. *Use Of Lemon Peels. Action: Place some lemon peels in your shoes overnight, this gives a fresh scent. *Use Of Bar Soap Action: Place a bar of soap inside the shoes overnight, this wil l help absorb odors and leave behind a fresh and clean scebt. PACKING DIRTY SHOES CLEANLY Action: When packing your shoes in a luggage for a trip, wrap a shower cap over the sole of your shoes before placing inside your bag, this will prevent your shoes from dirtying up your clothes. DRYING WET SHOES FASTER Sometimes we meet ourselves in a situation of unpreparedness, and this can be frustrating. You forgot to clean up your shoes and only remembered at a later time and you still have to wear those same wet shoes which can be uncomfortable. Worry no more, I've got the right trick for your drying your wet shoes faster. Action: Put your shoes somewhere warm to dry, then ball up a few sheets of newspaper and stuff into your shoe. This paper will help absorb excess moisture, and this will in turn help your shoe dry faster. We have come to the end of today's session, I hope you did gained from today's session. Do drop your review. Thanks for reading. Read all >>

TSPOT FANS FPL: As It Stands After Gameweek 9 (GW9)

TSPOT FANS FPL | 2021-10-251343

Hello T-fans, NOTICE: To have a proper view of this thread, kindly switch to desktop mode on your browser (Menu => Desktop site). Thanks! Three out of four gameweeks have been concluded in October. We hereby bring you a report of how things currently stand in TSPOT FANS FPL. The race for Top 3 Managers of the Month is very tight at the top, as only 6 points separate the 1st and the 5th, hence gameweek 10 (GW10) will be quite decisive. The attached picture shows the current standings for the month of October. The overall ranking, however, is not too different from how it has been for a while now. Squadron XI remains at the top with 650 points, while the 10th position is currently occupied by Eva Rangers with 602 points. The attached picture shows the data. Top 10 average is 614.3 points, so every manager should know how they compare with those at the top presently. Don't forget this is a marathon and anything can still happen before GW38. That is all we have for you! How is your team faring? Do you still hope to win either a monthly or end-of-season prize? Don't hesitate to drop a comment below. Read all >>


PresidentSan | 2021-10-250208

Hello Tfans Our MCM today is a genius A tech prodigy A young passionate entrepreneur And robotics engineer The Elon Musk of Africa Silas Adekunle No doubt, when it comes to evaluating the human capital of Africa, Nigeria is a giant force to reckon with, courtesy of the likes of young innovators like Silas Adekunle who are beating the odds to prove to the world that nothing is impossible. Silas is a young innovator born in the city of Lagos, where he got his primary and secondary education. After obtaining his secondary school certificate, Silas went further to study robotic engineering in the University of the West of England, where he reportedly graduated with a first-class degree. Upon graduation, Adekunle thought of a fascinating idea to combine augmented reality and gaming, to perform functions in the real world, leading to the establishment of his first company, Reach Robotics in 2013. In order to broaden his knowledge on robotics and break through some of the limitations he had, Silas went forward to study for another for years. After that, his passion to help others learn and understand how to utilize robotics in making the world better for all, led him to becoming the team leader of the Robotics in School programme, which encourages and help students perform better in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) and prepare them for a future in tech. This helped Silas raised a community of young lads passionate about technology and in order to impact them more, he went more into the discovery of was to revolutionize the robotics sector, and this birthed Silas prided invention, the world first gaming robot, Mekamon in 2017. It is a customized robot that help users perform different personal functions. At first there were doubts about the effectiveness and performance of Mekamon, but at the end, the sales of 500 bots of Mekamon alone generated Silas about $7.5 million, and also attracted partnership deals from several giant organization like London Venture partners, and most fortunately for Silas, his company, Reach Robotics got a deal with Apple, allowing the sales of his bots in several Apple stores. Silas had a strong belief in himself, coupled with discipline and an undying will, his story may sound interesting, but there were hard daysand bitter moments, hidden in between the lines and paragraphs, but fortunately, Silas never gave up on his dreams, and what happened at the end, is an invention that set an indelible record, a footprint that would remain Silas's forever. It's hard to be Silas, but it's so easy to be you, all you need is to keep believing you can, through the hard and easy days, the sweet and bitter moments that come. Thanks for reading, and high five if you read this to the end, let me know how you feel about this in the comment section. Read all >>

Ultimate Grand Prix Challenge

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-10-15509111950

Hi T-Fans: Please bring “Stopatnothing”to share your stories of continued pursuit of dreams.Participate in publishing high quality posts and a leave a message. We will select the person with more likes and will deliver a Phantom X. The person who gets the Phantom X will have a premium membership. Multiple comments, likes, and sharing can increase your chances of winning. In addition, we will select as well other two personsto get gifts from Activity time: 10/15-10/31 Announcement of the sixth round of winners ID:941762 USER NAME:32190457 ID:937350 USER NAME:32166585 ID:934945 USER NAME:John Martin For the three winners: Please contact the local administrator. We will distribute the prizes in a centralized manner. Read all >>

Why Your TECNO Smartphone Shows It's Charging When It's Not Plugged In

CARLCARE NG | 2021-10-251358

Hello T-Fans, When a phone malfunctions, it is not in the best interest of the user. If your phone indicates charging when not plugged in, your attention is on how to get it cleared. Most times, it is a regular thing you get away with after a quick reboot. There are times when the charging indicator takes much longer on the phone after being removed from a power source. A restart may not be able to put the phone back on track. While you are confused about how it happened, you will know why the phone shows charging when not plugged in here. REASONS WHY YOUR TECNO SMARTPHONE INDICATES IT'S CHARGING WHEN NOT PLUGGED IN. 1. Faulty Main Board. The mainboard is the central part of a mobile phone. It conjoins every other component in a mobile phone. Also, the mainboard is responsible for controlling every activity on your mobile device while it is on. A phone does not function well when it has a faulty mainboard. The mainboard partially controls the activities on your phone when it has a defect. In such cases, the phone shows it is charging after you unplug it from a power source. If you have got a phone that charges when unconnected to a power source, the error on the phone might be from a faulty mainboard. Most times, you have tried to get your phone working back with a series of rebooting, and it subsequently worked. In this instance, the mainboard of your phone is faulty, and a replacement is needed. 2. Liquid Damage. Another reason why your phone shows it is charging when not plugged in is liquid damage on the hardware. Have you checked if your phone has a liquid substance in its internal area? Water or any other liquid substance can alter your phone functions when present in the internal hardware parts. Related reasons why your phone shows charging when it is not plugged in is the exposure to frequent moisture. While using your phone in the kitchen or the bathroom, direct contact with water can create a power-related problem on the phone. If the liquid component accumulates in your phone, you may experience frequent charging errors if you do not get rid of it. Liquid substances can cause severe harm to your phone. You should check your phone for any liquid substance if your phone shows it is charging when unconnected to a power source. 3. Dirty Charging Port. Did you recently unplug your phone from a power source? Sometimes you will notice your phone continues to show charging when fully charged. It takes you to reboot or remove the battery before the phone gets fixed several minutes after. A damaged or bent charging port can inscribe your phone as charging even when you have unplugged it from a USB source. More so, the thin metal piece in your USB port might have been warped around or entangled in the dust. You should look around the bottom to see if there is no cross-link between the metal pieces at the charging port. The cross-linked metal strip of your damaged charging port can make your phone seem like you plug it into a power source. If you have not checked your charging port for a while, the problem might be from the charging port. 4. Software Glitch. The glitch from your phone software is another reason your phone shows charging when not plugged in. Besides the hardware on your phone, the software also contributes to the running of your phone. A bug in the phone software can alter your charging indicator. Software controls the running of specific apps and programs on your phone. A glitch in software changes the standard program of your phone. If you have recently installed an app, there may be a bug on it. While your phone shows charging when unconnected to a power source, you should check your recently installed app for any bugs. You might as well consider a software update on the phone. HOW TO FIX THE ISSUE. 1. Clean Your Charging Port. If you have noticed dirt in your charging port, clean the dirt at the charging port. However, if the metal strips are intertwined, separate them gently. Extra caution should be applied while handling the charging port to avoid further damage. 2. Visit A Professional Smartphone Technician. If you have done a routine check on your phone hardware and software with no effect, it is time to visit a phone repair store. Professional phone repairs will help you fix the phone mainboard and any other related damage with advanced tools. However, if your phone is a TECNO brand, then you should visit Carlcare Services for your phone repair. Carlcare service is an official after-sales brand that specializes in phone repair. Carlcare offers a reliable service for TECNO brands. Besides providing professional repair for these brands, there is a 30-day warranty for your repaired phone. Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-10-255192

HELLO T-FANS, The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others. Hasidic Proverb Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. Read all >>


Ultimate2020 | 2021-10-231262

Hello T-fans, It has really been a great rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid over the years, this is considered as one of the biggest rivalry in football. It's another moment to enjoy the beautiful match as Blaugrana will be hosting Los Blancos at Camp Nou on Sunday afternoon by 03:15PM. Los Blancos have won their last three clashes, with the Catalan side last victory coming in a 1-0 away win in 2019. Martin Braithwaite, Pedri and Ronald Araujo are all out injured and won't be available for the clash against Real Madrid. In competitive games, Real Madrid leads with 98 wins compare to Barcelona 96 wins, this will be the first time El clasico match will be holding after the departure of LA liga top scorer from Camp Nou. Real madrid are sitting in 2nd spot with 17 points, three points behind Real Sociedad, with a game in hand. But a win for Barca will see them leading their rivals, as Koeman’s side are just two points behind Ancelotti’s side. Eden Hazard and Dani Carvajal could return back to the game against the Catalans but Isco is on doubt. Dani Ceballos and Gareth Bale will be unavailable for Los Blancos on Sunday's afternoon. Without the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Luiz Suarez, Lionel Messi, or Sergio Ramos, this an opportunity for other players to step up their game and steal the show in this thrilling matchup. Karim Benzema have been in his imperious form this season, having scored 9 goals and assisted 7 in LA liga. Memphis Deepay too have been impressive as well, with 4 goals and 2 assist for him. Let's now consider two young stars that could replace the world living legends, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Ansu Fati and Vinicius Junior will be considered, they both have been in great form this season and they could cook something up and create amazing moment for fans tomorrow. Who wins this next El clasico?. Do not miss it for anything! Read all >>


08168352774 | 2021-10-236364

ADVERTISING IN BUSINESS Hello, Tfans. In business, advertising is very essential, no matter how big a business is, the business owner needs to advertise it to reach as many as can reach. Advertising is the nonpersonal communication of information, usually paid-for and usually persuasive innature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various mass media. The message, which is presented, shared or disseminated is called advertisement. In the present day marketing activities, it is almost impossible to see any business in the modern world, which does not advertise. However, the form and type of advertisement differs from business to business. The act or practice of calling public attention to one's product, services, needs, etc. especially by paid announcements in newspapers and magazines, over radioor television, on billboards, etc. to get more customers.Advertising is a means of communication with the users of a product or services.Advertising is one of the most powerfulcommunicational tools that almost every company uses in order to promote its products or services (ASA, 2008). Objectives of aAdvertising In Business: 1. Preparing Ground for New Product: New product needs introduction because potential customers may have never used such product earlier and the advertisements prepare a ground for that new product. 2.Creation of Demand: The main objective of advertisement is to create a favourable climate for maintaining and improving sales. Customers are to be reminded about the product and the brand. It may induce new customers to buy the product by informing them of its qualities, since it is possible that some of the customers may change their brands. 3.Facing the Competition: Another important objective of advertising is to face it’s competition. Under competitive conditions, advertisement helps to build up brand image and brand loyalty and when customers have developed brand loyalty, it becomes difficult for themiddlemen to change it. 4. Creating or Enhancing Goodwill: In order for your business to grow, goodwill must be present. Large scale advertising is often undertaken with the objective of creating or enhancing the goodwill of the advertisingcompany. This, in turn, increases the market receptiveness of the company's product and helps the salesmen to win customers easily. 5.Informing the Changes to the Customers: Whenever changes are made in the prices, channels of distribution or in the product by way of any improvement advertising is a good way to let the public know. 6.Neutralising Competitor's Advertising: Advertising is unavoidable to compete with or neutralise competitor's advertising. When competitors are adopting intensiveadvertising as their promotional strategy, it is reasonable to follow similar practices to neutralise their effects. In such cases, it is essential for the manufacturer to create a different image of his product. 7.Barring New Entrants: From the advertiser's point of view, a strongly built image through long advertising helps to keep new entrants away. The advertisement builds up a certain monopoly for the product in which new entrants find it difficult to enter. Advertising broadens the knowledge of the consumers. With the aid of advertising, consumers find andbuy necessary products without much waste of time. This speeds up the sales of commodities, increases the efficiency of labour in distribution and diminishes the cost of selling. It is an accepted fact that without market stimulus of heavy advertising, consumers might havewaited another sixty years for theproduct evaluation that took place in less than ten years; it took after all over sixtyyears from the invention of the safety razor before the first acceptable stainless steel blades appeared in the market.These words are more than enough to testify the potentialities of advertising in the field of modern marketing system. Advertising Budget: Advertising is an openly sponsored and paid-for communication by an advertiser and at the expense of the advertiser for the main purpose of selling a product, which could be tangible or intangible. This, therefore, means that, to execute advertising campaign, the advertiserneeds to spend money and themoney to be spent is not to be spent foolishly, instead, it is spent judiciously. Thus, we say that proper budgeting is the answer. Advertising budget is the total amount of money earmarked for a specific advertising programme. The budget shows a list of activities and items at their various costs. Budget is a plan, quantified in monetary terms, prepared and approved, prior to a defined period of time, usually showing planned income to be generated and or expenditure to be incurred during that period and the capital to be employed to achieve a given objective in the business of advertising." Budgeting is an integral part of advertising and perhaps the most common type of plan. Read all >>

TSPOT FANS FPL: Gameweek 9 Notification

TSPOT FANS FPL | 2021-10-222147

Hello T-fans, NOTICE: To have a proper view of this thread, kindly switch to desktop mode on your browser (Menu => Desktop site). Thanks! After a midweek of European football, the Premier League returns tonight with Arsenal vs Aston Villa. FPL managers are to make changes to their teams between now and the deadline, which is 6:30 p.m (WAT). The gameweek will run till Sunday, with the last match between Manchester United and Liverpool. All fixtures are shown in the attached picture. Do have an exciting gameweek. Cheers to big points! Read all >>

WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN? Brighton VS Manchester City

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-10-2368624

Hello T-Fans, The Citizens plays against Brighton for a spot in the Premier League, do you think the Citizens are up to the task? PREDICT the correct scores of Brighton VS Manchester City match, and stand a chance to win TECNO branded gift items. DISCLAIMER: note that the match predictions closes 15 minutes before the match starts..... the First two (2) correct predictions wins. And if after two (2) working days, we don't receive your full details as requested, you forfeit your prize. PS: Once contacted for your personal details, ensure you also include an Alternate mobile number you can be reached on, else you forfeit your prize. Make your prediction using the web version of TSPOT, CLICK TO LEARN HOW TO Read all >>


TSPOT HEALTH NG | 2021-10-222154

Hello T-Fans, Have you ever wondered what it feels like to you have six packs and the desire to develop yours? Follow me as I show you workouts to do to be able to achieve that. Note that six-pack doesn't fall on You by wishful thinking. You must get to work. It requires dogedness, determination and consistency. WORKOUTS TO DO TO GET YOUR SIX PACKS: 1. Do More Cardio: this includes exercises that increase your heart rate. It helps you burn more fat especially abdominal fat which makes your packs to start coming out. Cardio exercises includes vigorous activities like running push-ups etc. 2. Exercise Your Abdominal Muscles: these muscles are the ones that eventually become the six packs, so exercising them makes them grow bigger and stronger and the shape begins to divide and become visible. Exercises like abdominal crunches, bridges and Planks, etc. 3. Increase Your Protein Intake And Reduce Intake Of Fatty Foods. This will increase body building, promote weight loss and fight belly fat. It also helps repair muscles worn out from exercises. 4. High-intensity Interval Training: This is a form of exercise that involves alternating between intense bursts of activity and short recovery periods. It increases your heart rate and burns fats. Examples are jumping jacks, dragging heavy objects, flinging long big ropes, sprinting, etc. 5. Stay Hydrated: water is very crucial to good health. Staying hydrated will help increase your metabolism, burn extra belly fat. Daily recommendation is 2-4 litres per day. 6. Quit Processed Food: Yes, you heard me right. You want to to achieve 6-packs?? Then you just got to let go of processed foods and eat real foods. Junks are low in protein, fibre which are important for abs building.These processed foods also include refined carbs and artificial sugars(processed sugars). 7. Increase Your Fibre Intake: foods rich in fibre are very important for weight loss which helps you to build 6-packs. Examples are fruits, Vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and seeds. Also, strength training helps to build muscles generally including 6-packs. TECNO wishes you success as you build your desired muscular body. Read all >>

Creating A Thread On Tspot.

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-10-222178

Hello T-Fans. Having launched the latest version of Tspot (, which introduces notable features that continue to bridge the gap of communication between us and end users of our products, here’s how to create a publication on Tspot.Launch the Tspot app and proceed to login to your account via a tap on the mine tab. A tap on the ‘+’ icon (to the left of the mine tab) presents you with thread publication features. The first being the cover image of your publication, which allows you select an image of choice from your device to include in your publication. The second is the publication title, while the third is the publication content itself. Below it, you have the option to select the right category fit for your publication. A tap on ‘release’ gets your article published on Tspot. Talk to us in the comment box. How many threads have you published so far since the launch of Tspot 3.0? Read all >>


08168352774 | 2021-10-212173

1.Oba of Benin Speaks About Benin Artefacts: The Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II, said on Wednesday in Benin,that Cambridge University in the UK has concluded arrangement to return Benin artefacts in its custody. The oba make this statement when the Chairman, DAAR Communications, Chief Raymond Dokpesi, paid a courtesy visit on the palace to celebrate with him on his birthday and his fifth coronation anniversary. 2.Kaduna Government Staffs To Vaccinate Before October 31st: The Ministry of Health in Kaduna has announced that all civil servants should be vaccinated before 31st October 2021. Read more: Kaduna State Civil Servants Mandated To Vaccinate 3.Food Prices To Hike Up Next Year: Local farmers in Northern Nigeria have expressed fear that they may not have a bumper harvest in this year’s farming season due to climate change, insecurity and other ecological challenges. The local farmers expressed fear that most of their crops that were not yet mature in the farmlands might easily spoil or get damaged due to scarcity of rainfall and thus affecting next year’s produce. Read more: Food Prices To Increase In 2022 4.Heavy Duty Vehicles Banned From Niger State: The Niger State Government has banned all articulated heavy duty vehicles in the state starting from the 19th of October, 2021. Read more: Heavy Duty Vehicles Banned From Niger State 5. Shatta Wale Shot By Unknown Gun Men: Popular Ghanaian singer, Shatta Wale has been hospitalized after he was shot by unknown gun men.Read more: Shatta Wale Shot By Unknown Gun Men 6.UniIllorin Produces 180 First-Class Graduates: The University of Ilorin has produced 180 first-class graduates in the 2019/2020 academic session. Read more: UniIllorin Produces 180 First Class Graduates 7.ASUP Threatens Strike: The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) has threatened that its members may withdraw their services in polytechnics across the country if the government fails to do what they agreed to. Read more: ASUP Threatens Strike 8.Tiwa Savage Sex Tape Leaked: Award winning singer, Tiwa Savage has averred that she is currently being blackmailed over a sex video.The revered songstress noted that the sex video features her and her current lover. Read more: Tiwa Savage Sex Tape Leaked 9.Price of Kerosene Reduces: The average price paid by consumers for National Household Kerosene (NHK) fell to N400.01 per litre this week. Read more: Kerosene Prices Reduces 10.Crude Oil Hits $85: Brent crude has climbed to $85 per barrel in the international market, as governments ease COVID-19 restrictions and global vaccination campaigns pick up pace. Read more: Crude Oils Hits $85 11.Super Eagles Qualifies For 2022 FIFA World Cup: The Super Eagles of Nigeria on Sunday, October 10, 2021, exerted revenge on the Central African Republic with a 2-0 win in a 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier in Doula, Cameroon with Leon Balogun scoring the first goal. Read all >>


PresidentSan | 2021-10-211100

Hello Tfans How would you feel if you suddenly receive a message that you would be giving a speech in front of a large audience, with ministers and other famous dignitaries in attendance. Jittery and anxious or calm and confident The fact is you're most likely to feel the former, everyone of us have this fear of standing in front of others, the only difference is that some people are able to overcome this feeling and go ahead to face the crowd regardless, and yea they all get to discover something, the fear doesn't mean you can't do it, or that public speaking isn't meant for you, you feel anxious because it's natural to feel anxious. I've heard people say public speaking is not their thing, they're not built for it, and they would never imagine themselves out there, speaking in front of hundreds or thousands of people. But again I've listened to stories of people who would rather jump down a seven storey building, than stand in front of an audience to speak, but today are renowned public speaking champions. So if they can beat their fear, you can too, and when you do, there are lots of things you stand to gain. 1) It builds self confidence: The more you are able to overcome your fear in one thing, your self confidence improves and that affect every other thing you do. Being able to stand in front of others gives you a feeling of self satisfaction and joy and the conviction to challenge your limits. You discover that your words matter and that people would listen to you, when you take the platform to share the opinions you've got. 2) Makes you more employable It's alarming that a large number of students who graduate from higher institutions are not employable, why because they lack the basic skills required to get the job done, even though some are versed in theoretical knowledge. Your ability to speak up will make you stand out and more likely to be considered for a job opportunity. Virtually every job today requires you to speak to others and the better you can pull this off, the more respect and attention you would be able to garner. 3) Brings your ideas to life: No one would know what you got, if you decide to stay mute. Public speaking brings your creative ideas and innovations to life. As much as your ideas matter, your ability to present it in a manner that is quite convincing matters more. Steve Jobs was able to convince the world to purchase his innovation with the power of public speaking. Others like Martin Luther King have inspired others to action, by presenting their ideas in the most inspiring of manners. Your ability to convince the crowd not only helps bring your ideas to light, it also hold the power to liberate and inspire men to freedom. 4) Helps you build influence: Nothing makes you more attractive to people than being able to communicate powerfully in a way that is persuasive and empowering. If you can't inspire people to action or change their perception about a concept, then you might find it hard building influence. Thanks for reading through. Read all >>

Life changing opportunity coming soon... stay tuned!

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-10-22285946

T-Fans: Is a major opportunity that is about to happen in the T-Spot app, and it will make some changes and help you solve some problems in your life. Hurry up and introduce T-Spot to your family and friends. Let’s look forward to it happening together...… Read all >>

How Dual Mode Feature Will Transform The world of High-Tech Gadgets

ts09017441524 | 2021-10-220145

Buds 1
Hello T-Fans, The introduction of smart accessories has changed consumer’s lifestyle in many ways than one. These smart gadgets have given people the power to choose how they want to enjoy their daily routines; thereby providing quick resolutions to their everyday problems. The oraimo FreePods 3 is one of these smart gadgets that has redefined the customer experience and made people’s lives easier. While using this device, you won’t need to unplug your ears or pause your music player to listen to a face-to-face conversation anymore. This gadget will save Nigerians the many troubles from ‘’I can’t hear you’’, “Can you hear me?” or please could you speak a little louder’’ that has crippled the quality of communication in the past. Having a bass mode and an awareness mode (in-ear and half in-ear insert ways), the latest edition of the oraimo FreePods has a lovely design and an improved function that reduce human effort and conserve space. When you put on the eartips on the buds to enter bass mode, earbuds will shut out the ambient noise and stops air leakage to boost bass for intense listening. While you can also take off the eartips to enter an awareness mode, which lets you adapt to your surroundings. So, whether you are a deep listener or a light user, the new device covers both listening styles. No other brand or model of earbuds in Nigeria has a device that enhances both great sound and transparency in one pair. You can use the new oraimo FreePods 3 during hangouts with friends; you can hear them talking, while your earbuds are plugged to your ears. The awareness modes can also enhance the safety of road commuters because you can make calls and still be aware of your environment. The Bass mode makes you feel like you are in the studio while the artist is recording. Specially tuned for Afrobeat, the new FreePods 3 takes you high above the clouds; in your world relishing great music or watching your favorite blockbuster movie. What’s more interesting is that the FreePods 3 comes with a long-lasting battery that gives you power on the go; no need to worry about the low battery of your earbuds, frequent charging, or losing out of fun moments and business catch up meetings/transactions. The new device has 8+28hrs total playtime, it can perfectly meet your need for 1-week continuous listening. You can pre-order the new oraimo FreePods 3 from the oraimo official e-commerce website or on Jumia. Also, oraimo customers are eligible for a one-year warranty on oraimo products purchased subject to terms and conditions. Read all >>


Simileoluwa445 | 2021-10-214232

Tips and Tricks
Hello Tfans, Today's session is on random facts you might need to know. Here we go! COTTON IN YOUR MEDICINE BOTTLE Do you know you are meant to dispose off that little ball of cotton that comes in your pill bottle? The cotton was only there in the first place, to keep the pills safe during it shipping in. The cotton has an absorbent nature and can collect moisture, which can make your pills deteriorate faster. The next time you buy a medicine bottle, ensure to dispose off the cotton. WHY YOU CAN'T BREATHE AND SWALLOW AT THE SAME TIME This is so, because the food and fluids we swallow and the air we breathe, travel down the same part of the throat. SHARP KNIVES OR DULL KNIVES Which is safer between a sharp knife and a dull knife. Sharp knives are not likely to cut you as deep as dull knives, this is because a sharp knife easily slices through food and this will require a minimal amount of pressure to be applied, this means you're lmore likely to cut the item rather than your hand, but dull knives on the other hard require much more pressure which if mistakenly applied, can cut your hand deeply rather than the item. WIKIPEDIA IS DOWNLOADABLE You can actually download the entirety of Wikipedia and keep it on a USB drive, this will eliminate the middleman and you can have your own direct source. A NURDLE? Ever wondered what the blop of toothpaste that sits on your brush is called? It is called a Nurdle. The next time you need to describe it, just call it a Nurdle. HIGH HEELS FOR MEN? Do you know high heels were originally for men? You read it right! When high heel shoes came into fashion in the 10th century, they were intended for men. It wasn't until the 18th century that more women wore high heels than men. Don't be surprised if you see a man on heels, it was originally intended for them. PSYCHOTRA ELATA? Wondering what that means, it is a flower in rainforest in American that resembles a puckering mouth covered in lipstick. Latin America has flowers that look like lips. Nature is indeed beautiful. Thanks for reading Read all >>


sirsmallz | 2021-10-21167

HELLO TFANS, Self-affirmations are a popular tool used in self-improvement.The basic idea is that we can adopt healthy, positive, and productive beliefs if we recite a belief enough times to ourselves. Self-affirmations improve will power and self-controlUsing positive self-affirmations can help us push ourselves just a bit further. It doesn’t give us infinite will power, but it can help us exercise will power and self-control when normally we would be fatigued and tired, which provides us with an extra boost of motivation.This is one proven way athletes use self-talk to improve practice and performance. Suggested affirmations for will power: i. “I can do it!” ii. “I have the power in me to make good things happen.” iii. “If I believe in myself, I will succeed.” Self-affirmations improve social confidenceThe use of self-affirmations helps us to take control of the social script we play out inside our heads, and thereby rewrite how we think and approach our daily relationships. Suggested affirmations for social confidence: i. “People genuinely like me once they get to know me.”ii. “I deserve positive relationships in my life.” iii. “I have a rich and supportive social circle.” Self-affirmations improve problem-solving and creativityStress has often been associated with poorer focus, cognition, and problem-solving skills, so researchers tested whether self-affirmations could minimize stress and thereby improve these cognitive abilities. Participants with chronic stress were given a self-affirmations exercise and then had to complete 30 difficult problem-solving tasks under time pressure in front of an evaluator. It was discovered that individuals who received the self-affirmations exercise out performed individuals in the control group. Suggested affirmations for problem-solving: i. “I take small steps every day to improve.” ii. “I view my obstacles as a guide showing me where to go next.” iii. “Stepping outside of my comfort zone is often necessary for growth.” The Book further explained three concepts; 1. THE POWER OF SELF-FULFILLING BELIEFSIn psychology, there is a concept known as a self-fulfilling prophecy which describes how certain beliefs can influence our actions in a way that makes those beliefs actually come true. It’s an example of the positive feedback loop between beliefs → behaviors → outcomes. The basic idea is that our beliefs have a real effect on the world we live in. We all have a “map of reality” in our heads about how the world works. These beliefs thus affect how we respond to the situations we find ourselves in, which then influences the results we get in life. Self-fulfilling beliefs can play a major role in both our personal lives and society at large. It’s therefore important that we are aware of the beliefs and attitudes we have about the world, because they may just be shaping the world into exactly what we want to see. 2. CREATING OUR OWN SELF-AFFIRMATION EXERCISETo make the most of self-affirmations, it’s a good idea to make your own exercise that is personal to you. This includes creating your own self-affirmations that are meaningful and resonate with you, and finding ways to utilize these self-affirmations in a way that actually sticks in your brain.a. Identify a specific situation in your life that you want to improve: The first step is identifying a specific situation in your life that you want to improve. The more specific you are, the easier it’ll be to write affirmations focused on that area of your life. Common situations that you may want to improve through self-affirmations include:i.Improving learning, study, and getting better grades in class. ii. Improving athletic performance in a sport or competition.iii. Improving your confidence in social interactions. b. Create 10 self-affirmations focused on that specific situation: Now the goal is to come up with 10 positive self-affirmations that apply to this specific situation. Here is a short exercise to help jump start the process of creating your own self-affirmations:i. Time yourself for 5 minutes and write down as many positive self-affirmations as possible.ii.Don’t criticize or over-think during the 5-minute exercise, just immediately write down whatever pops into your head. The point is to create a lot of self-affirmations - you’ll choose which ones you like best after. iii.Try to use words that hold particular meaning to you. If you can integrate concepts from science, philosophy or a religion/tradition that you follow, then use them to make the self-affirmation more effective.c. The different ways to use self-affirmations:There are a lot of different ways you can integrate self-affirmations throughout your everyday life. Here are some great examples:i. Write down your affirmations on a piece of paper and stick them around the house in places you’re likely to see themii.Repeat affirmations to yourself 5-10 times inthe morning or at night.iii.Make wallpaper for your desktop or phone thatcombines an inspirational image with your affirmation. Be creative. There are a lot of different ways you can integrat eaffirmations into your day. The more you surround yourself with these positiv eaffirmations, the more effective they will bed. Just 10 minutes of conscious practice a day: You don’t need to obsess over your affirmations, often times just a good 5-10 minutes of conscious and focused practice is all you need for a boost. Make sure you schedule a little time in your day to do it - it’s not hard, you just need to be dedicated and consistent. 3. 100 Self-affirmations for Self-ImprovementThe book listed 100 self-affirmations for self-improvement, here are few ones you can use; Everyday, in every way, i am getting better and betterEvery failure in my life can be a learning experience I live in the present momentI create value in other peoples' live I am always changingI am worthy of positive relationships in my life I wish the best for everyoneI learn something new every day I am genuinely interested in other peopleI have many strengths and positive characteristics Read all >>


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Hello T-fans, It was an interesting night yesterday as La liga Champions were defeated by 2019 UCL winners and Porto claimed all the three points against AC Milan in the UEFA Champions League group B. Join me as we'll be looking into detailed analysis of the two matches 1. ATLETICO MADRID VS LIVERPOOL It was a night of drama as Liverpool won a UEFA Champions league game against Atletico Madrid for the first time in history. A wonderful opener from Mohamed Salah in the first eight minutes as he weaved through the defense to score off the toe of James Milner. An impressive low volley from Naby Keita made it two for Liverpool in the first 13 minutes. It was a double strikes from Antoine Griezmann that brought non relentless Atletico Madrid back to game. At Wanda Matropolitan Staduim yesterday night, the first four goals were scored in the first half of the game, this was the first time Jurgen Klopp's side will be scoring and conceding two goals each in the first half of UEFA Champions League games MOHAMED SALAH Salah becomes all time leading goal scorer for Liverpool in UEFAChampions league with 31 goals in 48 games after surpassing Steven Gerrard's 30. He is also the first player to score in nine consecutive games accross all competition for Liverpool in history. 2. PORTO VS AC MILAN It was an unfavourable night for Rosonneri as they suffered a defeat at Estadio do Dragao on Tuesday. Luiz Diaz lone goal in the 65th minute was enough for Porto to claim all the three points. Porto took advantage of Atletico Madrid’s home defeat to Liverpool, leveled up the gap between themselves. After many years without participating in the UCL, AC Milan yesterday's night defeat meant they've lost their first three matches in UCL for the first time in history. Can AC Milan still make it to knock out stage? Can Atletico Madrid claim the group leader despite the fact that they're five points behind the group leader?. Can Porto also qualify?. Let's keep enjoying the beautiful game. Read all >>
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