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Effective Home Remedies For Ringworm

enoch273 | 2020-05-2614518

Hello T-Fans, I believe some of us has had one or two experience with this skin disease called 'Ringworm'. Unlike its conventional name, it doesn't mean a worm is actually the cause of this disease, it is just like blaming chickens for causing chickenpox, though ringworm is contagious and can spread from pet to human. Also it is not caused by any known parasite. Ringworm is actually a skin condition that is caused by a fungus called 'Tinea'. ALSO READ: HOW TO PREVENT FURTHER SPREAD OF RINGWORM IN HUMANS Normally a Ringworm patient will suffer from red itchy scaly patches all over their skin, and as time goes by it takes the shape of several rings or better still a circle, which lives on dead skin tissues such as; hair and nails. Though it is the most common on the arms and scalps. Apart from the above-listed parts, you can actually get ringworm across anywhere of your skin, and this includes the face. The only good thing about this skin disease is that, it responds well to home remedies. Home Remedies / Medications For Treating Ringworms. ✓ Aloe Vera: The majority of us will also agree with me that this herbal plant is well renowned for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. And I am certain there are lots of medicinal statistics to back up the healing properties of this plant. Aloe vera has been proven to cure ringworm and also soothe the symptoms of discomfort, itching, and inflammation. All you have to do is break up a piece of aloe vera and rub it's natural gel directly across the affected fungus area. ✓ Turmeric: This yellow plant is a member of the ginger family, it possesses numerous health benefits such as; anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it is also a home remedy used for treating arthritis. All you have to do is mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder, with little amount, of water, or better still little coconut oil, mix until it becomes like a paste, then apply directly on the infected skin and leave it to dry. ✓ Coconut Oil: This so happens to be a highly effective home remedy for ringworm and other fungi infections like; Candida. The reasons are not far fetched seeing how coconut oil possesses both antifungal and microbial properties which can be used to soothe the itching and irrigation of ringworm. All you have to do is heat the coconut oil either with a gas cooker or microwave, until it turns into liquid form, after which you apply over the affected area, this process should be carried out three (3) times daily until it heals. ✓ Garlic: This can also be used for treating ringworm seeing how rich it is in bioactive compounds such as; Allicin. The compound possesses some antifungal properties that can help soothe and heal the infection. All you have to do is get about 3 cloves of garlic, crush or better still grind these cloves together till it becomes a paste, then proceed to apply directly over the affected areas and leave for fifteen (15) minutes before washing it off. Repeat this step daily till it heals. ✓ Oregano Oil: This is yet another effective antifungal extracts that can be used to treat a fungal skin infection, athlete foot, and also ringworm. All you have to do is mix two (2) to three (3) drops of oregano oil with a carrier oil such as; olive oil or coconut oil, and apply directly to the affected area three (3) times daily. ✓ Tea Tree Oil: This is yet another bioactive compound, that possesses both antifungal and antibacterial properties, also it has also proven to be effective in the treatment of fungal skin infection. If you have got sensitive skin all you have to do is dilute the tea tree oil in a carrier oil such as; sweet almond oil or coconut oil, get a cotton ball swap and dip into the mixture, then apply directly on the affected area. Should you not have sensitive skin, simply apply the tea tree oil directly on the affected part, with the aid of cotton wool, threw times daily. Ringworm is highly contagious, and it is easily spread when you are in contact with someone who is infected with it. These effective home remedies can help you manage and treat ringworm infection while you are in the comfort of your home. Should symptoms persist after two weeks, it is imperative you see a doctor so as to unveil any underlying dermatological issues. If you find any of these home remedies helpful in alleviating the symptoms of ringworm, do share your experience, thoughts, and feedback via the comments sections below, and don't forget to follow my account to see more of my posts. Read all >>

Join the AHA Gaming Mayhem Climax Trivia!

HiOS Official NG | 2020-05-2813713

In partnership with HIOS, we have created the 2nd activity for users called 'AHA Gaming Mayhem Climax Trivia' to enable you to join the AHA Gaming Mayhem because we 'love you'. Users are to hunt for the trivia of the day on the AHA Games app and win great amounts of data, precious medals you can use to redeem fabulous prizes. To join the trivia; simply follow these steps: - Look for our trivia post of today 27th May 2020 and read it - Open the AHA Games app on your phone or download from - Click on the “Featured Page” on the app - Hunt for the "AHA Gaming Mayhem Climax " Trivia Banner ( it is among one of the top banners on the featured page) - Click on the Trivia Banner 'showing the answers' to the Trivia on AHA Games Social Media Handles - Screenshot the Trivia Banner showing the answers and post in the comment section of the trivia post on AHA Games Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages alongside the answers or send the screenshot to us as a DM alongside the answers. - Winners will be chosen according to adherence to the rules and at discretion. Terms and Conditions - You must be a Nigerian and in Nigeria at the time of the contest. - You must be following both AHA Games and HIOS on any of our social media handles on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - Users will be chosen at the discretion and based on strict observance of the rules. - Copying and Posting the same screenshot of someone that has been posted already automatically disqualifies you - We would verify all screenshots submitted to see if they originate from the AHA Games app. - Winners will be announced at the end of the 'AHA Gaming Mayhem' Contest. - Commenting on the missing words alone or posting the screenshot alone without commenting on the words makes your entry invalid. Read all >>

Celebrating Our Little Heroes As They Keep Learning The Smart Way

TECNO SPOT NG | 2020-05-278396

Hello T-Fans, As every child out there rows their boat merrily to realise their #ChildrensDay2020 dream, We also celebrate these little heroes and leaders of tomorrow as they keep learning the smart way. Happy Children's Day. Read all >>


Lighthouse | 2020-05-2414823

Hello T-Fans, Have you ever been in a situation where your phone got stolen and you are rendered planless? As if that was not bad enough, the thief decides to wire all your money from your bank account! Double tragedy! I came across a piece of information that I felt would be useful to T spotter so I decided to make a thread on it. according to the information, you can deactivate the USSD access connected to the device. All you need to do is punch in a USSD combination on any phone around. Cool right? So if you ever find yourself in such a situation, just get someone around and dial the code *901*911# and input the stolen number and that number would be blacklisted from USSD transactions temporarily. This feature is only available to Access bank users! Do you know any other bank that offers such services, drop a comment in the comment section! Read all >>


dc8official | 2020-04-28121225

This post was last edited by dc8official at 2020-4-28 11:46 Hello, T-Fans. 802.11ax is the original IEEE naming standard for WiFi 6. But WiFi Alliance has voted to give WiFi an easy name so that most people can relate to the various WiFI modifications. The old name will remain relevant to Network Administrators and ICT professionals but for the general public, WiFI (number) is the name to remember and WiFI alliance is pushing the new name. Below we would be looking at some of the technologies that make WiFi 6 special. OFDMAOFDMA (orthogonal frequency division multiple access) is the same technology adopted in 4G LTE. This innovation is designed to improve data transmission efficiency by reducing the individual waiting time for devices.It works by splitting the data transmission channel into a large number of subchannels. These subchannels can carry data intended for a different device. MU-MIMOMU-MIMO(multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output) is a technology which exists in use in present 802.11ac (WiFi 4) and devices, however, 802.11ax(Wi-Fi 6) upgrades it.The technology allows an access point to interact with multiple devices at the same time, rather than broadcasting to one device at a time. The currentMU-MIMO in 802.11ac (WiFi 4) allows routers to communicate with four devices at a time but WiFi 6 steps that up to eight. TARGET WAKE TIME (TWT)Target Wake Time enables devices to determine when and how often they will wake up to send or receive data. This allows 802.11ax(WIFI 6) access points to effectively increase device sleep time and significantly conserve battery life, a feature which is very important for IoT devices and mobile phones.A simple analogy of TWT, with 802.11ac(WiFi 4) the access point usually sends a broadcast signal to alert all devices of a possible data transmissions. Since the AP can only communicate with one station at a time, they have to “stay awake” to receive data packets from the AP one after another regardless of how long that process takes. This causes extra power consumption and shorter battery lives for network devices. BACKWARD COMPATIBILITYWiFi 6 is backwards compatible with devices which comes with 802.11n(WIFI 3) and 802.11ac (WiFi 5) devices. If you are opportune to get yourself a WiFi 6 Access Point or Router you don't have to change all your home devices, WiFi 6 will work perfectly fine with then but those devices will be capped at there previous existing speeds.You will need a device with WiFI 6 capability to take advantage of all the WiFi 6 speed. SPEEDS Talking about speed, that which everyone is interested in. Of course, there is a significant theoretical speed boost to 9.6 Gbps. That’s up from 3.5 Gbps on Wi-Fi 5.Although these speeds are theoretical and your very much unlikely to hit these speeds, but it's a good thing to have large bandwidth like this especially when you're looking to connecting lots of devices. SECURITY Security upgrades are also as important and speed and bandwidth upgrades. Consequently, the WiFi Alliance has certified WPA3 as the default encryption for WiFi 6. WPA3 security is made to offer protection against offline password-guessing attacks. This is where an attacker captures data from your Wi-Fi stream, brings it back to a private computer, and guesses passwords over and over again until they find a match.WPA3 will be compatible with devices that support WPA2, so your old devices won’t stop working because you got new ones. ITS ROLL0UT WILL BE GRADUAL WiFi 6 rollout will be gradual. WiFi 6 routers and Access points are already available in the market but just the expensive ones. Qualcomm has already started supporting WiFi 6 on their high-end SoC like Snapdragon 855. It might take a while before it becomes mainstream. SOURCE: Creamtech Read all >>


dc8official | 2020-04-2417710

This post was last edited by dc8official at 2020-4-24 13:33 Irrespective of what you do with your laptop, nobody wants their laptops to run out earlier than expected. especially in this part of the world where constant power supply is a big problem. Together we could look at the best way to get the best from your battery life. THE REALITY OF LAPTOP BATTERYs No matter what battery life tips you apply, your laptop battery can only be as good as its capacity, health and efficiency of its internal (i.e RAM, Hard Disk, and most importantly the processor). If it's a new laptop, the battery capacity and estimated manufacturer's battery life should determine what you likey to expect from the battery life. For a second-hand laptop, just cross your heart and hope it lasts. Battery life tips will only take you so far but can manage to squeeze out about an hour or 30 mins from your battery with the following tips. ADJUST THE BATTERY LIFE PERFORMANCE SLIDER With Windows 10 a is a battery life performance slider introduced, the slider can be found. when you click the battery icon from the notification panel. It group all of the settings that affect battery life into a few easy-to-understand categories. The company that made your PC determines exactly which settings the battery slider controls. But in general, sliding down to the best battery life reduces the display brightness by 30 per cent, prevents Windows update downloads, stops the Mail app from syncing, suspends most background apps and throttles the PC. YOU CAN FURTHER GEEK OUT WITH THE PERFORMANCE ADJUSTMENT The predefined performance slider can get you so far, however, you can further get some extra mins in the advance power settings if you know what you're doing. You can access the advance power settings by > Right-clicking in the battery icon and clicking power options or searching for power option after pressing the Windows key. > Click on change plan settings > Select the advance power settings > From here you can play around with battery tweaks like Processor power management, battery state etc. Diacalmer, you should skip this them if you're not sure about what you're doing. CLOSE UNUSED APPS AND TURN OFF RADIOS Multiple apps and processes running on your system will kill battery life more quickly, and chances are you probably aren't actively using everything that's currently running on your PC. It's a good habit to adjust your laptop by sticking to one app at a time and closing everything else when you're not using it. Just like your phones, radios (WiFI, Bluetooth etc) contributes significantly to battery drain, if you're not using any of this radio at any particular time, you should turn it off of totally enable aeroplane mode when you don't need internet. ITS TIME TO CHANGE THAT BATTERY OR LAPTOP Tip and tweaks can only take you so far if your system battery life is already depleted or if a long-lasting battery was never the design consideration for your laptop. If the above tricks don't work, you should start considering changing the battery, living with what you have got or getting a new PC. Read all >>

Amazing HiOS 6.0 Features You Should Know

enoch273 | 2020-04-29422578

Phantom 9
Hello T-Fans, today I will be sharing with you all the best features of HiOS 6.0, but before we proceed, I have observed that the majority of T-Fans have no idea what HiOS mean. HiOS is simply an acronym for (Hardware Independent Operating System). It is better referred to as the skin OR User Interface (UI) that wraps the Android Operating System (OS) on TECNO smartphones. TECNO Mobile has released a new User Interface, which is considered a major upgrade to its predecessors and it's termed the HiOS 6.0, it's warm and attractive blends of colors is so beautiful and the first device to spot the HiOS 6.0 right out of the box is the TECNO Camon 15 Series and today I will be listing the best nine HiOS 6.0 features. The Best Nine (9) HiOS 6.0 Features. >> Dark Theme Unlike its predecessors, HiOS 6.0 allows it's users to apply the unique dark theme (not the traditional dark theme updated on the Camon 12 series). The dark theme uses less of your smartphone battery and also causes less strain on your eyes in a dim environment. >> WiFi Share This is one amazing feature I really like, WiFi Share provides users a handy option to Share their WiFi through a unique QR Code. Like in cases when you need to share your mobile hotspot with a friend. All you have to do is so them to scan the QR code, just as you do with the sender app to send and receive files. To accomplish this feat, simply click on your device "Settings" click on "Network and Internet" locate and select "WiFi" click on the WiFi name and scan the provided QR code. >> WhatsApp Status Rescuer I know the fuss most smartphone users go through just so they can save their contact status, but with this, you don't need a third party application and it also comes with a unique feature that modded WhatsApp or status saver application won't give to you. With WhatsApp status rescuer, you can base goodbye to the 24 hours limit vanished. Now you have the option to save WhatsApp status for as long as you want. >> Full Gesture Navigation This is a new gesture-based option introduced to give users a more immersive switch experience a quick swipe up from the bottom of your home screen will take you back to your home screen and a quick left or right swipe will take you back to your previous menu. >> Off-Screen Gaming Smartphone game lovers will love this, this was specially designed for game lovers. To save your smartphone battery and data without exiting or even stopping the game, all they have to do is activate the "Off-Screen" feature. >> Pop-up Messages This was also designed for game lovers and users who don't like interruptions while streaming movies on their smartphones. Should you receive a message from WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, there is absolutely no need for you to edit the game or pause your movie before you can read the message. Messages from these social media applications will appear as a pop-up notification, just as seen in the image provided above. >> Magic Button Game lovers are in for a new mobile gaming experience, seeing as this feature gives them an added advantage for game-winning possibilities. First Person Shooter (FPS) gamers, while playing your FPS games, this feature allows you to use your volume buttons to open fire on your opponent. >> Parental Control We now live in the tech age and with video clips at our fingertips, no one is really a kid anymore. This feature allows you to track and monitor your child's online activities. It provides parents with the confidence to safeguard their kids when making use of smartphones and tablets in this enticing, and digital era. This feature can simply be activated from your device "Settings" and used to restrict the contents and how long your kids can watch or play. >> Gesture Call Picker This wonderful feature is spotted on all TECNO smartphones that run on HiOS 5.0 and above. Once activated from the device "Settings", it allows users to accept incoming calls with simple V gesture and decline incoming calls with simple palm gesture without having to touch their smartphones or even the screen. Alright, T-Fans, this is so much about the HiOS 6.0 features, if you find this article interesting and learned something new, don't forget to share, comment, and also follow my account to see more of my posts. Read all >>

AFRICA DAY BENEFIT CONCERT: Support for Africa in its Fight against Covid-19

yusufaliu | 2020-05-247330

This post was last edited by yusufaliu at 2020-5-24 23:26 Hello T-fans. In adding to the beauty of Africa Day, (May 25th) celebrating Africa, ViacomCBS Networks Africa, UNICEF, World Food Programme and YouTube, in partnership with Idris Elba, will be hosting an Africa Day Benefit Concert from Home to raise funds to help children, families and the African community at large affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. You can catch the live stream of it on May 25th by 8pm W.A.T on MTV Base Africa, Youtube and other broadcasting channels across Africa. The humanitarian concert has gained huge support for its cause from some of the biggest names on the African continent and beyond. The concert will be packed with the best of the best with special messages from comedian Trevor Noah, reigning Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi, renowned American actor Omari Hardwick, American rapper and actor Ludacris, multiple award winning artist Sean Paul, R&B singer Anthony Hamilton, UN Goodwill ambassador and actress Nomzamo Mbatha,multi-talented rapper and actor, Fat Joe and leading actor Winston Duke joining the lineup of presenters. The event will also be putting together a powerful lineup of performance from some of the most talented artists in Africa. Artists lined up for the event includes Davido (Nigeria), Burna Boy (Nigeria), Bebe Cool (Uganda), Busiswa (South Africa), Adekunle Gold (Nigeria), C4 Pedro (Angola), Reekado Banks (Nigeria), M.anifest (Ghana), Niniola (Nigeria), Salif Keita (Mali), DJ Maphorisa & KABZA De Small (South Africa), Toofan (Togo), Angelique Kidjo (Benin), AKA (South Africa), Diamond Platnumz (Tanzania), Fally Ipupa (Congo), Nasty C (South Africa), Sauti Sol (Kenya), Sho Madjozi (South Africa), StoneBwoy (Ghana), Teni (Nigeria), Tiwa Savage (Nigeria) and Yemi Alade (Nigeria) amongst others. Will you be watching it live and which artist do you look forward to his/her performance? Share with us in the comment box and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>


HiOS Official NG | 2020-05-221605719

Hello T-Fans, The Product Managers are online now and would like to talk with you! Yes with You! They would like to talk to you about the Social Turbo Feature. Drop your questions in the comment section What is Social Turbo? The Social Turbo is one of the great innovations of HiOS. It has literarily redefined the way we use our social media. The Social Turbo is packed with a variety of features to give you enhanced functionality. Social Turbo comes pre-installed on devices running on HiOS 6 and above. Devices with HiOS 5.0 and 5.5 can also get it in HiOS Lab The Social Turbo comes with features like the Peek Mode which allows you to view deleted Whatsapp chats and also view chat contents without opening the chat, Whatsapp Status Saver which allows you keep Whatsapp status for as long as you want, the Video beauty mode which enhances your Whatsapp video calls, the Sticker maker which helps you to make fun stickers, the Voice Recorder which allows you to record Whatsapp call conversations and so on. HiOS Tips: How to create stickers with Social Turbo HiOS 6.0 Peek Mode So, have you ever tried Social Turbo on your device? What feature do you like most and which of the features do you think can be better optimized? Prepare your questions for our Product Managers! The Product Managers would like to hear from you how much you enjoy the feature and what function you would like to improve its functionality. The meeting is only for users in Nigeria. For more information about new HiOS features, follow us on Facebook @HiOSGlobal Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2020-05-214674253

Hello TFANS, Trust your day is going on smooth! Here is an activity to light up your day. We are collecting feedback and ways to improve on being your most friendly brand. Click the link the survey. That’s not all, you also stand a chance to win data recharge cards when you submit thesurvey successfully. Simply send screenshotsof your survey submission as a comment under this thread. Let your closefriends and family comment and like your comments. Highest Engaging stands a chance to win Read all >>

Depression And Its Symptoms In Men Women And Children

enoch273 | 2020-05-24191432

Hello T-Fans, today I will be sharing with you about depression and it's symptoms in men, women, and children, depression is not something to be taken lightly as different individuals have different ways of processing it and in some it leads to suicide. What is depression: this can simply be classified as a mood disorder or better still it can be described as a feeling of anger, sadness, or loss. And this can really interfere with your everyday activities. Depression is real and it can really mess you up by interfering with your job routine which can result in lower productivity and loss time. Depression can also lead to fatal health conditions and also influence relationships. It is considered to be a serious medical condition that can actually get worse if you don't seek proper treatment. Symptoms Of Depression In Men Women And Children. >> Symptoms Of Depression In Men. Irrespective of your gender or age, statistics have proven that men may experience depression symptoms related to their; ✓ Mood: this relates to their; anger, irritability, aggressiveness, restlessness, and anxiousness. ✓ Behavior: this relates to their; loss of pleasure in their favorite activities, constant suicidal thoughts, getting tired easily, drug abuse, excessively drinking, and partaking in risky activities. ✓ Emotional Well-Being: this relates to the feeling; hopeless, sad, and empty. ✓ Physical Well-Being: this relates to their; digestive problems, pains, headaches, and feeling fatigued. ✓ Cognitive Abilities: this relates to their; Difficulty completing tasks, inability to concentrate, and delayed responses during conversations. ✓ Sexual Interest: this relates to their; reduced sexual desires, and lack of sexual performance. >> Symptoms Of Depression In Women Irrespective of their age, statistics have proven that women may experience symptoms of depression related to their; ✓ Mood: this relates to their; irritability. ✓ Behavior: this relates to their; withdrawal from social activities, and suicidal thoughts. ✓ Emotional Well-Being: this relates to them feeling: anxious or hopeless, empty, and sad. ✓ Physical Well-Being: this relates to their; increased cramps, pains, headaches, reduced appetite, weight loss, reduced energy, feeling greatly fatigued. ✓ Cognitive Abilities: this relates to their; thoughts and slow response during conversations. >> Symptoms Of Depression In Children Irrespective of their age or size, statistics have proven that children may experience depression symptoms related to their; ✓ Mood: this relates to their; mood swings, irritability, anger, and crying. ✓ Behavior: this relates to their; avoidance of friends and siblings, thoughts of death or suicide, refusing to go to school, and constantly getting in trouble/engaging in fights in school. ✓ Emotional Well-Being: this relates to their; intense sadness, despair, crying, and intense feelings of incompetence. ✓ Physical Well-Being: this relates to their; digestive problems, loss of appetite, weight gain or loss, and loss of energy. ✓ Cognitive Abilities: this relates to their; very low grades, a decline in school performance, and difficulty concentrating. Depression can either be a long-term or temporary challenge, however, managing the symptoms of depression involves finding the right combinations of therapies and medications. Also there are lots of herbs, vitamins, and supplements that can help ease symptoms in depression. If you find this helpful, do express your thoughts via the comments section below, and don't forget to follow me to see more of my posts. Read all >>


Hoilakes | 2020-05-1621966

3. BE CAREFUL HOW YOU PUT IT AWAY Unless you’re using a super-effective case or screen protector, ladies, avoid putting keys in the same section of your handbag as your phone. Gents – keys and phones don’t belong in the same pocket. If you’ve ever had a scratch that is right in the middle of the area you need to swipe, you’ll know that key scratches (and other scratches) can seriously ruin the touchscreen experience. While you’re at it, don’t put the phone in dangerous places, like on a balcony railing, for example. That’s just asking for the phone to fall and get smashed to pieces. When you put your phone down, keep it away from hazards so it will survive till you’re ready to upgrade. 4. AVOID WATER AND EXTREME TEMPERATURES Most people don’t put their phones in water deliberately, but lots of people forget they have a phone in their pocket when heading to the beach or pool. One dip later, and the phone is toast (unless you manage to dry it out with rIce). 5. KEEP IT CLEAN You might not be able to see dust particles, but they get into your smartphone, even if you’re using a case or screen protector. Too much dust and your phone’s performance takes a hit. Use a soft screen-cleaning cloth with an appropriate screen cleaner to wipe your screen gently. Open the case every now and then to give the phone a wipe and get rid of the dust. The five tips above help you provide external smartphone maintenance and protection, but safeguarding your phone is also about keeping it running smoothly. Here are some tips for doing that. 6. STREAMLINE AND UPDATE YOUR APPS Most smartphones include a bunch of apps that the manufacturer has installed. Chances are, you don’t need all of them. Since the more apps you run, the shorter your battery life, disable, or uninstall any apps you don’t need. For the apps, you DO use, make sure you’re always running the latest version. App developers update apps regularly, add new functionality, cut down on resource usage, and guard against malware and security threats. Tip: Either set your apps to update automatically, or update them manually at least once a week. 7. CLEAR THE CACHE When you install apps or when they run, they may leave junk files behind in the cache. Those take up memory you could use for things you really want to do. Clear these files out from time to time. Both Android and iOS allow you to do this. 8. USE TRUSTED SOURCES Sometimes you want to download and install a new app, but where should you get it from? With the rise of malware on phones, the best advice is to use the app store for your device or another trusted app store, such as Amazon’s. 9. EXPAND YOUR STORAGE If your phone allows it, install an external SD card to increase the available storage, then run any apps you can from this storage. You can also use it to store media files. This frees up the phone’s internal memory, resulting in better performance. 10. LOOK AFTER THEBATTERY Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for looking after your battery. Depending on the age of your phone and the battery it’s using, this might include: charging your phone before it runs down completely letting it run down fully once in a while restarting your phone from time to time turning off services you don’t need (like mobile data when you can use Wi-Fi and live wallpaper) keeping the battery cool (and turning off the phone to let it cool down if it overheats) There’s plenty of advice online about the best practices for your particular smartphone model. Finally, you also need to ensure you can find your phone if someone steals it. Use the security features built into your device to help with this: Lock your phone with a pin, password, or pattern. Don’t share your password.Install a security app to help you find your phone if it goes walkabout. NEXT TOPIC: How to save your Wet Cellphone…with Rice! FOLLOW ON TSPOT TO GET THE LATEST UPDATE @HOILAKES How to save your Wet Cellphone…with Rice! Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2020-05-24421465

Hello T-Fans Eid Mubarak to you all. May the peace and blessings of this season be with you and your families. Joining our best wishes here with TECNO to wish all our Muslim brethren and Happy EidUlFitr celebrations with FIVE times the JOY. In fruitfulness and richness of Good Health, Love and Happiness. Here's an Eid Mubarak Puzzle for the day, solve this and drop your answers in the comment section. #EidUlFitr Read all >>


Lighthouse | 2020-05-24191188

Hello T-Fans, There are lots of hidden features on your HiOS launcher I bet most users don’t know about. These features may not be major, but they offer you a level of customization that makes your interface stand out from other Tecno users. One of such cool hidden feature is your ability to change the text colour of your launcher. I bet you didn’t know that! So, why do I need to change the colour of my text you may ask? Well, sometimes your text colour blends with your background and it makes it difficult to read what is on the home page. With this level of customization, you can just change the text colour to your preferred colour. Changing the text colour is quite easy. Just follow the steps below: Step 1: On the home page, press and hold till the launcher setting shows Step 2: Click on the desktop settings Step 3: Select text colour Step 4: a dropbox shows. You can select auto or any of the basic colours. If you want more options, select custom That’s all! Read all >>


dc8official | 2020-04-1213721

This post was last edited by dc8official at 2020-4-12 18:51 Hello! T fans, we all know coronavirus and social distancing have presented a new challenge of staying in touch, hosting meetings and attending classes remotely. Zoom quickly became the go-to tool for running company meetings and attending classes, because Zoom is easy to set up, easy to use and lets up to 100 people join a meeting for free. But there's a downside. Zoom's ease of use attracted hackers and lots of scrutinies. PROBLEMS WITH ZOOM ZOOMBOMBING: The problem started with a vulnerability known as ZoomBombing. This allowed any unwanted intrusion into a video conference call by an individual if they know the meeting number, and then use the file-share photo to post malicious images. CRYPTO MALWARE: Researchers at Trend Micro discovered a version of the Zoom installer that has been bundled with cryptocurrency-mining malware. The Zoom installer will install Zoom version on your Windows PC, alongside a coin-miner nicknamed Trojan.Win32.MOOZ.THCCABO. To avoid getting hit with this malware, make sure you're running an antivirus program, don't click on any links in emails, social media posts or pop-up messages that promise to install Zoom on your device. By the way, the latest Zoom client software for Windows is up to version 4.6.9, and you should get it only from here. ZOOM ENCRYPTION LIES: Zoom mislead users about its "end-to-end encryption", Zoom says it uses AES-256 encryption to encode video and audio data travelling between Zoom servers and Zoom clients. But researchers at the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, in a report posted April 3, found that Zoom uses the somewhat weaker AES-128 algorithm.Encryption is one of the major reason companies and organization such as Google, NASA etc have banned Zoom use for their staff. USE ZOOM WITH CAUTION: Its been a hard period for zoom who were well on their way to financial success, now they are faced with all these privacy and cybersecurity problems.There has been a lot other data bridge which involved leaked accounts and passwords, most of which I didn't detail in this report because some of them have either been fixed as the time of writing this report or the company has promised to address the issue.These reports do not mean you shouldn't use Zoom at all, You just need to be aware that the Zoom software creates a huge "attack surface," and that hackers are going to try to come at it every way they can. If your working on anything that involves high privacy and confidentiality, we would advise you to avoid the use of Zoom. Read all >>


nas | 2020-05-1615674

Hello T-Fans World’s largest social media company, Facebook is designing a massive underwater cable around Nigeria and other African countries, bringing high-speed connectivity to the continent’s 1.3 billion inhabitants. Facebook has partnered with the likes of South Africa’s MTN, Britain’s Vodafone,France’s Orange, and China Mobile, and other Africa based operators called 2Africa to build the laudable project, which worth about $1 billion. According to Bloomberg, Facebook has assigned Nokia-owned cable systems providers and others to build the subsea cable. At 37,000 km, Facebook claims the internet cable will equal the total distance covered round earth. The main object of this massive project, Facebook says, is to bring efficient and high-speed internet connectivity to citizens of Africa. Africa is “currently the least connected” in the world, Facebook wrote in a blog post yesterday with just 25% of its population having access to the internet The submerged cable will interconnect 23 countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. In addition, Facebook said it will “provide nearly three times the total network capacity of all the subsea cables serving Africa today.” Facebook explained that the 2Africa project will be made more efficient and durable using aluminium rather than copper, as these could help enhance network capacity. Source Read all >>


Bobby Lee20 | 2020-05-18244751

Mobile Apps have become an integral part of our lives, They are a very important tools in our daily endeavours, making it easy for us to perform tasks, network with people and achieve goals. Everyday, new apps are introduced into the various app stores. This makes it almost impossible to track new apps and identify those that will be most effective in our daily lives. This thread outlines 10 apps that will sure make our lives easier. 1. SOCRATIC BY GOOGLE Here's an app for all the Mathematics, geometry andChemistry students. This App let's you take pictures of equations, upload them into the app and then the app solves the equations, showing you step by step solutions to the equations. The equation can also be inputed manually and the solutions will be provided. 2. FILTER BOX PRO NOTIFICATION MANAGER: Unnecessary and unwanted notifications can be very annoying and exhausting. Filterbox helps you create notification rules for your Apps. Meaning that you can decide which apps send you notifications. You can also decide what time certain apps cand send you notifications. You can also identify which apps send you the most notifications and create rules Around them. 3. EPIC PRIVACY BROWSER: Are you looking for an alternative browser to the popular google chrome? Try out the Epic Privacy Browser. It has a clean andclutter free interface with very useful features. One of which is the ability to convert web pages to audio. Meaning that instead of reading that long article, you can convert it into an audio and just listen to it. Another awesome function is the ability to download videos and snippets from web pages. 4. FOOTEJ CAMERA 2: This manual Camera App let's you play with manual camera options like ISO, Focus, and Exposure amongst others. What makes it more awesome is that these functions are available for the front camera too. It uses Android's camera 2 API to function properly. Without the said API on your phone, it won't work properly. 5. VIDEO SPLITTER FOR WHATSAPP AND IG: As the name implies, the app helps you split long videos into 15 or 30 second bits for easy posting on WhatsApp and Instagram. 6. GRAMARLY KEYBOARD: The need for ensuring correct grammar cannot be over emphasized, thus the need to ensure grammar is near Perfect each time. This app takes care of your grammar especially when you arewriting across official platforms. It provides a lot of features which include: a sophisticated grammar checker, contextual spelling checker and vocabulary enhancements. It also gives users the opportunity to choose between light and dark mode keyboards. 7. ANYDESK REMOTE CONTROL: This app helps you access your work computers from anywhere and also perform tasks directly from your android device. This app is available for both windows PC and android for free. Using Any Desk is very simple, you will have to enter the Anydesk ID of your PC on your android device and you can access all your PC files and folders on your Android device and perform tasks. 8. QUIK VIDEO EDITOR: This is one of the finest Video editing softwares on the play store although, it doesn't boast of all the fancy professional editing tools, Quik always gets the job done. If you're a skit maker, a vlogger or you have a huge video you want to break and add all the amazing transitions, This is the app for you, plus its very easy to use. 9. 17 TRACK: If you're an international shopper havingproblems with tracking packages coming frominside or outside the country then this App is for you. As the name implies, this app allows you track over 220 carriers for free and without ads. You can also track multiple carriers like FedEx, Blue Dart, etc at the same time. Once the tracking number is entered into the app, the user gets notified every time the status of the package is updated. 10. CANVA: If you are a designer or in the field of digital Marketing you must have heard of canva. Canva is used to make stunning designs in a few clicks. Using the Canva app, one can make logos, posters and even short videos. One can even select a design template, add a few modifications by changing text, colors etc and then save your work. If you're a design and editing fanatic canva is definitely for you.Read all >>


TECNO SPOT NG | 2020-05-22571742

Work From Home
Hello T-Fans Thank you everyone who sent in their entries.We appreciate everyone who participated in this Work from Home Challenge. We are wowed by the amazing entries of you all working at home . BELOW ARE THE SHORTLISTED WINNERS USERNAMES COMMENTS + LIKES 1.AM RYAB FLEXY 3762.OLABAMIJICYRIL 1703.DAHMILOLA 1044.COMIE 925.DARASIMI 05 86 6.OLUMIDE_ADE 0 857.JEEZY_B 838.OBI_CHUKZ1 799.JOSH_DRIZZY01 7910. LOLA_121 7711.SALO_200 7712.MICKEYY 7613.OGUNMA23_ 7614.AISHATU_09 7615.IRON USER 7416.GENTLEJAY1 7317.OAC 5518.CHUKZY_2_ 5419.DUZZY_1 5220.HUKSY_30 5221.YUMMY_KEYS 5022.CHARLZE_01N 5023.USMANY_2 4924.ENOCH1234 4825.BIOKINS 4726.JOE_BOY_02 4727.ISREALYY99 4528.COMBA 09 4429.ADAMA_33 4430.DAMMYRAYO 4431.ABU UBAIDAH 4232.SIR P-REX 4033.CHINEMEREM 3734.C_E_O 3535.CORAZON 3536.JHUMMIE 3537.BABA_24 3438.MANE_04 3439.CHIOM_AK 3240.JJJ_KEYZ 3241.JOSSYHOPE 3142.REZZY_091 3043.TS0904441095_ 3044.TS08100333322 2945.WITTY 0PPY 2746.QUEENDEE 2747.AYSTICKS 2648.ADA_YA _1 2649.QUEEN AAA 2650.KUSHI 2551.ABDUL09 2552.RAHMAH01 2453.ABA_02 2454.HASSAN_54 2455.MUSTY 02 2256.AISH 65 2257.EMINENCE123 2158.HARDEYDOLARPO 2059.DEDUNLOLA 2060.SIMEONE 1961.DAUDA 00 1962.BRISK 02 1863.BIGGY_BIG 1 1864.ADELEYEOLASUMBO 1865.JOE_ 1566.MHIZ NIFEH 1267.EDIDABI 1168.UNCLE_DHEE 0969.MANFREDO 0870.AYEESHAT 0871.BOMBOY 0772.RIDWAN 0773.DEBZYY 09 0574.KAMZY_AK 0575.JEJEOLAEBENEZER 0676. TESLIM33 0677.HARDZY_KODDY 0678.FAVOURBABS 0479.SOCIALUSTAZ 0380.OLUDELE47 03 Kindly do the following to claim your prize : DM us with the following 1). A screenshot of your name,number on the list and phone number2). We need you to share a screenshot of your entry being announced on TSPOTand also send the screenshot to TECNO SPOT NG3). Share a screenshot of your entry shared on your social media pages. WHATSAPP not acceptable. And send the screenshot as proof.4). Indicate the activity you won from (Work From Home Challenge) 5). Send in your full name alongside your username on TSPOT and Address Read all >>


HiOS Official NG | 2020-05-19923239915

HiOS has always introduced tips and functionalities the make the use of mobile devices smooth and easy. Today, we would be introducing one of the pre-loaded apps found on HiOS. The app is called SIMO. What is SIMO? SIMO is an Android app that keeps you connected to the internet whenever and wherever you are. You don’t need to have internet services on your default SIM, all you just need is be within a range of mobile network reception. This means the app will keep you connected even without having Wi-Fi access. When you sign up with the SIMO app and you click the Connect button, you would see the SIMO ID and you get to enjoy the SIMO network service of 50mb FREE of charge. Please note that the SIMO app is only available on CAMON 12/CAMON 12 Pro/CAMON 15 Air/CAMON 15/CAMON 15 Pro/CAMON 15 Premier/SPARK 5 Air/Pouvoir 4/Pouvoir 4 Pro That’s not all! Copy this link: Click on this link above and make sure you include your SIMO user ID and you stand a chance to be gifted extra data Bonus of 50MB/200MB/500MB/1GB each day OUR DAY 1 WINNER IS SIMO ID:U3655305 (1GB) OUR DAY 2 WINNERS ARE: SIMO ID: DATA 3864030 1GB 3782163 500MB 3809079 500MB 3863525 500MB 3830033 500MB 3797754 500MB 3837182 200MB 3824070 200MB 3840448 200MB 3787691 200MB 3863708 200MB OUR DAY 4 WINNERS ARE: 3852232 1GB 3860964 500MB 3871664 500MB OUR DAY 5 WINNER IS: 3845832. 1GB OUR DAY 6 WINNERS ARE: 3830033 1GB 3805425 500MB 3460407 500MB 3386319 500MB 3432907 500MB 3516191 500MB 3340208 200MB 3726297 200MB 3467732 200MB 3460683 200MB 3569814 200MB 3739722 200MB 3709940 200MB 3332854 200MB 3680859 200MB 3780479 200MB 3702499 200MB 3401918 200MB 3503839 200MB 3754190 200MB 3381024 200MB 3340112 200MB 3733111 200MB 3352586 200MB 3733906 200MB 3530732 200MB 3639060 50MB 3374607 50MB 3421983 50MB 3416220 50MB 3415219 50MB 3472294 50MB 3679157 50MB 3351026 50MB 3724966 50MB 3379838 50MB 3576697 50MB 3521766 50MB 3590203 50MB 3405388 50MB 3610388 50MB 3581908 50MB 3840448 50MB 3520201 50MB 3480543 50MB 3594665 50MB 3605265 50MB 3344715 50MB 3375922 50MB 3606767 50MB 3432968 50MB 3647752 50MB 3497801 50MB 3679191 50MB 3386611 50MB 3453456 50MB 3399948 50MB 3520172 50MB 3763057 50MB 3538024 50MB 3577863 50MB 3460407 50MB 3655305 50MB 3389237 50MB 3375922 50MB 3568197 50MB 3797754 50MB 3344739 50MB 3633762 50MB 3702499 50MB 3610388 50MB 3379838 50MB 3386319 50MB 3401918 50MB 3863708 50MB 3687825 50MB 3521622 50MB 3405388 50MB 3457337 50MB 3349570 50MB 3430668 50MB 3830033 50MB 3722507 50MB 3423263 50MB 3481389 50MB 3373261 50MB 3462925 50MB 3362106 50MB 3339142 50MB 3754190 50MB 3397683 50MB 3564034 50MB 3432907 50MB 3404809 50MB 3657284 50MB 3448736 50MB 3453600 50MB 3459915 50MB 3614995 50MB 3668010 50MB 3433406 50MB 3858025 50MB 3358242 50MB 3355816 50MB 3432553 50MB 3462869 50MB 3840448 50MB 3345127 50MB 3396831 50MB 3450655 50MB 3480026 50MB 3355752 50MB 3755787 50MB 3852232 50MB 3503149 50MB 3759840 50MB 3497040 50MB 3759819 50MB 3375856 50MB 3350872 50MB 3462869 50MB 3386319 50MB 3433406 50MB 3863708 50MB 3340208 50MB 3610388 50MB 3701357 50MB 3614995 50MB 3353396 50MB 3434146 50MB 3430668 50MB 3368981 50MB 3396831 50MB 3557465 50MB 3545165 50MB 3551478 50MB 3658487 50MB 3358242 50MB 3530899 50MB 3723340 50MB 3863525 50MB 3786836 50MB 3795121 50MB 3427920 50MB 3615042 50MB 3373261 50MB 3401814 50MB 3471051 50MB 3353145 50MB 3842276 50MB 3487893 50MB 3687000 50MB 3687000 50MB 3665514 50MB 3630145 50MB OUR DAY 7 WINNERS ARE: 3358242 1GB 3360745 500MB 3435850 500MB 3777860 500MB 3708488 500MB 3375649 500MB 3840448 200MB 3401840 200MB 3396831 200MB 3428279 200MB 3346941 200MB 3466238 200MB 3503650 200MB 3683438 200MB 3754190 200MB 3497893 200MB 3830033 200MB 3445815 200MB 3857218 200MB 3741642 200MB 3672000 200MB 3497227 200MB 3762281 200MB 3655305 200MB 3455084 200MB 3386319 200MB 3863525 50MB 3637696 50MB 3485584 50MB 3373835 50MB 3352993 50MB 3350877 50MB 3746371 50MB 3705318 50MB 3758619 50MB 3410405 50MB 3574924 50MB 3655305 50MB 3416398 50MB 3826773 50MB 3459900 50MB 3718484 50MB 3662280 50MB 3808933 50MB 3662280 50MB 3394562 50MB 3432907 50MB 3577658 50MB 3639060 50MB 3405704 50MB 3386319 50MB 3386104 50MB 3763102 50MB 3494778 50MB 3466265 50MB 3726444 50MB 3389762 50MB 3380365 50MB 3695399 50MB 3460407 50MB 3759394 50MB 3349687 50MB 3469475 50MB 3521622 50MB 3363061 50MB 3538481 50MB 3577863 50MB 3518216 50MB 3494630 50MB 3775809 50MB 3491243 50MB 3418037 50MB 3396831 50MB 3409865 50MB 3702499 50MB 3604060 50MB 3345372 50MB 3758619 50MB 3380821 50MB 3428398 50MB 3401750 50MB 3357968 50MB 3383254 50MB 3421983 50MB 3757210 50MB 3610302 50MB 3638485 50MB 3428057 50MB 3694740 50MB 3394003 50MB 3821609 50MB 3425829 50MB 3401918 50MB 3351722 50MB 3703571 50MB 3780479 50MB 3445945 50MB 3442829 50MB 3490754 50MB 3451470 50MB 3511307 50MB 3560761 50MB 3556833 50MB 3397090 50MB 3555118 50MB 3736134 50MB 3665644 50MB 3710386 50MB 3590369 50MB 3805425 50MB 3523712 50MB 3490614 50MB 3628542 50MB 3587189 50MB OUR DAY 8 (LAST DAY) WINNERS ARE: 3564034 1GB 3379744 500MB 3432907 500MB 3840448 500MB 3583305 500MB 3401750 500MB 3511307 200MB 3597253 200MB 3726603 200MB 3460407 200MB 3340208 200MB 3435850 200MB 3590451 200MB 3353396 200MB 3741642 200MB 3677162 200MB 3863525 200MB 3723340 200MB 3786836 200MB 3577863 200MB 3396831 200MB 3871211 200MB 3687000 200MB 3349633 200MB 3733906 200MB 3581908 200MB 3485667 50MB 3379838 50MB 3826407 50MB 3830033 50MB 3797754 50MB 3679157 50MB 3647752 50MB 3480026 50MB 3704465 50MB 3673482 50MB 3759819 50MB 3453600 50MB 3345127 50MB 3860964 50MB 3618928 50MB 3889697 50MB 3355752 50MB 3628205 50MB 3448234 50MB 3417709 50MB 3401814 50MB 3426652 50MB 3834687 50MB 3708488 50MB 3445815 50MB COMPETITION HAS ENDED Rule * Please fill in the google form. fill in the user's name and SIMO ID. * The first person to fill the form wins the 1st prize of 1GB * The second place (5 persons) with serial numbers 6, 16, 26, 36, 46, 56 on the google sheet would win 500MB each * The third place (No. 66, 76, 86, 96, 106, 116, 126, 136, 146, 156, 166, 176, 186, 196, 206, 216, 226, 236, 246, 256, etc.) would be awarded 200MB each * The fourth place (No. 266, 276, 286 ... and so on) in that order, up to the 190th person would win 50M each TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. You must be a Nigerian and be in Nigeria as at the time of the contest 2. You must have the SIMO app installed and running on your device (Open and connect to the internet using the app) 3. This competition is open to new and existing SIMO users 4. This competition is strictly for users with SIMO installed and working on their device Make sure you are following HiOS on Facebook (@HiOSGlobal) for a higher chance to win Read all >>


yusufaliu | 2020-04-1921639

Hello T-fans. If you are reading this is an obvious reality that you know of Tspot and you have an interest on boosting your numbers of followers on Tspot. So today I'll be sharing with you all how to get more followers on T-spot but first you need to know that the rules that applies to most social media, seriously don't apply here. So you literally can't go about doing anyhow that pleases you. There are rules here and if you want to see results, it's best you stick to all of them. Not 'SOME' of them but 'ALL'. Because no matter what I tell you on how to get that rise on the numbers of followers, it all still centres round the rules that apply here. So here's a list of do's and don't on how you can go about that. (1) BE ACTIVE: If you really want to see that increase on the numbers of followers, you need to be very active on Tspot. Some of us are only active when we have complains. We don't mind staying online for days posting same complains over and over again and once we get the solution, it is bye bye to Tspot until the next problem shows up. There are some of us that are active but in a negative way. Being active is divided into two (negative and positive). Negatively active users are always online constantly spamming the forum with every opportunity they get. You always know that everytime you hear from these people would involve a spam message and if you are in this category, egungun becareful na express you dey go. You could get kicked out of Tspot for good. Positively active users on the other hand are always online, consistently adding value. Everyday you hear from them is an addition to your knowledge. They are constantly trying to assist people with solutions to problems even before they experience it and there's no way you'll be in this category and not see a consistent increase in your numbers of followers. So if you would like this for yourself, you need to be ACTIVE and not just being active but POSITIVELY ACTIVE. (2) ADD VALUE: You need to give people a reason to be around you and the fastest way you can do that is to add value to the forum by sharing your knowledge or your experience on certain issues with people. It doesn't necessarily have to be a solution to a problem users might be experiencing on their device, it could be your experience or thoughts on things that matter to you, an example could be on the COVID-19 issue the world is battling with right now, if not as a thread, you can do so on the comment box on any that speaks of it especially under the health section of Tspot. You can also share with others a recommendation of your favourite android apps and why it deserves to be on their phones. It could also be on how you were able to get around a problem on your device or the services at carlcare or your favourite music, movies etc especially now with people stuck at home, looking for how to engage themselves. There's a whole lot you can add to the forum if only you are willing to make the time for it. (3) BE CONSISTENT: There's a saying that anything worth doing is worth doing well but in this case, am going to say, anything good worth doing is worth doing over and over again. In adding value, you need to be consistent. You need to constantly give people a reason to return every now and then. And one way you can do that is to put up threads that touches every corners of discussion. (4) GET RECOGNIZED: Are you familiar with badges on Tspot? If you are not, return to the homepage>mine>membership>current badges. It will give you a list of badges available on Tspot that you can earn for yourself. Click on any and it will tell you what you need to do to earn one for yourself. Among them is one that you can quickly get for yourself even if you are a just joining Tspot for the first time as a new user. It is called the 'SUPER FAN MEDAL'. To get this, all you need to do is follow a user with over a 100 followers and that's all. You get recognized on Tspot with a super fan medal. (5) ALWAYS VISIT YOUR COUNTRY'S HOMEPAGE: Charity they say begins at home and same applies here. You need to familiarize yourself with those around you. Since we are from the same country, there's a high chance whatever you post is easily relatable to someone from the same locality. So whatever you do on Tspot, let charity begins at home, start with your country's section on Tspot. (6) MARK YOUR PRESENCE: Even in reality, people who marks their presence everywhere they go, leave their footprints in the sands of time and in the case of Tspot, marking your presence means leaving something behindeverytime you are online especially comments on the post of others. Always ensure that you say something or contribute to what others have said. When this begins to happen, people would want to hear from you as much as possible which would all come down to you gaining followers. You can add to this list on the comment box and ensure you follow others who makes a comment on the thread. You can also get recognize with a super fan medal immidiately you follow me on Tspot. Read all >>
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