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How Can I Scrape Indian Business Listings Data From Google Maps?

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How Can I ScrapeBusiness Data From Google Maps Without Being Blocked?
Google Maps is a most reliable and free source forextracting information regarding local businesses such as Restaurants, Shops,Home Services, Shopping Malls, Automotive Services, Marketing Agencies, RealEstate Companies, etc. Google Maps is one of the largest business directorywebsites on the internet with more than 1 billion users and millions ofbusinesses and locations. Because of billions of Google Maps users, you have agolden opportunity to collect large amounts of data from business profiles.
But how do you accurately and quickly collect thisinformation from Google Maps in a useful format? After all, Google Maps doesnot have a simple “export” or"download" option to collect all the business information youmight need. What if I told you that there is a way to download or exportthousands of business data from Google Maps.
The best way todownload Google Maps data you are looking for is a Google Maps DataExtractor Software and it just so happens that you are in the right place.There is a huge demand for Google Maps Leads Extractor Software as well asGoogle Maps data extraction services in the marketing field.  You can use Google Maps Scraper to extract details like a business name, abusiness established date, working hours, phone numbers, reviews, businessaddress, etc. Google Maps ListingScraper is a data scraping tool available in the market for scrapingthousands of business listings from Google Maps with just a single click andwithout coding. The Google Maps EmailExtractor can help you scrape highly customized and specific data relatedto keywords, categories, or even custom categories without getting blocked.
Free VS Paid GoogleMaps Grabber
If you can’t build a web scraper for Google Maps yourself toscrape Google Maps data, then using an already made solution is the way to go.There are many already-made Google Maps Scrapers on the internet you can usefor your scraping task. While some web scrapers are free, I usually do notadvise people to use them as they are either restrictive or are not asefficient as they should. Paid GoogleMaps Crawlers are the best. This is because the developers are paid bycompanies to keep these scrapers more functional according tocustomers/business needs and Google Maps updates.

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Scrape IndianRestaurants Data From Google Maps With Google Maps Data Extractor
Google Map Extractor is arguably one of the best Google MapsScraping Tools in the market today used by many b2b lead generation companies.With a local businesses extractor, you can scrape virtually all kinds ofbusinesses from Google Maps without any restriction.
The business dataextractor is the most used, fastest, efficient, and reliable web scrapingtool for Google Maps. You can install this desktop application on your PC/.Laptopwith just a single click. Google My Business Data Extractor is paid but has afree trial option available. You can scrape hospital data, marketing agenciesdata, restaurant data, by using this Google Maps Web Extractor by just typingyour keywords. You just have to type Pizza restaurant in Mumbai or Hospitals inDelhi and the Google Places Scraperfinds all the listings related to your keywords and then scrapes and saves themon your computer in CSV, Excel, and Text file formats.
How to Extract IndianRestaurant Data By Using Google Map Extractor?
• Open Google Maps and search for restaurants in thetargeted cities like fast-food restaurants in Mumbai, Delhi, or Bangalore. Youcan find businesses by zip codes also.
• Select the search results.
• Click Extract Button on the Business Scraper Tool...
• Get all the results on your computer in CSV, Excel, orText file formats.
Moreover, you can get data for any business like marketingagencies, electrician companies, cosmetic companies, plumbers, hospitals, realestate agencies, and much more by using this Google Maps Contact Extractor.
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